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Costume Ideas for the Trick-Or-Treater!

by sychologist


With October upon us, all Neopets are ready for Halloween! Who doesn't like dressing up and getting free candy out of the deal, right? For those of you who may be a little lost on costume ideas for your pet this Halloween season, I have constructed a list of possible Halloween costumes. Of course, you don't need to limit yourself to one list; costume ideas are endless. Once you've come up with your own perfect Halloween look, be sure to share it with the folks down at the customisation boards and see other fellow trick-or-treating pets! :)

1. A Ghost

Items Needed: Ghostly Sheet Costume (NC)

Ah yes.. a classic but always effective. Ghosts are known to lurk around The Haunted Woods on Halloween night so your Neopet will fit right in with the spooky crowd, not to mention everyone loves a good ghost costume! This is perfect for the Neopian on a budget as well since the costume can be completed in one easy step. You can even complement the Halloween costume with a fitting spooky background such as the Deathly Union Graveyard Background or the Entrance to Haunted Woods Background as a NP option. Happy spooking!

2. Faerie Queen

Items Needed: Fyora Wig (NC), Faerie Queen Wings (NP), Fyoras Collectors Dress (NC), Fyora Collectors Staff (NC)

Maybe a spooky ghost isn't quite the costume for your Neopet, no problem there! If your Neopet is a big faerie fan and has always dreamed of dressing up like one of the faeries, Halloween is the perfect opportunity to treat them to the costume of their dreams: what can be better than dressing up like Queen Fyora herself? If you cannot find her Collectors Dress on the NC Boards, you can even switch it out for the Fancy Pink Gown as a NP option. It's not an exact replica, but it's a very cheap alternative and everyone will know right away! You can complement a Fyora costume by putting your Neopet into none other than Faerieland itself with the Entrance to Fyoras Castle Background or the Faerie City Balcony Background as a NP option.

3. A Pirate

Items Needed: Scarred Pirate Eye (NC), Layered Pirate Dress (NC), Luxurious Pirate Wig (NC), Menacing Hook Hand (NC)

Another classic, we have a pirate! Arr, the natives down at Krawk Island will be sure to treat ya to lots of candy treasure this Halloween. Thanks to the recently retired Wonderclaw Machine, there are plenty of alternatives to this costume for both male and female pets, so you can mix and match to your liking! Your pet can be a pirate maiden, or a scary war pirate, or a mix of them both! It's entirely up to you. To complete the look, give your pet a sea-worthy background such as the Pirate Bunk Background or the Krawk Island Pirate Ship Background as a NP option. A Caged Skeleton Pawkeet might even be your pirate's best company on the high seas! ;)

4. Earth Faerie

Items Needed: Illusen Wig (NP), Illusens Laced Slippers (NP), Illusens Collectors Contacts (NC), Earth Faerie Wings (NP), Earth Faerie Dress (NC)

Maybe Fyora isn't quite the faerie your Neopet wants to dress up as, and if you plan on visiting Meridell this Halloween then dressing up like an earth faerie would be your best bet! It would sure put a smile on Illusen's face if you visit her Glade. For the Neopet who cares about nature almost as much as Illusen does herself, this would be the perfect costume choice and it's sure to go over well with all of your friends. You can complement this costume with the Forest Glade Background (NP), or any other fitting forest background. Happy trick or treating (and be sure not to leave any candy wrappers behind while dressed up as an Earth Faerie!).

5. A Zombie

Items Needed: Skeletal Face Paint (NC) or Gothic Inspired Makeup (NC) as a cheaper alternative, Zombie Mummy Wrap Dress (NC), Mummy Wrapped Hands (NC)

You can never go wrong with a simple zombie look! It's a classic Halloween costume and the best part is, as a customiser you can alternate this in any way you see fit to fit your perfect zombie look. Nobody adores seeing dressed up zombies more than the inhabitants of the Haunted Woods, so if you do go for the zombie costume this Halloween, be sure to pay them a visit. To complement this costume, you can add any array of dirty and dark, even spooky backgrounds and accessories to this customisation; suggestions include Dirt Patch of the Undead (NC) or for a cheaper option Skeletal Hands Foreground (NP), and any dark background that you see fit.

6. Dark Faerie

Items Needed: Jhudora Wig (NP), Deluxe Dark Faerie Wings (NP), Dark Faerie Smoke Dress (NC), Hypnotic Purple Swirl Contacts (NC)

For the Neopet with a passion for darkness and maybe even Jhudora herself, this dark faerie costume would be a perfect choice. Just make sure nobody mistakes your Neopet for the real dark faerie (but we doubt Jhudora would EVER let such a thing happen). Your pet can have a little fun all while enjoying all of the candy that they will surely reap on Halloween. For a truly complete dark faerie look, you can complement this costume with the Jhudoras Bluff Background (NP).

7. Noil

Items Needed: Noil Costume (NC), Noil Costume Hat (NC), Noil Costume Slippers (NC), Noil Mittens (NC), Noil Face Paint (NC) (OR) the Hooded Noil Coat (NC) as a simpler but still very cute alternative.

Alright, alright... have you had enough of the spooky and faerie costumes yet? How about something cute? This Halloween you can dress your Neopet up as a Noil with a very convenient costume package that can be found by trading on the NC boards! Everyone adores Noils, they're fluffy, adorable, and very loyal petpets so your pet will be sure to get a lot of "oohs" and "aaaws" as you go out this Halloween season. It doesn't even need to be a Noil, this is just a base idea. You can pick any petpet and be inspired by them, even if there's no costume set! Mix and match and see what you like best.

There you go, Neopia! A list of several costume ideas to hopefully inspire you to dress up your pet for the holiday. Approach this Halloween with caution and be sure to stay by your Neopet at all times as they enjoy trick-or-treating with you. And most importantly, have a delightfully spooky Halloween!

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