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The Mysteries of the Lever of Doom Revealed!

by i_heart_foxes


Ever wondered about the Lever of Doom? Such as, why is it the Lever of DOOM? Or why it always steals all your neopoints away without giving anything in return? Or why it even exists in the first place? Or maybe there is another question racking at your brains about the Lever of Doom? Then look no further! Your curiosity will end here as I have come to answer some of the mysteries that lurk and linger around the Lever of Doom!

What is the Lever of Doom?

Neopians everywhere know what the Lever of Doom is! Mainly because of one reason: the amazing and wonderful Lever of Doom avatar! It is stuck to the wall on the Virtupets Space Station Supply Deck. It has a greenish appearance and a purple handle, with the words "DO NOT PULL" written above the lever between two red, glowing bulbs that, upon closer inspection, are cameras. Every avatar collector knows that the Lever of Doom will award the avatar and thinks it is random, but they don't know the truth about what goes on behind the scenes.

Why Does the Lever of Doom Exist?

The Lever of Doom was built on February afternoon on the Virtupets Space Station as a sort of attraction. The Grundos and other neopets on board thought it would be funny to watch these curious Neopians become attracted to the sign DO NOT PULL, which made the Neopians want to all the more, of course, especially to gain access to the previously new, and rather rare, avatar. This was also a great way to earn neopoints for the Grundos, who were becoming increasingly greedy and engrossed with the coins they were raking in. Of course, they would have to hide it all from Dr. Sloth, one way or another.

After making enough profits, the Grundos decided to modify the looks of the Lever of Doom to make it more attractive and to pull in more neopoints. Although it had the same, original design as before, the Grundos wanted to make the tourists think that this would have something, if anything at all, to do with the avatar, causing them to spend more of their neopoints. However, the new looks had nothing to do with the avatar. All in all, it was only a machine designed to make neopoints, built for an extremely little cost.

Why Is It Called the Lever of Doom?

The name of the Lever of Doom is just a ploy in order to attract Neopians and neopets alike. The Grundos called for a meeting while the Lever of Doom was being built. They put together the plans and blueprints for the Lever of Doom, but had no idea what it should be called. In order for the Lever to be attractive enough, the name also had to be appealing. However, on one fateful evening, when one daring Grundo asked the Neopians in the Plushie Tycoon business about any extra strategies to use to attract "customers", they said to name it the Lever of Doom. Why? For one reason: everyone appeals to danger, right?

Why Does the Lever of Doom Steal Neopoints?

Well, as explained above, Grundos want to make neopoints. What better way to make them than off of innocent Neopians (in fact, Dr. Sloth would approve!). Their whole station is just an amusement arcade to try to accomplish their goal of becoming the richest species of neopets on Neopia. But, the Lever of Doom will always steal your neopoints because it will never be out of order. These neopoints will be discovered later, though, for a (possibly) good cause. The only bad thing about the profit-making part of the Lever is that since the hand is pretty big and clumsy, it can only manage to grab and steal 100 neopoints at a time.

How Does the Lever of Doom Work?

The Lever of Doom is always working 24/7. That's only because there's a little Grundo sitting on the other side of the wall, ready to grab your coins the moment you pull the lever. The Grundos can easily communicate with each other. About what you ask? Well, the location of you bag of neopoints! They wait on the other side of the wall for some helpless Neopian to walk by, relaxing to some Neovision until that innocent Neopian pulls the lever, while another Grundo observes and monitors the cameras on the floor and the ones on the Lever itself, locating the bag of neopoints you carry around. The other workers around the station try to persuade their customers to visit the Lever of Doom at least once before they leave. Especially the rich Neopians who carry millions of neopoints in their pockets at all times. The communication between the Grundos allow the one controlling the machine to know which Neopian to steal from. How can the Lever of Doom know who has less than 100 neopoints without these Grundos secretly looking at your neopoint bag to see how much it carries?

What are the Neopoints Earned Used For?

The amount of neopoints that the Lever of Doom racks in is just incredible! For a long time, the Grundos used it for their benefit. They upgraded the floors of the Virtupets Space Station and made different paint brush colors available to them (through bribery). They were becoming one of the richest and most distinct species of neopets on Neopia! Recently, however, someone had discovered their profitable strategy and ruined their goal.

Dr. Sloth. Who else? How else would he be able to afford those stamps he auctions off at high prices? He gains an extraordinary profit! He still lets the Grundos remain in control, as they are still his subordinates (and less work for him), but he manages to take in the pile of coins at the end, probably being used to create more neopoints in some fashion, like creating a new transmogrification potion ready to create a new mutant out of a neopet or making new Dr. Sloth knick knacks. Dr. Sloth likes the idea of the Lever almost as much as he likes Sloth Appreciation Day.

Gimme the Avatar?

Even though it's not really a question, most Neopians suffer the theft of the Lever of Doom daily in order to receive the avatar. But, the avatar is never too close and never too far behind, giving only about 10 avatars every day, give or take a few. When the Lever of Doom obtains 100,000 neopoints from different Neopians, the Grundos decide to award the 100,000 neopoint "donator" a gift, which, is, indeed, the avatar! When the Hand pops out, the Grundo controlling the Lever quickly exchanges the 100 neopoints for the avatar, tucked safely away in your bag of remaining (if any) neopoints. Just be careful though, because the Lever of Doom may just steal that avatar away once more...

Don't be afraid! The Lever of Doom acquires neopoints quite fast. One day, you might be the lucky one that "persuades" the Lever of Doom to give you that avatar. Unless the day comes when Dr. Sloth returns to order the Grundos to stop awarding avatars. Mwahahaha.

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