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Top 10 Things You Should Know About Fyora!

by rebourne_


Also by gwendarwen

The skies are sparkling blue and the sun's radiant light washes through all the lands of Neopia, waking up Carmarillers as they sing a harmonious morning melody. It is that time of the year again to honour the Faeries and their fellowship. The time where we Neopians gather round and celebrate the presence and unity of the Faeries that we have been blessed with. While each Faerie is unique and powerful in their own way, we should take the time and effort to commemorate the peacekeeper and initiator of the Festival, Queen Fyora herself. Here are the top ten things that you should know about Fyora!

10. Eternal ruler

In all recorded history of Neopia, Fyora has been the Queen of the Faeries, or sometimes known as the Lady of the Western Skies. She is the golden example and paragon of every quality an honourable Queen possesses - majesty, grace and unending compassion. Fyora is also regarded as the guardian of Neopia, saving it from its demise countless times throughout the ages. Although Fyora has been the leader of Faerieland for as long as anybody can remember, that doesn't mean that you should ask her of her age! As we all know, we should never ask a mature woman of her age. It may offend Fyora, and that would be very unwise!

9. Pink is the new purple

Whatever wavelength you think reaches your eyes, Fyora's hair is NOT purple. It is a symphony of bold pink colours such as amaranth, rose, fuchsia and magenta. Her eyes, lips and wings are also different shades of pink and in case you were wondering, yes, it is all natural! Fyora's graceful and feminine colours have inspired many aspects of Neopia such as the primary colours of Faerieland and the entire Fyora fashion line and beauty products. And due to popular demand, Faerie colours are made available for Neopians who want their pets to wear a Fyora-inspired look! So if you are ever graced with the honour of being in Fyora's presence, remember that she would not be too flattered if you complimented her lovely 'purple' hair!

8. Fashion and beauty sponsor

Everyone knows that Faeries are the most elegant and alluring beings in Neopia. Just look at the Earth Faerie's glowing skin framed by thick wavy hair highlighted with streaks of golden butterscotch. Or how about the Air Faerie's radiant complexion and immaculately soft hair? Here's a little secret: their beauty is not just due to chance or magic, but because they take the effort and time to groom themselves every day! Now of course, we could never be as beautiful as these Faeries, but Fyora was generous enough to sponsor a line of fashion and beauty products for all Neopians and their pets! Who knows, maybe a Fyora Comb could be enchanted with a little magic to keep those stubborn unruly tresses down?

7. Games

In case you were wondering, Fyora does not play games. Unfortunately you would not find her in the Games Room pulling on Scorchy Slots or using her magic to obtain the highest score in Kass Basher. However, Fyora has provided us gamers with many challenging yet enjoyable games that she has approved of, supported and even created. The idea of Faerie Cloud Racers was not originally conceived by Fyora, but by a competitive group of Faeries itching to showcase their skills and prove their abilities. However, they needed the Faerie Queen's approval for the game to be made available to the public. Initially Fyora was not too pleased with the idea of Faeries racing around in the clouds trying to knock each other out, but was convinced when she had a devilishly enjoyable spin in Illusen's racing cart. However, one of Fyora's most popular games is Faerie Caverns II which consists of mind-numbing puzzles designed by Fyora herself! Always willing to give Neopians opportunities, Fyora has even added a customisable option into the game to let players create their own challenging levels for others to try. What's more, you can score a nifty trophy for yourself if you create an original, brain-busting level and win the Faerie Caverns II Spotlight!

6. Giver of the avatars

One of the most sought after achievements that Neopians strive for is to accumulate as many avatars as they can. As avatar counts increase, so does the difficulty of obtaining newer avatars. Every day you will find Neopians in the Games Room arduously playing over and again until they reach the score required for an avatar. You would also find Neopians regularly training and conditioning their Neopets in order to obtain certain Battledome avatars. But being the altruistic and kind hearted Faerie she is, the avatars that Fyora gives out are much less complicated to obtain! I must warn you, though, Fyora's items are quite pricey and probably not so affordable for the average Neopian. Perhaps it is not so simple after all...

5. Burrito craze

Here's an interesting piece of trivia that you can share with your friends over a delightful pot of Faerie Fondue – Fyora loves burritos. In fact, love is not an adequate enough word to describe her burrito fanaticism... Fyora WORSHIPS burritos! (I heard that she has a gilded framed picture of one in her Tower.) Fyora also has a burrito created in her honour by the lovely Earth Faeries in the Faerie Food Shop which is named after her prestigious title, The Faerie Queen. Of course, it consists of Fyora's favourite burrito fillings – beans, vegetables, meat and a garnishing of fresh chervil. I dropped by the Faerie Food shop to sate my curiosity of Fyora's obsession with burritos, and the first bite left my taste buds singing for joy as the angelic flavours mingled together in my mouth. The only thing that stopped me from inhaling the entire burrito was the shopkeeper's concerning look on her face as if she thought I would have fallen into a food coma. So now you know what Fyora's weakness is. Next time if you're planning on cajoling the Faerie Queen, why not give her a burrito?

4. Residence

A little Pteri once told me that Fyora lived in a certain tower in Faerieland hidden from careless eyes. Well, if you're on your way to complete a Faerie quest or perhaps play Faerie Bubbles, you could quite possibly stumble over a rock and find yourself in Fyora's magnificent chamber of rarities! Fyora's tower is open to wealthy Neopians who are willing to spend their fortunes on luxurious toys, splendid paint brushes and exquisite yet powerful weapons. However, due to popular demand, Fyora occasionally has to close her tower for stocktaking. Do not be disappointed, though, as on the third Wednesday of every month, Fyora gives a generous three percent discount to her loyal patrons! (Well, Neopians over five years are deemed loyal.) Just be wary that there is some strange magic that renders her tower completely inaccessible to those less than four months old, so be careful that you do not wander into Jhudora's lair while searching!

3. Family of Faeries

As the eldest of the Faeries, Fyora holds the highest authority and commands the greatest respect from her sisters, even from Jhudora herself. But with authority comes responsibility, and it is Fyora's interest to bond and unite the Faeries in order to keep the harmony in Neopia. A wise old Gnorbu once said 'if there is no peace between the Faeries, there is no peace for us' – a chilling, yet truthful piece of knowledge that we must remember. Of course, Fyora recognised this many eons ago and initiated an event that would be celebrated annually by all Neopians. From across the lands of Neopia, Faeries return to their homeland to celebrate and strengthen their alliance and sense of identity in the Faerie Festival. Although there is tension between some Faeries (namely Jhudora and Illusen), Fyora does her best to ensure that festival goers will not be caught in a crossfire of magic bolts. (There was, however, a time when an innocent Neopian was turned into a Slorg and had to wait several days for the magic to wear off.) Unfortunately, not all the Faeries are willing to submit to Fyora's governance, and would plot spitefully against her and the peace of Neopia. There have been episodes of war between the Dark Faerie sisters and Fyora, but with the help of several heroic Neopians, Neopia remained safe. Regardless, Fyora has done an exceptional job at keeping the unity between the Faeries, and it is in my greatest hopes that Jhudora will not break the amity by spiking Illusen's soup again!

2. Quests

Due to the fall of Faerieland, the Faeries and Neopians have been working tirelessly in unison to rebuild the city and restore it to its former glory. From this, Fyora was touched by the Neopians' genuine heart for help, and as leader and Queen of the Faeries, she publicly announced that all the Faeries will be returning the kindness by offering more quests. What better way is there to train your pets than to be blessed by a Faerie? Instead of your Neopet enduring hours of pain and self-discipline (and possibly a cane-smacking from the Techo Master) at the Training School or Swashbuckling Academy, the Faeries can magically strengthen your pet if you simply bring them the item they're looking for! If you're lucky enough, you may even be summoned by Fyora herself for a quest! Although Fyora may set out a difficult task to fulfil, she rewards questers with liberal blessing of levels, strength and endurance for your pet. Here's a gentle warning – do not ask Fyora what she is going to do with the food items she requests... (It may have something to do with her secret burrito craze) but it's best to let the Faerie Queen have a little indulgence once in a while without the guilt!

1. Extraordinary power

Fyora may be one of the most graceful and compassionate Faeries around, but she also has the ability to unleash tremendous power if necessary. Being the peacekeeper, Fyora would rarely use her magical wand – also known as Fyora's Rod – for anything other than to bless Neopians. However, she would not hesitate to unveil her mastery of the elements and Faerie magic when it comes to protecting Neopia and her family of Faeries. In fact, Fyora was the only one who could save Neopia from the Darkest Faerie's wrath 1,000 years ago by sealing her in stone and imprisoning her in the ruins of Maraqua! And did you ever wonder what the Faeries are always so busy with? Or why they always require us Neopians to retrieve items to assist them in their 'spells'? No, they are not casting spells to make them eternally young and beautiful if that's what you're thinking. That's a nasty rumour that Hubrid Nox had spread around. Fyora and the Faeries are actually continuously working together to keep dark creatures and evil conjurations at bay in order to protect Neopia from harm. If it weren't for Fyora and the Faeries, we might just end up as minions of Oblivion!

Hopefully you have gained an insightful experience from reading this article about Fyora and learnt to appreciate all she has done for Neopia. With this knowledge, you definitely wouldn't be making a complete fool of yourself in front of the Faerie Queen and risk yourself being turned into a Slorg! Enjoy the Faerie Festival!

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