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The Game Diaries: Adee

by hidden_0_o


Dear Diary,

      Last night I awoke in horror as the memories of my latest dream were fleeting; though I do not recall it in extensive detail, I can try to describe the jousting feelings of despair that consumed as my mind experienced that dreadful nightmare.

      In the past, I have never been afraid to express my delight as scoop upon scoop of a variety of ice cream flavors roamed their way into my mouth, and subsequently into my stomach. My mother has always reprimanded me for my eating habits, but as much I as I struggled to abstain from gluttonously munching all the ice cream I could get my hands onto, the task was not an easy one. You see, my father, whom you may know as Mr. Adelius is a genius dessert confectioner, he has explored a range of unthinkable flavors, and in spite of my mother's forewarning, father always finds a way to sneak his latest icy concoctions for my palate to try. Father trusts my taste very much and he values my assessment of his creations (which more often than not receive a commendable five cherries rating)!

      Not surprisingly, ice cream soon became a staple in every meal. Shortly thereafter, staple was no longer the most appropriate word to describe this part of my diet. Main course, perhaps, is a more suiting description. Tubs and tubs of ice cream filled the kitchen freezer, and soon my appetite for more demanded our family to acquire another small freezer (or maybe two, very soon)...

      As much as I enjoy ice cream, I did not imagine it would penetrate my thoughts during the night. Last evening, as I drifted into sleep with a sweet-induced smile on my face, and fuller than ever belly, I had what I had envisioned would be my ultimate dream, but soon turned into a terrifying nightmare.

      Diary, I know how familiar you are with my love for my goodly dessert and thus you may find my terror a curious reaction, but allow me to describe my nightmare to elucidate you on the roots of my frightened condition:

      I was transported into this blue room. Around my small self, I found enormous tubs of ice cream and empty cones pointing at me. I struggled to hop on top of one of the tubs and tried to lift the lid with all my force; however, my efforts were in vain and I was not able to budge the lid. The tubs were cold and coated with thin layer of frost; as I gave a last-ditch effort to remove the top, I slipped and fell towards the blue tiles...

      As I looked onto the cones, I realized that they were different now, they had equally large scoops of strawberry ice cream atop. I approached them with the same intent I approach every scoop of ice cream, but before I could get close to my goal, the scoop charges towards and hit the entirety of my body. Head-to-toe, I was covered in strawberry ice cream. The impact wasn't as desirable as I imagined; with the sudden shock of a cold, fast-accelerating blob of strawberry dessert, my small body had to recover as I tried to lick ice cream and clear my face while shivering from the icy blow. The first hit still carried an amount of delicious wonder, despite the painful freezing sensation which accompanied it. The second, however, was much more painful and much less delicious as my stomach started to hurt from all the ice cream I had imbibed. The third, I definitely did not want to experience it.

      I had decided that I should seek to avoid those scoops from now on. The cones aligned before me started shooting at an increasing pace and forced my little legs to keep running. I was doing my best to dodge the scoops, nevertheless, my efforts did not succeed. While evading a group of scoops, I stumbled upon an inevitable grey blob. Fearing the worst, I closed my eyes imagining what grey ice cream would taste like. All the flavors my father had introduced to me flashed before my tongue, but I could not recall tasting a grey one. The icy hit I felt from the first two scoops that met me did come tingling down my spine, so I opened my eyes. I found myself inside this blue bubble with another scoop fast approaching. Without time to flee, and still struggling to understand what had just happened to me, I was completely immobile as the strawberry blob neared me. As a likable surprise, the scoop had just passed through me without striking me.

      I was in some sort of shield! Noticing my freedom, I sat on the floor and let a sigh of relief as observed the other blobs running through and besides me. Before I could fully rest from all the dodging I had been doing, my shield start to disintegrate. I quickly stood up and accepted that my relief was only a temporary reprieve. The last strawberry scoops zoomed past me and now vanilla scoops replaced the pink ones I was getting used to.

     In the same fashion, I continued dodging the scoops. I noticed that there were several abnormal scoops; green ones with a plus sign, red ones with a minus sign, ones shaped like fishes, to name a few. I suspected these scoops were like the shield scoop, which altered the conditions of the dream, without blasting me with coldness. I continued to dodge best I could, and soon vanilla scoops were replaced with chocolate ones, the chocolate ones with mint ones, and before I knew it I was faced with a rainbowberry scoop.

     I had a feeling, a sort of intuition that hit me, persuading me that after I endured the multicolored blobs, I would be allowed to go free from this nightmarish room. I took a deep breath and yelled out "Do your worst, Rainbowberry!" Determined to survive this, I readied my legs – the velocity of the scoops increased as each flavor was replaced – and considering how much running I had to do in the tigersquash stage, I knew this was not going to be an easy task. By now I had learned that the purple scoop with a small outline of my body shrunk me, and while this made the ice cream scoops look even bigger and more daunting, they also made me a smaller target for those vicious blobs. Luckily, at the beginning of this stage I found two such scoops, and I was reduced to what I estimate is the size of my petpet, Dalia.

     This allowed me to move with more ease, but even with the advantages of a diminished size, I managed to find myself trapped by a blob formation, with a strawberry bomb approaching. This was how my struggle was going to end, I thought to myself, buried in ice cream with a strawberry bomb...

     No. This is not how this is going to end, I reassured myself. In a rush of panic and adrenaline, I grabbed hold of the strawberry bomb, and before it activated on me, I flung it toward the menacing blobs, I closed my eyes once again, and the Rainbowberry scoops splattered away from me. At last! I was free. The cones were emptied, and in my mind the conviction that a door would open, through which I could leave this terrifying room into the comforts of my everyday life. I awaited the appearance of such door. I was unfortunately mistaken.

     Instead of a door, the cones charged once again, with maroon scoops. A stench of garlic and sausages filled the room. Fear filled my eyes. Could I endure this once again? And again after this stage? If foul-smelling garlic filled the room now, what would I be faced with after I successfully dodge all of these scoops? Dung ice cream? No, this could not happen! While enveloped in my thoughts, I hadn't realized that the blobs had already began their route towards me.


     Before the maroon scoops reached me, I woke up. Sweating, trembling in fear, with a chilling feeling. The dread still enveloping me, I decided I would change my diet. From this day on, my dear diary, I will no longer allow ice cream to constitute all my meals. I know this will not be easy on me, but day by day, I will cut down my frenetic consumption, and surely this nightmare will not visit me anymore.

     I'll write soon to report my progress,


The End

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