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Kookia: Capture the Neopian Craziness!

by nighters


Hello, everyone, and welcome to this edition of Nighters' Trophy Tales, where I will give you lots of tips to help you capture enough of those silly Kookiths to earn you a beautiful trophy! I know, it's shiny, it's on Neopian lookups (including my own), and with this guide – it could be on your user lookup too!

A note to all of my new Neofriends reading this guide: if you do not have a mouse, or tablet, or something other than a laptop track pad, this game might be frustrating! I'm not discouraging you, I'm just saying this is a game where clicking requires some more accuracy. I will cover games that do not require track pad/mouse usage in order to let you get in on the Nighters' Trophy Tales action! :)

This guide is also assuming you have basic knowledge of the controls and goals of the game Kookia. If you do not have a grasp of the game, read the instructions and practice before you attempt to try for a trophy! Practice makes perfect, and waltzing into this guide thinking you will just read and win is the wrong attitude! *shakes head and scolds you*

I've played enough Kookia and have been on the high scores table enough times around the first of the month to know that a good score to make you a trophy candidate is about 360,000 to play it safe (350,000 usually is too, but we want a safety net here). The first of the month does not usually have scores above the review limit, and the highest possible score that can be achieved without that panic of TNT thinking you may have cheated is 399,900 – a score I've rarely seen on reset days. I got my gold trophy on reset day with a score around 393,000.

The first rule of thumb, which may or may not be obvious to the new trophy seeker, is for Kookia, you must play on hard mode! The points from catching each Kookith are worth more, and the maximum amount of points for a regular Kookith is 800, and for a ghost Kookith, 1600. This is assuming you have combos going. And trust me, to get on that high scores table, you will need every extra point you can get. You will not make it if you play on easy or normal.

For all practical purposes, our mini-goal is to achieve 50,000 points per level (which is 350,000 points), excluding the Mutant Kookith level at the end (I'm lucky if I catch like, five Kookiths on that level!) I recommend saving your slow-down (press spacebar to use it when the blue meter is full) until the bonus level when multiple gold Kookiths show up, then just mouse over all the gold Kookiths for 800 points each. You want to make as many combos as you can, and usually you could fill up the blue meter twice per level, so use it earlier if you would like when you're in a bind and will get more combo points!

If hard mode moves really fast for you, just continuously click away. You'll eventually catch the ghost Kookiths for extra points this way, and make sure to move your mouse in the line formations in order to form combos.

The second level (Brightvale Castle) for some reason tends to be one of the hardest ones for most players. If you want to use the slow downs earlier in this level when you see multiple strings of Kookiths, that's cool too! Remember you only need to catch 80% of Kookiths to move onto the next level, but you would prefer at least 90% for trophy purposes (the first level should be 100% since it is very straightforward and somewhat difficult to miss Kookiths in. It isn't hard to get over 50k points in this level – usually I get a little bit over). Assume extra points to be a safety net for levels you're not so great with, like Brightvale Castle.

Once you hit Meridell, lots of Kookiths spawn at the same time, so know when to time your slow downs and form a technique in order to maximize your combo potential. Sometimes the Meridell levels lag for me since the Kookiths all pop out at the same moment, or just milliseconds apart. If lag is an issue on this level, play the game in low quality to help prevent the issue from occurring over and over again! Darigan Citadel is similar, minus the lag – both levels of Darigan have lots of combo opportunities if you move fast, efficiently, and have a plan for your slow downs. Maybe it's me, but the Kookiths do look a lot smaller in this level.

Your play style helps determine how you catch Kookiths. That is the most important thing to remember, is that you will develop your own technique for using the slow downs and mousing over the Kookiths to make combos. My biggest point levels personally are the first one and the two Darigan levels, and I find the easiest two levels to be the first Brightvale level and the first Kiko Lake level right before the boss because they are straightforward and don't require much thinking. Everyone will think differently, even though the game works similarly for everyone.

I want to talk about the Mutant Kookith at the way way end of the game. By this point you know what your final score is going to look like, because if you have any accuracy above 20% on this level, I commend you greatly (my all-time best accuracy on this is 45%, I think). You will be lucky if you earn 5000 points here. The goal is just to try to mouse over whatever you can, be thankful for those points, then click the Mutant Kookith and boom! You made it to the end of Kookia!

Don't forget to stay calm and collected as you catch Kookiths, and that practice makes perfect. You will need to determine the strategy that works best for you in order to make it onto the high score table, and when you do, that Kookia trophy isn't far from reach! Good luck, and see you at the next edition of Nighters' Trophy Tales!

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