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Heart Racing Moments

by machinexcaatxhead


Ah, Neopets, the site everyone comes on to get away from the outside world, the time where everyone can relax... wait... relax? No, I take that back! What I mean is, many of us can have some relaxing times online, but many times (especially for me) send my heart racing. I am not saying this whole heart racing business is bad... I personally think it is amazing. It is what makes this site amazing after all the years. So I thought I might share some of my heart racing moments hoping that a lot of you will read this and relate to the same points and reminisce the certain times that this might have happened to you.

1: Restocking.

I, for one, have never had much luck with this. Like many other people I patiently wait for a shop to restock. I mainly like to go and try to restock in the chocolate factory (still trying and obviously failing to get the avatar). Once I enter the store I hit the refresh button every couple of seconds (hoping that I don't I don't get the restock ban) and for a while of course nothing changes. Once you hit the refresh button and you see that the shop has restocked, your heart pounds and races. Your eyes quickly wander the page to try and find something valuable. Once you catch that item, you shakily click onto it and randomly enter a price that you hope will be acceptable. You will either have amazing luck or you will get the dreaded SOLD OUT!!! I mainly seem to get the second option. Every time this happens to me, it sends me heart racing.

2: Trying for High scores or Avatars in games.

I have a few game avatars but hardly any game trophies and I would love to change this.. I take my time playing the games that I think I have a good chance of getting a high score in, but when I get close to the high score my heart does that thing I've been talking about... yes... races. Eventually, with getting excited of getting close to the avatar score or high score... with my luck I fail. Time to restart? Oh yes. One game that gets my heart racing is Volcano Run 2, I mean I have a few good runs, get really far into the game and BOOM, I hit a wall. Heart racing over, welcome the tears into your eyes. I joke...

3: Being lent an avatar item or pet.

Everyone has had a go at trying to be lent an avatar item or pet at some point of their neopets gameplay and I am sure that everyone knows what it is like to be dream lent an item or pet for their dream avatar. From asking about on the Neoboards to meeting an amazing friend who lets you borrow some of the amazing stuff that they have to offer to help you boost your avatar count. Whatever option it is (there could be more!), the moment the notification comes up you just feel like jumping around the room, screaming and dancing with the excitement. I guess you think to yourself, Is it true? Is this really happening to me? Am I finally getting my dream avatar?! After questioning yourself, you receive your avatar, but then you have that moment of knowing you have to get the item or pet safely back to its owner. I personally think this is the moment that your heart races the most; you do not want to let that person down and of course you do not want to be breaking the rules.

Once it is back safely... grab a cold glass of water, take a deep breath and congratulations you deserve a medal.

4: Fountain Faerie Quest.

Everyone has a dream pet that they would like to look after one day or for the lucky ones they have already achieved their dream pet. For those who haven't, I'm sure they wish for the fountain faerie to fly along one day and ask for the item that could grant your pet to your dream pet. The fountain faerie has visited me once and I must say, I screamed. I went and asked for help on the item and with a bit of luck for once it did not cost much. Once I purchased the item, my heart was racing again (oh, Neopets, you spoil us). I was so unsure what to do, dream pet or avatar? I mean my dream pet is a Halloween Lupe and I could easily save up for the Halloween paint brush, but pushing that aside this might be the only chance that I will get to receive the avatar. Of course I chose the avatar.

5: Altador Cup.

Picking a team for the Altador Cup is hard enough for me. I try so hard to try and keep the same team each year (Darigan Citadel) but that never happens as my mind wobbles a bit just before the team selection point and all of a sudden I am on Mystery Island or Krawk Island, or should I say not the team that I wanted. Every year, everyone puts so much effort into this cup, people send hours and hours playing each game to try and help their team win that mighty fine first place cup. Well, not for me, I play a few games a day as it seriously sends my heart racing. Not getting that goal in the Yooyu ball tournament is well, heart racing or heart breaking? In my eyes it could be classed as both as obviously you want to sore as much as you can but at the same time your heart is racing due to the fact that you was going to score, but oh no you didn't... try again next time!

You might think after reading this article so far that's... why on earth would she enjoy these heart racing moments? Or oh, I highly dislike these heart racing moments, they ruin the game for me sometimes! Or quite possibly some of you will be thinking... er, what is she going on about I have never witnessed this before? Well, ladies and gentlemen, I must say that getting these heart racing moments on Neopets makes the game so much more fun to play (even though it's a top website to start with) without these moments you would get bored, you would think why do I even bother? But I personally find them so challenging and fun.

Let's hope there are more of these moments to come in the future.

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