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Personalizing Your Neopet

by kspare2


We all know that you can spruce up your Neopets by dressing them up or finding some great backgrounds and foregrounds, but what about changing your Neopet's general appearance instead? Here are some different ways that you can make your Neopet stand out!

Before we begin, I would like to point out that the items described below fall into the categories of neopoint items and Neocash items. Neopoint items are those that can sometimes be found in Neopian shops, but most likely you will have to look for them in user shops, trades, or auctions. Neocash items come from the Neocash Mall and so they require you to buy Neocash cards or Neocash directly from Neopets using real money. Some of the Neocash items may be retired now, and in those cases, the only way to get them would be to find someone who is willing to trade with you. For more information on Neocash trading, you should visit the NC Mall neoboard. There are also some paint brush clothing items that may fit into the following categories that are paint brush clothing items, but since they cannot be bought or traded for (unless a paint brush is bought and used), then they were not included in the lists.

1. Experiment with new eye colors.

Neopoint items to buy: Bloodshot Eye Contacts

Neocash items to buy: Pink Lulu Contacts, Colour Changing Contacts, Spooky Green Contacts, Glittery Silver Contacts, Hazel Contacts, Zenco the Magnificent Contacts, MimiMME5-S2: Rainbow Contacts, Robertas Collectors Contacts

Using contacts can really liven up your Neopet's face and make them stand out among other similar Neopets. Although there is only one neopoint contact option, the Bloodshot Eye Contacts are fantastic as they provide for a very slight eye color difference.

2. Find your Neopet a new hairstyle.

Neopoint items to buy: Curled Blonde Wig, Scientist Wig, Sassy Fire Faerie Wig, Illusen Wig, Scientific Wig, Altador Cup Wig

Neocash items to buy: Powdered Wig, Curly Pink Wig, Woodland Archer Wig, Sassy Red Wig, Smart School Girl Wig, Adorable Pink Heart Wig, Funky Rainbow Wig, Windswept Wig

* There are over a hundred great wigs out there. This is only a small collection of what is available for you to choose from.

Getting your Neopet's hair done is a great way to change them up! There are so many wig options that it shouldn't be too hard to find one to match your Neopet. You can go for subtle approaches like the Pretty Dark Wig or the Lustrous Long Black Wig or you can find pleasant wigs that have cute little trinkets added onto them, like the tiny colorful hearts on the Dark Chocolate Wig or the shiny gems on the Long Gemstone Wig. Alternatively, you may also want to go with outrageous options like the Pretty Pink Bow Wing or the Funky Rainbow Wig.

3. Invest in some makeup.

Neopoint items to buy: Gothic Nimmo Make-up, Chomby Belle Makeup, On the Go Cybunny Makeup, Jazans Guyliner

Neocash items to buy: Mr. Chuckles Make-Up Kit, Eliv Thade Make-Up Kit, Valentine Makeup, Spooky Witch Makeup, Experimental Monster Make Up, Faerie Make-up, Gothic Inspired Makeup, Sloth Clone Make-Up

Makeup is another way make your Neopet's face stand out. There are some makeup options, like the Faerie Make-up, that give your pet a slight but adorable change, while others like the Sloth Clone Make-up change up your entire Neopet's face!

4. Whip out the face paint for special occasions.

Neopoint items to buy: Gelert War Paint, Usul Native Face Paint, Pretty Wocky Snow Face Paint, JubJub Clown Facepaint, Clown Scorchio Wig and Facepaint

Neocash items to buy: Nutcracker Face Paint, Snowflake Face Paint, Cherry Blossom Face Paint, Heart Face Paint, Shamrock Face Paint, Toxic Green Face Paint, Altador Cup Face Paint, Noil Face Paint, Gothic Vine Face Paint, Spring Flower Facepaint

* All of the neopoint face paint options were listed, but not all of the Neocash options were displayed as there are way too many!

Face paint is very similar to makeup, although it seems to be slightly more decorative at times. There are also quite a few more face paint options than there are makeup options, so go ahead and browse around until you find something that you can proudly display on your Neopet.

5. Give your Neopet a tattoo.

Neopoint items to buy: Fake Sloth Tattoo, Rustic Female Usul Warrior Tattoo

Neocash items to buy: Gypsy Henna Tattoo, Korbat Tattoo, Snowflake Tattoo, Yooyuball Tattoo, Brilliant Snowflake Tattoo, Green Tribal Tattoo, Sunflower Tattoo, Delicate Flower Tattoo, Poinsettia Tattoo, Butterfly Arm Tattoo, Heart Forehead Tattoo

The great thing about Neopian tattoos is that they are all temporary, so if you decide to get your Neopet one and they decide they don't like it, it can always be removed!

6. Give your pet a classy beauty mark.

Neopoint items to buy: Lovely Gnorbu Beauty Mark

Neocash items to buy: Classic Beauty Mark, Flower Beauty Mark, Batty Beauty Mark, Heart Beauty Mark

Much like tattoos, beauty marks can make your Neopet's body stand out, with the main difference being that tattoos are very obviously placed while beauty marks can easily pass off as... well, beauty marks! None of the other Neopians have to know that you purposely put a beauty mark on your Neopet. So when Lulu the Lupe comes around and says, "Wow, your beauty mark is so cool!" all your Neopet has to reply is, "oh that silly thing? It's natural!" Lulu will never know the truth.

7. Grow out your Neopet's facial hair.

Neopoint items to buy: Spiffy Lupe Mustache, Kougra Noil Tamer Mustache, Quiggle Gentleman Mustache, Meerca Magician Mustache, Hubrid Nox Mustache, Chomby Gentleman Mustache, Grundo Gentleman Monocle and Mustache, Rugged Kyrii Stubble

Neocash items to buy: Ink Mustache

A mustache is sure to add sophistication to any Neopet, although perhaps this option would be better reserved for male Neopets!

8. Lastly, you should look into other items on your own that may give your pet a distinct look. For example, adding a Face Full of Sweat Droplets (neocash) to your Neopet would definitely make them stand out! Keep in mind that new items, both neopoint and Neocash, are added to Neopets on a regular basis, so keep a look out for some cool new additions that will make your Neopet look fantastic and unique.

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