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The Finals of Altador Cup 20

by dr_tomoe


We're glad you could join us today folks! After many days and many games, we're finally at the finals of the Altador Cup 20! I think it's been safe to say that this has been one of the most exciting cups in years! I dare to say that there is even more electricity in the air than that amazing series in Altador Cup 12 when Team Haunted Woods defeated Team Darigan Citadel in a rematch from AC 1 to become the first team to win the cup two years in a row!

     But that's then, and this is now! And now we got an amazing finals for you! We thank you for joining us here in our broadcasting booth as we go to the tale of the tape for these the finals!

     On one end, we have Team Moltara. They've had some tough times when they first burst onto the scene, but as time passed, they've gotten more and more dominant over their opponents. Aldric Beign has taken his team to the limit at every game, and the results have shown. This year, they have taken out every other team to cross their path, going into the finals with a completely undefeated record!

     That's right. And not only is their record completely undefeated, but get this, Mor Gollog, the veteran goalkeeper, has prevented a single score from being scored against his team. They've played nothing but perfect games since the start of this years cup! Don't believe us? Just ask Team Mystery Island, Team Shenkuu, and Team Lost Desert. It came down as a huge shock to them to be unable to get past that massive relic Moehog.

     Captain Aldric Beign has said that a lot of people wrote off Team Moltara in the past, since their shaky performances from the first few years, and some have even questioned his willingness to keep his original team. But now we can see that all his effort and planning has paid off, as Team Moltara looks to be taking home their first taste of first place!

     But you can't have a match with only just one team, and in order for this to be the epic match for the ages that it looks to be, you have to have an opponent to match up to the expectations, and Team Faerieland is here to bring their A-game.

     Team Faerieland got their first ever win in the Altador Cup last year, and while they can't be the first team to win the cup twice, they look to be the first team to take home the cup two years in a row! This also marks the first year that Team Faerieland is back in their usual purple and pink, ever since Faerieland was finally able to return to the sky three years ago.

     Yes, the previously thought of "Winners Curse" seems to have skipped over Faerieland, as they've been tearing up every team that they've come across as well! Everyone knew to expect a big showing from the Faeries this year since their first game at this cup when they completely routed Team Virtupets and then later taking down Team Roo Island and Team Meridell.

     I do believe that game was the first time I had ever seen a robot cry.

     That was quite the game, with Team Faerieland taking down Team Virtupets in an amazing rout by winning 15-0. And so far, Team Virtupets didn't look like they were able to recover from that first match, having lost so far this year to both Team Altador and Team Kiko Lake.

     What seems to be the secret behind Team Faerieland's success seems to be what carried them to victory last year. Kakoni Worrill, Team Faerieland's captain, is the only remaining player from the original team, and last year was the start of the new Team Faerieland. Like Moltara has done this year, last year, Team Faerieland took over the cup, winning every match last year, all of them while remaining undefeated. And while their games might not have been perfect games like Team Moltara has had this year, their victories are solid and their fans have been supporting them solidly throughout this cup!

     Captain Kakoni Worrill of Team Faerieland says that while Team Haunted Woods was the first team to make history by winning the cup twice, Team Faerieland is going to do them one better by being the first team to win the cup twice in a row. She says that will show the total dominance that Team Faerieland will bring to this and all future Altador Cups by making them a household name!

     Big words from Team Faerieland, but will they be able to back it up? Team Moltara is on fire this year, pun totally intended, and it might take more then some faerie magic to stop Team Moltara's roll this year. If Team Moltara plays today like they've been playing for the whole cup, not even Fyora herself would be able to slow them down.

     We're at about ten minutes before the start of the match, and we have our roving reporters in the crowd, getting reactions from the fans. So far, it seems like the crowd is evenly divided, with half of the audience making some noise for Team Moltara and the other half is screaming their lungs out for Team Faerieland.

     The crowd seems to be highly anticipating this match between these two heavyweight teams. Our view from the blimp over the cup is showing that all the fans are hurrying to their seats as fast as they can get there. The Slushie Stand has a large crowd of people rushing out of it so fast that you would think that it was full of Meepits. And who could blame them? This looks like its going to be a match that goes down in the history books no matter who wins!

     The VIP Lounge also seems to be on their feet as well. We can see that King Jazan, while still wearing a shirt supporting Team Lost Desert, seems to be behind Team Moltara for this match in the finals. Likewise, he still looks to be drawing up support for an eventual entry into next years cup for Team Qasala.

     Sitting next to Jazan is the Faerie Queen herself, Fyora. As expected, she is fully behind her team making history today, solidly wearing the colors of Team Faerieland, and it looks like she has a strange Grundo plushie with her as well. Oddly enough, it looks like the plushie is happy.

     And rounding out the royal trio in the VIP lounge is King Kelpbeard. He seems to be showing his support for Team Faerieland as well. That's a nice show of support from his highness, and a sign of respect, as Team Maraqua came closest this year to ending Team Faerieland's dreams for a repeat win.

     We're just about to start the finals! The two teams have hit the field and are getting into position! The crowd is cheering and on their feet, screaming their loudest in support of their team. And here comes King Altador, taking his position at the throne in the Royal Box. And on his signal, the final match of the cup will begin!

     And there's the sign! Let the final match of Altador Cup 20 begin!

The End

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