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Concerts and Explosions

by melina322


If you want to know why we're banned from the Tyrannian Concert Hall, you should read on.

      And if you want to know why later, my owner was banned from all of TYRANNIA, then you can know that too by reading.

      It started when my owner burst through the door with the biggest smile on her face. "OH MY GOSH, YOU GUYS WON'T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED!" she yelled, jumping up and down.

      My Kougra brother, who went by the name of Kougra, jumped down from the sofa. "Let me guess... you finally decided to stop being a cheapskate and spend a little more!"

      Mom glared at him. "No."

      "You're pounding me and I can go off with someone else?" my younger Kyrii brother, Prince, asked.


      "You're going to give us something other than jelly and omelette?" Tiger, the oldest Kougra brother, asked, coming out of the kitchen.

      "...No!" Mom rolled her eyes. "I got us tickets for a concert in the Tyrannian Concert Hall! It cost me a bunch, so be happy."

      "What's a concert?" I asked. I am a baby Kougra, and I go by the name "Nicky", or sometimes "Stop doing that!" or "Pest." Either one, I answer to. I'm surprisingly not the youngest, but we can get back to that later.

      Tiger tweaked my ear. "It's where we watch a bunch of people sing."

      I wrinkled my nose. "That doesn't sound very fun. We always have to hear Kougra singing along with the kiddy songs in my nursery song book."

      Kougra's face turned red. "No, I don't!" he lied, with shifty eyes. He began playing with his tail, which had a ridiculous holly on it. He was painted Christmas. I said he was just painted Dork.

      "It's for Chomby and the Fungus Balls!" Mom continued, waving five tickets around. "Can you believe it?!"

      Tiger nodded. "For once, you're not a cheapskate!" Three minutes later, Prince and Kougra were pulling Mom off of Tiger, and the cushions from the sofas were all over the floor.

      "When are we going?" Prince yelled above Tiger's screaming and Kougra's laughing. I was quietly putting the cushions back, and hiding everything that Mom could use as a weapon against us in case we got out of line.

      "Now," my Mom said, getting to her feet. "LEZZGO!" She ran out the door, leaving the tickets on the floor where she had dropped them. "...Mom?" I called, waving towards the tickets. She came back, picked them up, then ran out again.

      We stayed where we were until she came back again. "You're coming," she snarled and we put on fake smiles and yelled fake cheers as we went out the door.

      We walked out of our home in Neopia Central and walked and walked for a while. When we arrived at Tyrannia, my brothers fell to the floor, asleep. I rolled my eyes. "Mom, are we here at the concert thingy?" I asked, looking up at her.

      She nodded. "Yup. And it's starting now. We better get going." We walked up to a large building. A Grarrl stood at the entrance, accepting tickets from the people. An Acara didn't have a ticket and tried to sneak in. The Grarrl grabbed her, lifted her, then threw her. She landed in a heap at our feet. Then she stood up and ran off.

      "You need a ticket!" the Grarrl roared, his tail swinging.

      "We have one!" My owner held up the purple ticket that indicated we were there for Chomby and the Fungus Balls.

      "Now, boys, make sure you behave. No screaming too loud that you make everyone deaf."

      "Got it," we all chorused.

      "No getting out of my sight."

      "Got it."

      "No going up to the stage and stealing a fungus ball and running off, laughing crazily while security chases you."

      All eyes turned to Kougra. He shrugged. Kougra was the second oldest, so he was usually out with friends. I guess he had been to a few concerts. I had been "too young and immature" and was usually left at the Neolodge whenever my family went out for concerts.

      But now I was finally being allowed in.

      We gave the Grarrl our tickets, avoiding his eye contact, and entered the hall. A stage was in front, and people were setting up.

      "I can't believe we're gonna see Chomby and the Fungus Balls!" Kougra shrieked. We all stared at him and he coughed. "They're, like, pretty cool." He said, crossing his arms, trying to seem as if he hadn't yelled like a teenage fangirl.

      A Bori came out, tail swishing. "Welcome, Boys and Girls, Ladies and Gentlemen, Arm-less and Foot-less." He winked at a gang of Kikos and JubJubs, who frowned at him. He coughed and continued. "I am pleased to announce that Chomby and the Fungus Balls have been canceled and Yes Boy Ice Cream have taken its place!" He stopped and took out a piece of paper. "Whoops. I mean I am NOT pleased. Heh-heh. Yes, unfortunately, Chomby and the Fungus Balls went into a predicament. The head singer kinda... took the phrase 'Break a leg' too literally."

      "Idiot," I muttered under my breath.

      "Yes Boy Ice Cream will start in ten minutes. Sorry for any inconvenience." He briskly walked off as a few girls began to boo.

      "BOO! BOO! THIS SUCKS! BOOO!" Kougra yelled, waving his paws. I hit my palm against my forehead.

      "What? And I spent my money on CHOMBY AND THE FUNGUS BALLS! I DEMAND CHOMBY AND THE FUNGUS BALLS!" Mom began screaming and waving her hands along with Kougra.

      "So much for calm," Tiger muttered, watching our two family members acting like wild Petpets.

      A few people began to stare and Prince, Tiger, and I quickly walked backwards, pretending we didn't know my owner.

      "WHY?! WHY?!" she yelled. "WHY DID I WASTE MY MONEY?!"

      "You're still seeing a band, Mom..." I began, but didn't finish. She ran off, pushing random people, yelling nonsense. Kougra was quiet, his paws still up in the air. Then he whistled out of tune and backed away also, joining us. "I think Mom's going crazier than me," he whispered.

      We all watched Mom push a small Ruki to the ground and kick over a snacks stand. The shopkeeper yelled at her and chased her with a broom. He was a Tonu, and surprisingly TALLER than my young owner. She yelped and began running, knocking people over as she did.

      We watched her run out the doorway, just as the curtains opened.

      Yes Boy Ice Cream began dancing and the music blared. People calmed down and then began getting riled up by their second favorite band. I swayed to the music, my brothers cheering and calling and clapping.

      An explosion suddenly happened outside of the concert hall. The music ended abruptly. People looked to see a giant mushroom-shaped explosion cloud rise up, then fade away.

      "...I'm scared to see if that was Mom," Prince muttered under his breath. We all nodded.

      The music started up again and I decided I liked concerts. We even got free T-shirts. We listened to a few songs, then were escorted out, laughing and clapping.

      "I love concerts!" I announced, a smile stuck on my face.

      "Great, now we can take you," Tiger said just as Kougra frowned and said, "My social life is ruined."

      "Guys, bad news..." Prince pointed to two Chia Policemen coming right to us. "Kids, are you the pets of Melina322?" One of them asked, notepad and pencil in his stubby hands.

      We slowly nodded.

      "Come with me." We followed the policemen to our Mom, who was at the edge of Tyrannia. "Hey, guys!" She waved. Her clothes were covered with soot and her hair stood up wildly. She was even missing a tooth and one of her shoes was missing.

      When we were on a boat, heading home, I turned to my Mom. "Okay, story?" I asked, arms crossed. My brothers crossed their arms too. Tiger could easily knock her over and if he stood up tall on hind legs, he was a few centimeters above her.

      She gulped. "Err... ah... eh... well, I kinda went into a rant and then accidently may have caused an explosion, but you guys probably saw that, and I may have also started a fight with this big Skeith, which was stupid, because, duh, he's a SKEITH and he whipped me and I fell in the dirt and got picked up by policemen and they said we were banned from the Tyrannian Concert Hall and all of Tyrannia."

      "...THE TYRANNIAN CONCERT HALL?!" we all screamed.

      "And all of Tyrannia," my owner added weakly.

      I sighed, Tiger buried his face in his paws, Prince rolled his eyes and Kougra tried to choke my Mom. We were soon prying Kougra off her and dragging him home, the boat captain looking at us with distaste and the riders looking at us with fear.

      When we arrived home, my eldest brother pointed to a chair. "Sit, Mom, and think about what you've done." She stuck her tongue out and sat down.

      We usually made her after she went crazy. It's why we were temporarily banned from so many shops before.

      I'm a little scared having THIS owner. Next thing I know, she might end up leading Dr. Sloth down here or something.

      Once, she came VERY close to that, and to blowing up Kreludor.

      But that's a WHOLE other story.

The End

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