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Lessal and the Fungus Balls

by bluewisp16



     "Bless you!" exclaimed Cosmolt, looking up from the Neopian Times.

     "Thanks!" snuffled Lessal."It's Pollinitus season again. Sure, I love the spring with the new buds and green grass, but I can't stand my allergies!"

     Cosmolt barely glanced up from the paper as he replied, "Perhaps we should take you in to the Neopian Hospital, I'm sure they'll have something that can help."

     Lessal's eyes grew big as she cowered. "No, no, I'm fine, really!" Cosmolt sighed. His daughter could be such a Tuskaninny sometimes. Without another word he continued to read about Kyrii Day that was fast approaching. Maybe TNT would come out with eventide for them at the Rainbow Pool. He couldn't wait.

     In another room, Lessal sat in frustration. She absolutely hated hospitals! She hated everything about them; from the Gelerts in their pristine, white gowns to the menacing tools that waited on the tables. She recalled the last time she was there, merely a year earlier, when she had come down with floppy tongue after a nice lady had given her what turned out to be a poisonous lollipop. She certainly learned from that mistake. Never take candy from strangers! Anyways, in the waiting room patients sat crowing and trembling. One by one they were called into the office. A chubby Elephante settled in a pile of Aisha Chocolate Cheesecake crumbs in the corner, licking her fingers. What a Kau, Lessal thought to herself. Turns out the Elephante had Bloaty Belly, Lessal discovered later; she definitely regretted her thoughts then.

     "Lessal, the yellow Ogrin!" an Island Kyrii hollered as he appeared from behind a door. It was her turn. She took a deep breath and stood up, her tongue lolled from her mouth. After the Kyrii introduced himself as Dr. Dampsen, he did a quick exam of Lessal. "You seem to be a little bit Lupey," Dr. Saturated16 chuckled to himself. "I'm just kidding, it's a joke we have here at the Neopian Hospital. Get it? Lupe-y! Anyways, you have what is known as floppy tongue. It is easily fixed with a tongue shrinker." A nurse shuffled in with a needle filled with a blue liquid. Lessal immediately stood up on all four of her Ogrin hooves and made for the door. It was no use. The nurse positioned herself in front of it and held up a peace offering.

     "Now, honey, it'll hardly hurt at all, and afterwards you can have this Gnorbu Lollipop!" Lessal certainly didn't want a lollipop after her previous encounter with the mysterious lady who claimed to be Jhudora, whoever that was, yet she wanted to prove that she was brave, so she squeezed her eyes tight and before she knew it, it was over. Her tongue throbbed for the next few weeks and she promised herself she would never, ever go back there again.

     The rapping sound of someone at her door startled Lessal out of her daydream. She hurried over, rubbing her watery eyes all the way. Outside, her two best friends, Radeal and Lalenian waited. Upon opening the door, Lalenian blurted out,

     "Guess what?! We got tickets to see Chomby and the Fungus Balls!!!"

     Radeal glared at Lalenian, "I wanted to tell her!" His forehead wrinkled in irritation. Lessal grinned. "Are you serious? I thought that concert sold out weeks ago!"

     "It did," Radeal responded, "but I managed to get three tickets from some Rukis. The concert falls on their pet day and their planning on training for free at the Swashbuckling Academy instead."

     "You're the best!" Lessal replied as she embraced her friends. Radeal blushed. "So, I'll see you tonight then?"

     "Sounds like a plan!" Lalenian responded as she nudged Radeal to let go of Lessal. As they began to recede down the steps, Radeal peered back over his shoulder. His heart skipped a beat to see Lessal so happy. It looked as if she was almost in tears.

     As Lessal shut the door, she rubbed her eyes. They would not stop watering! Stupid pollen, she thought to herself. After sneezing twice, she made her way towards the yard where her dads clear grunting noises made it apparent that he was busy at work.

     Outside, Lessal discovered her dad standing proudly on a mound of dirt, shovel in hand. Intricate rows of holes lined the fence, with Boadaisies perched next to them, in preparation to be planted.

     "Hey, Dad! You'll never guess what Radeal got!"

     Her father responded, clearly distracted, with a "That's nice, sweet heart," as he struggled to pull feather weeds from the hard-packed ground.

     "Dad, we got tickets to Chomby and the Fungus Balls! You know, only the best Techno Band in the whole of Neopia!"

     Again, her dad repeated, "That's nice, sweet heart." She began to go back inside when her dad finally looked up. "Hey... are you okay? Your eyes look red and puffy."

     Lessal, finally satisfied with receiving attention, replied with a, "I'm fine. Just a litt- Ka-ka-kacheek!"

     "Honey, if you'd just let me take you to the hospital, I'm sure there's a simple cure."

     "No! I refuse!" Lessal exclaimed.

     "What was that about Chomby and the Fungus Balls? You're definitely not going if you are sneezing every five seconds. Now, either let me take you or you're not going with Radeal and Lalenian," her father stated firmly.

     "But, but, that's not fair!"

     "Now, don't throw a hissifit, Lessal. I'm only looking out for your best interests."

     Lessal, almost in hysterics, rushed to her room where Chomby and the Fungus Balls posters littered her walls. She stared dreamily up at Chomby, his green eyes smiling back. She didn't want to miss this concert; after all, it would be days before it played at the concert hall again. Why did her dad have to be such a buzz kill?

      Back in the garden, Lessal's dad continued to dig. Their previous conversation swirled through his head. Did he do the right thing? Was he a bad dad? Suddenly, he felt a soft pat on his shoulder. Upon turning around, he discovered his daughter standing directly behind him, her cheeks even puffier than before from her tears. She said one simple phrase, "Okay, I'll go." Lessal's dad smiled to himself as they headed out; he knew she'd come to her senses. In the waiting room, the dreaded sentence was uttered.

     "Lessal, the yellow Ogrin!" Although this time a Pink Ixi appeared, an understanding smile pasted on her snout. "Lessal, as you most likely already know, you have a severe case of Pollenitus. Symptoms include watery or itchy eyes as well as constant sneezing."

     Lessal answered with a "Ka-ka-kacheek!" She then braced herself for what she knew came next. The dreaded cure, whether it be pills, or even a shot.

     "You'll need to drink Crater Fruit Elixir. It's really quite good. According to the label, 'this elixir is made from many crater fruit and a mix of other plants. It will cure that Pollenitus in no time.' And you are all set! I hope to see you not too soon! It's a joke we have here at the Neopian Hospital. Get it? If you come here, you're typically sick... which is bad. Any who, have fun at your concert!"

      Lessal, after consuming the juice, felt better already. It was close to time for the concert, so her dad dropped her off in front of the Concert Hall. As her dad began to walk away, Lessal called back, "Hey, Dad?"


     "Umm... Thanks." An awkward smile fluttered on her face as she turned around. She then hurried off to join Radeal and Lalenian who were waiting for her at the ticket booth.

     In the concert, as the music started, Radeal leaned over and whispered to Lessal, "I'm glad you're okay."

     Lessal smiled as she huddled closer to her friends. "Me too."

The End

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