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Grarrls: The Most Underrated Neopet

by tiedlights


For any frequent pound chatter, trading Grarrls, no matter how elusive their color is, can be a nightmare. Polls on the pound chat that ask, "Which Neopet do you dislike the most?" often elicit the Grarrl as a common response. Common reasons include, "Grarrls are hard to customize!"; "Their teeth are too sharp!"; and "One of them accidentally ate my Everlasting Apple. I'm never letting them near my other Neopets, that's for sure."

"But wait," you say. "Grarrls are the 19th most popular Neopet out of 54! They are more popular than Aishas, Meercas, and Kaus!"

I believe this number is due to the copious amounts of Grarrls created in order to attain the elusive BGC avatar. Grarrls, in my opinion, are being created solely for this reason. When these Grarrl owners obtain the sought-after avatar, they either let their Grarrl die of starvation on a side account or abandon it. If you've ever patrolled the pound, you too would notice the disproportionate amount of Grarrls with names such as "LendMeBGC" or "JustHereforBGC".

It's a bit of a disappointment that Grarrls get such negative attention when they were the first pet to ever exist in Neopia way back in the Month of Storing, Year One. Yes, folks, TNT confirmed this. When you own a Grarrl, you own a piece of Neopian history.

Therefore, since I am a fan of Grarrls, I'd like to clear up the misconception that Grarrls are merely cold-hearted, dimwitted creatures that eat everything in sight. (Okay, I do realize that Grarrls do have an voracious appetite, but it's not their fault they were born that way! However, they are very low maintenance and can be well-fed by simply staying in the Neolodge 24/7). I would like to introduce the Grarrl as a friendly addition to your Neopets family and to prove that the Grarrl is both a courageous and loyal pet.

If you are looking for a fierce battle master, the Grarrl should definitely be your first choice. After all, because of their agility and high dexterity, Grarrls have a natural 20% resistance to physical attacks in the battledome! Robo Grarrl is a prime example of the physical strength that Grarrls possess. This battledome champion has a starting HP of 150, more powerful than infamous villains such as the Greedy Kadoatie and the Jelly Chia. With time and patience, you too can train your Grarrl to be just as strong or stronger than Robo Grarrl. Likewise, Grarrg is the self-proclaimed Tyrannian battle master. He is described as fierce, intimidating, and not afraid of a good fight, desirable qualities that all Grarrls possess. He was one of the elders who stopped the invasion of his home country, Tyrannia, because he put together and self-trained a strong Tyrannian army. It was Grarrg who mentored and trained the Lupe who defeated the Monoceraptor during the invasion.

As you can see, Grarrls also rarely use their strengths for evil. Instead, they often use their advantageous physical strength for good deeds. Torakor, one of the twelve heroes of Altador, is a legend amongst Grarrls. Even though he used to be part of a corrupt ruler's army, he reformed his ways and turned against corruption after he was ordered to attack a defenseless village. Torakor has since become one of the most prominent examples of virtue and courage in Neopia. Deckar, whom you may know as Agent 5 of the Petpet Protection League, also shares the same courage as Torakor. He is often busy being a good citizen by helping Kaylee and Mick in the park. But when he is not, Deckar takes a leap of faith and engages himself in dangerous situations while trying to save various petpets.

Yet, Grarrls are too often stereotyped as fierce warriors. Yes, many of them are brave and physically strong, but they can also have a softer side to them. For example, Rosie, who ran the famous springtime Neggtacular Giveaway in 2009, was a generous green Grarrl who possessed a personality quite contrary to what Neopians think about Grarrls. She absolutely loves dancing and the joyous blessings of spring, which seems unusual of a Grarrl. Furthermore, Grarrls can act as wonderful mothers to fellow pets or petpets. Did you know that Grarrls hatch their eggs through their loud roars?

Grarrls also harbor greater intelligence than we give them credit for. Galgarroth, who served as Lord Darigan's most trusted advisor, is a prime example of this. Galgarroth's legacy is preserved in the Gallery of Heroes, where a short anecdote exists about his servitude and loyalty to Lord Darigan. Galgarroth was perhaps the most loyal member of Lord Darigan's court. When Lord Kass took over the kingdom, Galgarroth refused to accept orders from the tyrannous dictator. This refusal led to Lord Kass ordering that Galgarroth be thrown off the citadel in chains. However, it is presumed that Galgarroth served the fall as he is now one of the most lethal players of cellblock, nearly as skillful as Master Vex. Galgarroth often visits the citadel's prisons when he fancies a good game of cellblock. He stuns opponents with techniques such as the Diagonal Kiko Undercut and Three-in-a-Row Dual Kougra Smash.

And who could ever forget about the upbeat, red Grarrl that co-chairs the Altador Cup every year? What would the Altador Cup be like without his quirky comments? Moreover, Grarrl yooyuball players are some of the strongest ever witnessed! Gordo Gunnels, the right defender of Roo Island's team, is one of the most feared players in the game because of his immense size.

As you can see, Grarrls are sadly one of the most underrated Neopets. In fact, many Neopians don't seem to know much about the species or the history of famous Grarrls. Many Neopians often wrongfully assume that Grarrls can't make good Neopets when, in fact, they are loyal, bright, and courageous. Therefore, I cordially request that you entertain your mind with a different, more positive opinion of Grarrls. Go do your good deed of the day and adopt a Grarrl from the pound today!

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