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Which Usuki Doll are You?

by pinkpaint


The Annual Usuki Doll Convention is the one day on the Neopian Calendar where it is socially acceptable and quite the norm for you to dress up as your favourite Usuki Doll. Whether you are an Usul or not, species of any height, weight, stature and colour may participate in the joy that this day brings without fear of ridicule or judgement. So which Usuki Doll will you or your pet be for this year? If you are finding it a hard decision to make, then read on and discover your Usuki Doll match!

To find out which Doll you or your neopets are, simply note down which letter you choose for each of the following quiz questions, tally them on up and marvel at the results (which can be found at the very bottom of the page at the end of the quiz). Now make sure you choose the answer that best fits you or your pets, in order to find out which Usuki Doll is yours or their match!

Your favourite colour is:

A) Rainbow. Is that a colour? Well, too bad if it isn't because you like them all! You love the primary colours most because you know exactly how to mix them in order to get any colour imaginable.

B) Red. So many great things are red. Like steak and tomatoes and ketchup and and and... man, you're hungry now.

C) Black and White. Contrasting colours are a lot of fun, and black and white always go together, even though they're opposites. Gotta love that!

D) Fluro Pink! You love anything retro and fluro pink is just divine. You love to stand out and fluro pink helps you to.

E) Yellow. The colour of the sun and the sand at the beach on a warm summers day. Who doesn't love Yellow?

F) Goopey Green. You don't know why but this deep and disgusting green gives you goosebumps. You just love it!

G) Baby Blue. The cool colours have always been your favourite. They remind you of the snow and the most beautiful times of the year.

Your idea of a good time is:

A) Painting. You adore the sight of a blank canvas, but only because you know that it is the prelude to something creative.

B) Having a barbeque. Nothing is better than a good old back yard BBQ. Some cold drinks, a fresh salad and you're good to go!

C) Helping out on the farm. You're not afraid to get your hands dirty, shovel the hay and run around with the Kau's. Nothing could beat that!

D) Going to a party. The bright lights, the loud music! The night is young and you've got your dancing shoes on!

E) Spending the day at the beach. The feel of the warm sand beneath your toes is better than anything else you've ever known.

F) Planning a Halloween shindig. So what, Halloween is still months away, you want to make sure your party is the scariest ever!

G) Building a snowman. You love wearing four layers of winter wear and heading out in the snow to play with your friends.

Your best friend is:

A) Someone with a great imagination. You need someone as creative as you to share in all of your ideas and projects.

B) Someone from the health food shop. They are always giving you great tips on new dishes to try and recipes to make at your next BBQ.

C) A Kau. Those friendly neopets put a smile on your face even when you are having a really grey day.

D) Brucey B. That guy sure has style! Dontchathink?

E) A Maraquan Shoyru. You met them at the beach. You're a regular there and so are they!

F) Sophie the swamp witch. She's taught you all she knows in the ways of dark magic and evil spells. She even bought you your very first cauldron!

G) The Snowager. Once you can get past his icy exterior this guy's real cool. He'll never leave you out in the cold.

Your choice of beverage is:

A) Cocoa Juppie Mocha. This is a delicious warm but smooth drink. It's got a hint of coffee in it too which you need when you're up late painting.

B) Diet Neocola. You only choose the diet stuff because you feel bad for eating so much at your famous barbeques!

C) Lemonade. After a long days work nothing is more refreshing than a glass of ice cold lemonade.

D) Dandelion and Burdock Drink. Fizzy, bubbly, sweet, bitter all rolled into one. That's one pretty hip drink!

E) Bottle of Water. You like to stay hydrated and feel that anything other than water can't be anywhere near as beneficial.

F) Cup-O-Slime. Okay so it might not sound very appealing but you just love a Cup-O-Slime any day of the week.

G) Snowflake Slushie. Icy cold and crushed to perfection. This slushie is a big hit with you and everyone else in Terror Mountain!

Your petpet would be a:

A) Rainbow Harris. You'd love to have this little guy as your companion. His colouring is inspirational!

B) Flightning Bug. These petpets look a lot like flies so he can help you swat away the real flies that try to get in your cooking!

C) Babaa. These petpets are so fluffy and sweet. In the summer months you can sheer of their wool and make them a blanket for the winter.

D) Hopso. With big feet like this petpet you're sure he or she will make a great disco dance partner!

E) Turdle. These little guys are shy but love the beach and the water just as much as you do. It's not a hard choice for you.

F) Mutant Kadoatie. You don't want one of those pretty petpets. No way! This mutant is epic and will be sure to scare baby neopets and elderly pets! Awesome.

G) Triffin. This three eye'd petpet would make a great companion for you. He's got a great fluffy coat of fur to keep him warm while you have snowfights in the winter!

That's all of the questions, folks! I hope you have enjoyed the quiz thus far, but don't go anywhere because you're just about to find out your results! Take a moment to tally up the As, Bs, Cs, Ds etc etc and then read on from here to discover your Usuki Doll match.

Mostly As - You are an Artistic Usuki

You love anything creative, out of all the arts and crafts you probably like painting the most but will undoubtedly be up for anything crafty. As long as you can imagine it you will be able to achieve it!

Mostly Bs - You are a Barbeque Chef Usuki

You are a great cook, a chef even perhaps! You're a master of the kitchen and the outdoor barbeque area and won't let anyone else take over. Everyone loves a feast made by you!

Mostly Cs - You are a Cowgirl Usuki

You are very active and love the outdoors. You rarely sit still unless you've been working away all day long. You enjoy seeing things grow and helping the community.

Mostly Ds - You are a Disco Dancing Usuki

There's nothing a night of dancing and laughing with friends can't fix. You've got some pretty hip moves but you might want to think about replacing your wardrobe with something a little more modern...

Mostly Es - You are a Fun in the Sun Usuki

You're not happy unless you're outside under the sun. You love summer, swimming, seashells and all of the animals under the sea. Nothing could keep you from the beach for too long.

Mostly Fs - You are a Little Witch Usuki

You are always up to some sort of mischief and have a sleeve full of magic and trickery. Its never dull when you're around to spook and scare!

Mostly Gs - You are a Snowball Fight Usuki

You are most in your element when you are knee deep in snow, smoothing over a snowball to throw at your friends head. Making snowmen and singing carols never gets boring.

Happy Annual Usuki Doll Convention, everyone!

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