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The Fifteen Tastiest Jellies In Neopia

by darkobsession


Jelly is a favorite summer treat for many Neopians, especially those who live in hot climates. It sure is a tasty way to cool off on a really hot day.

In this article I will try to show and discuss some of the tastiest edible jellies which my Neopets love to eat, and why they are considered so.

15. Cheese Jelly

Cheese is the perfect flavor for anything. I bet most people agree with me! Hence the first item on this list. It's simple, but rich in cheesy goodness. It even has some pieces of real cheese to add to the flavor.

14. Jelly Fruit Ring

This tasty treat mixes Jelly with Fruit Salad. It contains bits and pieces of fruit, like apple, zeenana, and mango. It is also shaped like a ring, so if your Neopet is a bit fussy about eating fruit (like my Halloween Gelert,) you can always trick them into thinking it's a doughnut. ;)

13. Lemberry Chia Jelly

This jelly is perfect for little Neopets who like exploring and digging for toys in cereal boxes and the likes. The jelly itself tastes like blueberry, and it has a small edible lemon Chia sweet inside. Your Neopet will have lots of fun trying to eat their way around - or into – the little Chia, especially if the aforementioned Neopet is a baby Lupe. And the flavor mix of lemon and blueberry is amazing.

12. Queela Jelly

For those who love spicy food, this is the hottest Jelly around. I was a bit confused at first, because lots of Neopia's spicy fruits have been made into jelly, but I opted to go for the hottest of them all – Queela. My main reason is that if you're brave enough to dig into a spicy jelly - why not go all the way and choose the hottest one? Plus, it looks cool with its purple color and yellow seeds, not to mention that Queela fruit is very cheap compared to other spicy fruits, such as Cornupepper and Carnapepper, which are both very hard to come across.

Warning: should be eaten in small bites and chewed slowly and carefully to avoid a burning throat.

11. Tea Jelly

After a spicy hot meal, a Neopet must need to cool off a little bit. For this reason I chose Tea Jelly. It is actually just like drinking Ice Tea, except you'd be eating it with a spoon. There are Tea leaves inside for an additional zest of flavor.

10. Raspberry Jelly

What's so special about this Jelly, you might ask? Well, aside from the fact that it tastes like raspberries, which, in my opinion, is one of the best berry flavors out there, it also looks really cute with its squished appearance, just like a real raspberry. *squish squish*

9. Cranberry Jelly

What tastes better than Raspberry? Why Cranberry, of course. A whole Cranberry Jelly to pleasure your taste buds. You can have a hearty slice on Thanksgiving alongside your turkey or just eat it alone. Either way it's a great treat. The only problem is that it was given out with the Advent Calendar one year and the supplies are getting short, so get yours now!

8. Whole Chokato Jelly

Chokato is a very controversial fruit. You either love it or you hate it. It sure is one of Neopia's weirdest and strangest blends of flavor: Tomato & Chocolate. But as a jelly, it really works. I think the freezing process has to do with enhancing the taste. Either way, don't eat it all by yourself or you'll have a belly ache all night long.

7. Mint Jelly

Mint is not for everyone. Its delicious but strong flavor leaves a long lasting after-taste in your mouth that's hard to be overcome by anything else, which is why Mint Jelly is recommended as the very last course in a meal, especially a meal rich in onions and garlic. You can also have it with tea (or Tea Jelly.) It's uniquely shaped after a mint leaf, which helps identify and recognize it from other green jellies, like Lime or Kiwi. But the best thing about Mint Jelly is that you can brush your teeth with it in the morning then swallow it as breakfast! Saves time.

6. Chocolate Jelly

OHH!! Chocolate Jelly !! There's nothing much to say here, really. A hearty portion of Chocolate Jelly (with Chocolate on top) would just blow all of your troubles away, even for a few minutes only. You're sure to be asking for seconds.

5. Illusen Day Jelly

What's better than a Mint Jelly, or a Chocolate Jelly, but a blend of the two? Chocolate mint is known to be one of the most flavors to tickle one's taste buds, and thanks to the lovely Illusen and her inspired idea, we have Illusen Day Jelly, which is a sizable portion served on a special leaf-like plate, and is now available all year long. Now do you still wonder why Illusen is my favorite Faerie of them all? ;)

4. Fizzy Faerie Jelly

Not to be outdone by Illusen, Fyora ordered the Earth Faerie - ironically enough - responsible for running the Faerie Foods Shop to create a super extra delicious Jelly delicacy. The result was incredible: A fizzy Jelly that just won't stop fizzing. It's tasty, fun to eat and lasts for hours. I don't know what it's made of, but at this point it doesn't really matter. It was a very rare and sought after Jelly until it was recently given out "En Masse" during the latest Daily Dare Challenge. Apparently it helped ward off the evil purple bugs which invaded Roo Island.

3. Bleeding Heart Jelly Sundae

Honestly, I wasn't sure what is inside this cup, but it sure tastes great. A bleeding heart sometimes feels a bit sour and salty, but it is often still sweet despite all the pain it's going through, and there sure is a little bit of all that in this treat, which is used to heal most broken hearts. After extensive testing – which put a dent in my bank account (each Sundae costs around 8,750 NP) I can almost confirm that the blood-looking liquid goo is Syrup. It's a blend of several Mystery Island fruits. I could identify Appriberry (used for color), Bludberry (used for texture), and Foozette (used for the nectar.) As for the taste, there are traces of Red Sardplant (salty) and Thistleberry (sour). The jelly itself is made of Red Goparokko Fruit (for a cherry-like taste.) If you haven't tried this yet, you should!

2. Peanut Butter Jelly

This one is a no-brainer. What goes BEST with Jelly? That's correct, younglings: Peanut Butter. Thanks to the brilliant minds at TNT, we now have Peanut Butter Jelly. It might not look all that, but it has all the taste of a PBJ sandwich. Remember to take a bite of both sides though, to have a full experience.

And finally, we get to the Top Tasting Jelly in all of Neopia... which, you might agree, is quite extraordinary:

1. Jelly Garden Fountain

This fountain looks fantastic, and is so colourful. This is only the beginning. The real secret is that it's magical: it can make any type of jelly you ask for, and it never runs out. However it has a couple annoying set-backs. First, it only makes one type of Jelly per day, which means if you asked for Strawberry Jelly, you're stuck with it until the next morning, so be sure you really want that flavor for the day. Another problem is that it's R99, which means it's Super Rare and costs millions to purchase. Only a handful of hardcore Jelly enthusiasts are willing to part with years worth of savings, which might lead to another problem: Freeloaders who suddenly appear on your loan and claim to be your best friends from school or your long lost siblings, all for a bit of free jelly. So be prepared to shell out a couple hundred thousand NP for a security system, as well. But in general, it is a worthy investment.

Well, dear readers, there you have it. The tastiest jellies in all of Neopia. Now get munching... :D

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