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Neopian Book Reviews: Fyoras Rule

by dr_tomoe


Hello, everyone! Welcome to another installment of Neopian Book Reviews. And today we're going to do something a little special. Today we're going to talk about Fyora. If you are a fan of my reviews, then you'll know that its all thanks to Fyora that we're even here doing these reviews. And if you're not a fan of my reviews, the Editorial is right over there, top of the page. But, since you're here, I'll assume that you're a fan. Anyway, as an honor for Fyora, and in no way, shape, or form to attempt to get on her good side so that she doesn't tell the Fountain Faerie to never see me, for this edition of Neopian Book Reviews, I shall be reviewing Fyoras Rule.

Fyoras Rule is a bit of a strange book, in that it has magical properties. While it was started by Fyoras Royal Biographer, a Faerie Krawk by the name of Alexis Greene, the book in question has been magically altered to continuously update until Fyoras rule as Faerie Queen comes to an end. As such, every day there is a new chapter to read and new updates to the rule of Fyora.

Now, while it does magically update every day, Fyoras Rule did not just pop into existence by pure faerie magic. After all, if it could do that, then there would be no need for the royal biographer and Alexis Greene would be out of a job. As such, the first edition of Fyoras Rule was completed way back in Year 8. And from that point forward, it could be found in the Faerieland Bookshop. According to the Library Faerie, Fyoras Rule is required reading for all members of the Faerieland Academy and several copies are also sent to the Kingdoms of Brightvale, as King Hagan considers it to be one of his fifty favorite books and was upset that the Royal Library of Brightvale was unable to persuade the biographer to publish in Brightvale.

Now, any good history book doesn't skimp on the details at all, either positive or negative. Like, for example, chapter seventeen discusses the time when Fyora personally taught magic and spells to those willing to learn them for the forces of good and justice in the world. One student that is discussed in great detail that a young Xweetok named Xandra that Fyora took a personal liking to. They were apparently inseparable as Fyora personally taught Xandra various different magics and spells.

Their partnership continued through Xandra's entire trip through the Faerieland Academy, until at one point that their relationship turned sour. It was a very tough week for Fyora, having to deal with various problems that had cropped up not only in Faerieland but all of Neopia. The problems were dealt with, and after it was all completed, Fyora, in a fit of exhaustion, fell asleep on her throne. Several moments later, the young Xandra came in for their next lesson only to see the sleeping Faerie Queen. And from that moment on, the speckled Xweetok always seemed to call all of the Faerie's lazy and do-nothings.

Now, speaking of less recent events, one of the first chapters deals with Fyora soon after she ascended to the throne. One incident that stands out is that soon after she took the throne, Fyora wished to meet every Neopian at least once during her rule, so she created a spell that at a random time would call a Neopian to Faerieland. However, the first spell had a few problems with it, and on more than one occasion, a Neopian was pulled from whatever they were doing and brought to Faerieland. This created problems, not only for those who were pulled away while working at the Faerieland Employment Agency, but also for Faerieland, as sometimes the spell misfired and sometimes Neopians were randomly crashed into Fyora's castle. The spell has long since been fixed, but this spell was some Neopians' first experience with the Hidden Tower, as they crashed into the invisible structure when they were summoned by Fyora.

However, Fyoras Rule also helps you get into the mindset of Fyora and how she governs. For example, it is revealed that she is a huge fan of Pizzaroo, and occasionally has pizza's delivered to random Neopians. And she also ensures that they will never go hungry, as the amount of pizza's that she has delivered can sometimes number in the thousands. It doesn't explain exactly how she pays for these pizza's that she has delivered to these Neopians, but I can only assume its through Faerie magic and profits from the Hidden Tower. And these Neopians who are graced by Fyora's generosity have been known to break down into tears once all those pizza's are brought to their house.

As you can see, things haven't always been sunshine and magically blocking the Shop Wizard for faerie quests for the Faerie Queen. A more recent chapter deals with the after effects of the Great Faerieland Crash and the sudden betrayal of her prized pupil Xandra. According to the book, the betrayal hurt Fyora badly, and as such has been spending much of her time monitoring the progress of her students. The incident has caused Fyora to consider taking a more proactive role in the governing of Faerieland and Neopia itself. Likewise, she is taking a closer look at the students of the Faerieland Academy to ensure that a situation that caused the Great Faerieland Crash never occurs again.

Finally, the most recent chapter deals with a minor occurrence that she had to deal with. Apparently, this chapter deals with the situation of having some clown go tell everyone to get a Fyora Voodoo Doll Handheld Plushie in the hopes that it would help them control her actions. She later goes into detail about how she punished them by... oh, wait. That's me. Huh, who knew Fyora could hold a grudge like that?

Well, for those of you out there who are interested in Fyora's rule as queen, then I definitely recommend checking out Fyoras Rule. But don't take my word for it, see what other famous Neopians are saying about it!

Mmm-Hrrrmmpff!! - Statue of Xandra

Mmm-Hrrrmmpff!! - Statue of the Darkest Faerie

Mmm-Hrrrmmpff!! - Statue of Cronjobba

Fyora is a weak fool who will get what's coming to her once my plans come to fruition! Muahahahahahahahahaha! - Jhudora.

As for me, I give Fyoras Rule a 9 out of 10. Until next time, keep reading, Neopia!

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