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DIY Dimensional

by fantasyeyesuk


Recently, several strange looking Skeiths have been spotted wandering around Neopia, almost blinding to look at. According to reports, they are dark blue with neon highlights. In hushed, intrigued whispers, Neopets all over the globe have been referring to this odd new color as "Dimensional".

Some have suggested that this name stems from the theory that the color emerged directly from the Neoquest simulation as the result of a glitch. Whether this is true or not, one thing is for certain - Neopets either love it or hate it. If your Neopet is one of those pets that is itching to get their paws on the mysterious paint brush that can turn them Dimensional, then read on...

Impatience is rife among pets that adore the new color, and even if Dimensional paint brushes begin to appear in the world, chances are they will cost more than Adam's asparagus times two! So, what's a Neopet owner to do in the mean time? Well, I have put together a list of "do it yourself" suggestions to satisfy your Neopets for now!

Try Glowing

If your pet is driving you batty pleading for a Dimensional paint brush that, for the moment, is impossible to find, suggest a Glowing paint brush instead! A similar effect with a cheaper price tag – how can you go wrong? Be sure to assure your pet that green is the new blue before purchasing, or a lot of Neopoints will have been wasted.

If your pet would rather eat dung than be painted Glowing, however, try purchasing some glowing Neohome items, such as the Wiggly Glowing Drawer. They may just store Dimensional theories and treasure maps inside, but it's a start, right?

If you can stand the bright colors, you could even create a themed Neohome based on Dimensional. You may even win the Neohome Spotlight for your dedication to this mysterious new color.

If the above ideas prove to be fruitless, try buying your Neopet a glowing petpet as a distraction. It will keep them busy and they might just stop obsessing over the latest color for a day or two whilst they care for their new petpet.

Lava Lamps

Some Neopians have compared this spiffy new color to the lava lamp effect, so why not treat your pet to one? If the basic lamp bores you more than browsing the Tiki Tack Shop, check out the Rainbow Lava Lamp and the Yooyuball Lava Lamp, guaranteed to keep your pet enthralled in the dark! They'll be so mesmerized they won't even want to leave the house to hunt for that elusive new paint brush.


How about buying some shiny new clothes or accessories for your pet? Try the Glowing Slymook Hat if your pet prefers green, or a pair of Beautiful Glowing. With these new items in their closet, your pets should be content to play dress-up until that paintbrush appears on the doorstep...

Go for a dip

If you catch the guard sleeping at the Magma Pool, take your Neopet for a quick dip (hurry, before he wakes up!) Your pet will come out on fire - as a Magma pet! Magma is definitely cooler than Dimensional, right? Right? Hopefully you'll have convinced your Neopet of this before you visit. If not, prepare for a tantrum that will no doubt wake the guard and ruin your brilliant plan.

Face Painting

Why not try face painting if you or your Neopet have an artistic streak? You could re-create the effect of Dimensional on your Neopets faces so that they can show off to all their friends. Face painting kits are available in the NC Mall, but you can always whip up your own alternatives (please stay away from the glowing dung, though). Try visiting the lovely Usul at the Grooming Parlour – no doubt she would be happy to give you some tips!

Try Electric

Dimensional has recently been compared to the Electric color. If you want to get that beautiful blue glow without breaking the bank (or trudging all over Neopia searching for a Dimensional paint brush), then how about painting your Neopet Electric? Who knows, your pet may find their true calling as an Electric pet, and finally stop badgering you to do your dailies.

Get artistic

Artistic types could draw what their Neopet would look like if it were Dimensional, and then present it to them as a gift. This might stir up unnecessary excitement, but if you encourage them to be artistic, too, hours of fun can be had imagining and creating! Don't limit yourself to drawing – try sculptures, knitting, painting, and other crafts!

You could even submit your work to the Art Gallery. Maybe your Neopet will become famous for their impressive use of color, even if they aren't painted Dimensional.


If your pet is a fan of the Battledome, how about giving them some new equipment that looks Dimensional? Try the Electro Sword , which glows a brilliant shade of blue that is reminiscent of the new Dimensional color. Or, if you're more of a wand person, try a Sparkshooter, and shoot rays of bright blue at your enemies!

There is no guarantee your pet won't get distracted by using such shiny items in the Battledome, so please advise them to be careful, or at least take a few healing potions.

Ask around

Need other ideas for re-creating that Dimensional look? Ask around the Neoboards! The Customization board is the best place to go, as they will be able to suggest clothing, accessories, trinkets and backgrounds you can use. You may just find your pet the perfect outfit that pays tribute to the Dimensional color, and your pet may end up winning the Customization Spotlight!

Hopefully, these ideas will help to keep your pet content as they dream of being painted Dimensional. Your pet could be waiting a long time, though, so be sure to utilize these ideas as best you can! But if they beg to be taken to the lab ray when they're feeling lucky, they only have themselves to blame...

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