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Juggling Life: Part Two

by marmitejar


I think I could sleep for a year! Seriously, we had over a hundred customers in yesterday. It turns out Juppie Gardens is closed for redecorating, for a week. They seem to redecorate, every five minutes. They're still always tacky, though. Seems to be only me who thinks that, though. Yesterday, I could hear all those darling customers slating my little tea shop.

     "Ooh, this place could really do with a lick of paint", and, "These bamboo walls look as if they have been here for years!", and, "I really think this roof might collapse on me. John, can we leave!" No, you can't leave; you have to do something called pay! Then they just left without paying.

     So what if I haven't redecorated in a while. I wish people would stop comparing us to Juppie Gardens. Those people are ignorant and are putting lots of other small businesses out of business! Well, they're only really putting me put of business, but I'm still an important person. And I have a small neopets to look after and if we have to shut down, then Tom wouldn't have a job anymore! Those people are just selfish. How dare they have a better shop than me!

     Anyway, I like the way my shop looks. I think it's appropriate to where we live. The roofs made from palm leaves, all the walls are bamboo, and the front wall is completely made of glass, and can slide to the side so that the shop becomes open fronted. We only put that in two years ago. It's pretty useful when it's really hot, it does tend to let in a lot of parrots and spyders, though.

      I know the décor is a bit outdated, but its part of the charm- even the random wild life.

     Some people just don't understand. Even the tourists don't tend to come here, any more. It's more traditional than Juppie Gardens. Their shop isn't even Mystery Island themed!

     My morning rant will have to stop, it's time to get up for work and Mina's getting impatient.


     Turns out making toast and balancing a baby Cybunny on your hip isn't as easy as you'd think.

      Just as the toast popped out, Mina started crying. I put her in her high chair. She soon became quiet, after I gave her, her morning jar of chokato baby food. I began to spoon it into her mouth, and then, I smelt burning. I realised the toast was still in the toaster. The bottom half of it was turning to charcoal. I tried to quickly pull it out with my hand, but it got caught on the grilly thing on the side of the toaster that makes bread turn into toast.

      I managed to rip the top half out, but the bottom of it was still inside and beginning to catch fire. So I did the most stupid thing in the world. I got a metal knife and attempted to fish the toast out with it. Of course, I didn't think to unplug the toaster and I got a massive electric shock.

      Luckily, I didn't pass out or anything, but I still wouldn't recommend trying it at home. The toaster's definitely broken; I'll have to pick one up at the trading post later.

     I have also lost all feeling in my right arm.

      On the plus side, Mina found it all hilarious and it's put her in a very good mood.


     "Wait, wait, wait! You actually put a metal knife in a plugged in toaster?" Tom asked with an unsympathetic smile in his face.

      I slammed the tea cup I had been washing down on the counter, startling the few customers we had in. Despite the fact Juppie Gardens was still closed, most people had decided to go without tea all together, until they opened back up again.

     "Yes, alright let's get over it now!" He'd been going on about it, since he'd found out why my right arm seemed to have gone into a coma... two hours ago.

      He laughed. A lot.

     "It's not funny, I lost my favourite snorkle toaster. It won't work at all. No matter how much you hit it..."

     "This is sooo definitely funny!" I was so sick of his laughter now.

     "Tom, you do know I could fire you?" I raised my eye brows at him.

     "Oh, yeah, that's not funny at all," he said, shaking his head dramatically. "No, not at all. Your snorkle toaster? Those are like 5,000 NP!" I could tell he was being sarcastic.

     "Tom, I know you don't care."

     "Good, because I wouldn't have been able to not laugh at your patheticness all day!" And with that, he burst out laughing again.

      "I'm going outside; it's too warm in here. Come on, Mina."

     He picked up Mina and took her outside to sit on the grass with him. I leaned against the side of the open glass door to watch Tom playing with Mina.

      A spyder crawled past my head, so I picked up an old Neopian Times issue, rolled it up and introduced Mr. Spyder to death.

      Then I saw it. Beryl was strolling up the path with the manager of Juppie Gardens.

      I went over to Tom and nudged him in Beryl's direction.

      He saw and looked back at me. He shook his head.

      "Come on, let's go inside. We don't need her any way."


     It was closing time and Beryl casually rolled in.

      "We are closed!" I shouted, without looking up from the neopoints I was counting out from the till. I'd only made 932 NP today. The bad thing is, I was surprised I even made any money at all. I split it in half so I could pay Tom later.

      "You always let me in after closing times!" Beryl complained and yet still sat down in her usual arm chair. She really had a nerve, that woman did. I always knew she secretly didn't like me. She only really seemed to be friends with me, so I would do her favours and give her 10% off all drinks.

      "Well, if you're that desperate for a drink, why don't you just hurry over to your new best friend's café?" I asked her.

      "What do you mean?"

     "You know what I mean! You and that horrific Princess Juppie woman! I saw you having a little chat earlier. I bet you were talking about me. You are so two faced!" I was shouting now.

      I was allowed to, though. She had been there for me, ever since I came to Neopia six years ago. She was there when we first opened. But now, just when I needed her most, she let me down. She had fooled me. Used me even.

      "Don't you shout at me!" she shouted back at an equal decibel.

     "Be quiet, you'll make Mina cry."

     "Since when did I care?" she said. That just proved everything I had thought about her.

     Tom came in.

     "What's going on?"

     I pointed at Beryl. He followed the direction of my arm and saw Beryl sitting there. A picture of innocence.

     "I think you should leave," he said to her in a calm tone.

     "No," she said bluntly. "I have done nothing wrong. It was just a walk and she's actually a very nice girl."

      "Really, what about all those times we have talked about how much we hate her? And all the times that you told me that she doesn't deserve that shop?" I questioned her.

      "I think maybe you should give people a second chance like I did. You never even got to know her! She was ever so nice to me. She even helped me carry my shopping. She said that I looked very nice. I don't think you've ever done that for me. Mind you, I didn't really care. As long as you were letting me have a free drink, here and there. Lending me this months rent money I was fine!"

      "Beryl, she does that to everyone, she's just trying to get new customers. And I have never treated you like that, because it's patronising and I think, maybe, you should have treated me better. I want every bit of that money back too. Or I will call in a lawyer."

      "Maybe I want to be patronised," she said.

      "Why are you acting like a child? Why have you turned against me all of a sudden? Did you get bored of me? I bet you did because, now, you've moved on to someone else."

      "Beryl, please leave." Tom said calmly, again. "Now."

      Again, Beryl didn't budge.

     "Leave, otherwise I'll make you!" I stepped forward and Tom grabbed me from behind. He obviously didn't want me to have the reputation of a lunatic.

      Mina began to cry. I shrugged off Tom's grip and went to comfort her.

     "I'm going to leave now. I don't want anything to do with someone who treats the elderly like that."

      I didn't say anything. I just watched her leave.

To be continued...

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