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The Last Blast Game Guide

by jacobak


This is a guide that will teach you basic controls, secrets, and how to win The Last Blast.

So saddle up, this will take awhile to explain everything in the game. The Last Blast can be easy and hard at the same time. This game is one of my personal favorites when I discovered it was so fun. When you're done reading, show off your skills by taking a shot at the game. You will be blasting your way to victory! *Bzzt*


In this game, you find yourself as Sergeant Zarex of the top secret section six. He has been called back into service because of the erratic behavior inside the mines. Everyone knew that there was only one Grundo for the job. After serving in the Kreludan war, Sergeant Zarex is called back into service to investigate the mines.


Zarex's missions are:

1: Find out what is causing the erratic behavior within the mines.

2: Eliminate everything that gets in your way.

3: Get out without getting defeated (Get out alive).

Health and Oxygen

You have limited oxygen and health, so be sure to watch out for them. Be sure to check all the angles around you so you don't get hurt. It is possible to regain health and oxygen by collecting power-ups. Power-ups are explained in the Power-ups section.


The easiest controls are the following:

Arrow keys: Up, Down, Right, Left (Well, duh) 8D

Space: Shoot

Moving your mouse around: aim/Look around

Scroll button (Thingy on top of your mouse): Switch from one of four weapons

Left or right shift: night vision


You have four blasters to choose from that you receive throughout the game that can prove themselves worthy. They can save you from hoards of robots, destroy switches, (Instructions about switches below) or cause them to fall asleep so you can flee.

Bzzt Blaster: The basic blaster that you start out with at the start of your game. It takes awhile to defeat enemies with it though. But the bright side of the Bzzt Blaster is that it has infinite ammo. Unfortunately, other blasters don't. :(

Virtublaster 3000: This blaster comes in handy if you need quick defeats or if you are in a hurry to destroy switches. It has quite a bit of ammunition, so it has an advantage in ammo. But there's a catch. (Nothing is perfect. Even items that can destroy stuff viciously.) It doesn't cause much damage to enemies. This blaster is the second least powerful blaster in this game.

Goo Blaster: The Goo Blaster is the most powerful weapon in this game. With just a few squirts from it, it can wipe out a whole horde of robots and/or aliens. But, once again it has its disadvantages (Buahahaha): it can only shoot a couple feet away (short range) and it eats up the ammo fast. So be conservative.

Sleep Ray: This is the last blaster! It causes enemies to fall asleep for about five to ten seconds. So it gives you a chance to flee, defeat the enemies, or collect power-ups. But be warned, it doesn't cause damage OR have much ammo. Be wise with your ammo, young Neopian. *bows*


Alright, there are three switches that each give you a bonus. When you destroy the first switch, you get a blaster. When you destroy the second switch, it opens a door that leads to a secret area. Finally, when you destroy the third and final switch, it opens the door to the next level. Remember there are three levels, which means there are nine switches total.


There are basically two types of doors. One type leads to a secret area, while the other is the doorway to the next level.

How to Decipher a Map and where to find them

Maps are pretty easy to find! You can plot your plans and where to go. This is how to figure out what a map shows. Maps are located somewhere at the beginning of each level.

The green figure that has a shape of a Grundo by the golden rings shows where you start.

The red and blue-ish rings are switches.

Red lines are doors.

The red line with an arrow next to it leads you to the next level.


This section will take a while, so pull up a chair, grab some snacks, and any other preparations so get ready . *takes a deep breath*

Some enemies are dangerous and some are not. But do not underestimate ANY enemy you encounter.

The first enemy you encounter is a robot Spyder. They aren't bad at first, but they appear as a far greater threat at the end of the game. They are pretty easy to defeat but they still can be dangerous no matter how far you are in the game. So be careful!!!

The next enemy you encounter are giant robot spyders. They are a little tougher to beat and can be a little more dangerous than normal spyders. Watch out!!!!

The next enemy are tracked robots. They deal more damage than spyders do, and have more health. They can be heard easily, so you know when they have come to get you!

They aren't as much of a threat as the next two foes, but be cautious!

Alright! The next two monsters are very tough to beat, so open your eyes and ears if you want to reach the end of the game!

Somewhere near the end there are aliens. They are tough to beat so listen up! They can take several hits from your Bzzt Blaster, so you probably want to use heavier artillery. The Virtublaster 3000 is your best choice, so I highly recommend it.

Now, the hardest enemy to beat: Sloth Robots. This enemy takes a whopping eight shots from the Bzzt Blaster. They deal heavy damage so don't just wander along and shoot like a maniac. So just stay calm and use your Virtublaster 3000. Using your Virtublaster 3000 is more effective when they're awake. Another effective combo is using the sleep ray, then the Goo Blaster. So I highly recommend that you need to be cautious in level three.


There are six total power ups that can help you on the road to victory! (That is, if you're not defeated.)

Health Pack: Gives you more health.

Oxygen Tank: Gives you more air. (Oxygen)

Speed Boost: Gives you a boost in speed.

Goo Blaster Ammo: Gives you more ammo for your Goo Blaster.

Virtublaster 3000 ammo: Gives you more ammo for your Virtublaster 3000.

Sleep Ray ammo: gives you more ammo for your Sleep Ray.

Finishing the Game

If you can make it to the Mother Computer area, this is how to beat it and win the game!

When you finally destroy the last switch, you will be able to enter the area that holds the computer core. You will see a giant sphere, hovering in the center of the room. There will be tons and tons of robots coming towards you in this final area. Your best idea would be to cower in a corner but you probably want to finish the game. All you pretty much have to do is to destroy the three small spheres. (The spheres are used to protect the computer core.) After you destroy the small spheres, just blast away at the Mother computer while avoiding robots. Simple as 1 2 3…. well, maybe not.

Other Tips, Secrets, and Strategies

10 Minute timer:

This game has a 10 minute timer, so be sure to run around and shoot at the same time so when you get to level 3, you will get big points on sloth robots and aliens. WARNING; This process can give you hand cramps! Be sure to stretch out your hands from time to time.

1 Point per defeat:

When you reach the end of your game, and your 10 minute timer is up, you only can 1 point every time you defeat an alien or a sloth robot. That's a trick if you're trying to get a high score. Remember that other enemies are worth 0 points.


Be sure to check all angles. It helps because you could save your health for more important matters. So be sure to look around every now and then.

Listen for any sound:

You can tell an enemy has transported near by because you can hear something. Also, the music changes so it's a good idea to turn the volume on higher so you can listen to the sounds easier.

Special Items

There are special items that can be put to good use. There are six items that can help you here is the list of items:

Targeting Scope x -4000

Kreludan Propulsion Boots

Ammo Retention Belt

Advanced Rebreather

There are two hidden items; I'm not telling you them because that would ruin the fun. Right?

Unfortunately, TNT hasn't released them yet. So don't waste your time trying to find them because they don't exist. Yet.

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