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Hannah and the Caves

by terabithian


Usuls are great creatures. They are also rather famous for being adventurers in Neopian games. Leilei and I have gotten together today talk to a rather famous Usul about her games. Please give a warm welcome to Hannah the Usul!

Hannah is a rather special Usul. Well, by special I mean she has more games than any other Usul. She has Hannah and the Pirate Caves, Hannah and the Ice Caves, Hannah and the Wardrobe of Adventure and Hannah and the Kreludor Caves. Now I'm terrible at the first two games but I figure I'll get better eventually. Let's take a look at Hannah's games.

Hannah, what exactly got you into exploring caves?

Hannah: Well, someone had to do it. I mean for years there were faerie caves that nobody ventured into, so naturally when they called me I was keen.

What was it like exploring them? Have you explored Jell-

Hannah: Enough! Don't you dare mention that place. It doesn't exist. Not if you're me, anyway. The only places that exist to me are caves.

Alright, alright. Can you tell us about playing Hannah and the Pirate Caves? Why is it called that?

Hannah: You know, I'm not really sure. I think it says in the description I read a book in Krawk Island and ended up in the game.

So you just kind of appeared?

Hannah: That's correct. One minute I was washing the stools in the tavern, the next I had shrunk to half my original size and was stuck in the caves.

Have you ever gotten out of the caves?

Hannah: Yes, depending on the player. Can you believe I've played it a number of times? Maybe over 100!

What about Hannah and the Ice Caves? Was that the same? You just suddenly appeared?

Hannah: Well, I became friends with this Bori Armin and we were just walking along one day. This was supposedly after I'd finished the pirate caves (even though I visit them daily) when we just appeared and were half the usual size. Oh and we were frozen!

I didn't know they made snow Hannah pops.

Hannah: Be quiet! I'm not a snow Hannah pop.

No, you're just a snow Hannah pirate pop.

Hannah: *growls*

Anyway, moving on, let's have a look at the Kreludor caves. How often do you visit those?

Hannah: Too often. Do you know the worst part of that game?

Can't say I do. You end up in Kreludor, right? They always do well in the Altador Cup.

Hannah: But you're supporting Shenkuu. No, the worst part of that game is running out of fuel.

I'm sure there are also many players who run out of fuel. Especially now that the Altador Cup is going on. With the amount of times you play that game, you could supply the others with a decent amount of fuel.

Hannah: I would if it weren't in a game. You do know the difference between reality and Neopets, right?

Oh, of course. But then I know that jell-

Hannah: Stop that! I've told you to stop it. Anyway, the other bad thing about playing the Kreludor caves is that players can choose the same level over and over again which means that I don't even get to explore the rest of Kreludor.

I'm sorry to hear that, but you do explore all those caves regularly. I'm sure there are some players who do their best.

Hannah: Some of them do.

Anyway Hannah, we're running out of time. Let's take a look at your last game. You don't even get to explore in that one!

Hannah: I know. It's the worst of them. I don't even spend any time in a cave.

Do you prefer to play that one first?

Hannah: Of course. If you're playing the Hannah games in order, please play that one first and get it out... I mean, make sure I'm dressed adequately for the outdoors.

What sort of outfits do you recommend wearing for caves?

Hannah: Well, like it says in the wardrobe game, it's best to match your outfit to the situation. If I was going to fix a crisis in Kiko Lake I wouldn't go in wearing a desert outfit. If I were going into the caves, well, I'd wear a hard hat and take the right equipment.

What if you were exploring Jel... I mean... places yet to be discovered?

Hannah: In those cases, if they existed, I'd wear the usual outfits I wear for my cave games.

Speaking of caves... how come you didn't volunteer for Faerie Caves II? It seems like the perfect game for you.

Hannah: What makes you think I didn't volunteer? You think I Hannah could go without a cave game? No, what happened there and with other cave games like Cave Glider was that other adventurers beat me to the job. I mean that Quiggle in Faerie Caves II took over from a Lupe.

What happens if he tries to take over your cave games?

Hannah: He won't get very far. Besides, do you think you could have a game called Hannah and the Pirate Caves with someone called Quaglor? Quaglor and the Pirate Caves just doesn't have the same ring.

I see. So you're saying that you're the most qualified for the job if any other cave games come up?

Hannah: Of course! I mean there are other explorers with cave games. But I'm trying to take over their... I mean, I'm trying to prove to everyone that I'm a better explorer than they are.

What about Armin? He must be of at least some help in these games? Or at least the one he's in?

Hannah: Ha, you've got to be kidding me. Of course he's more than qualified as a sidekick, but he's not a heroine.

I see. We're about out of time now, though, but it's been great to talk to you.

Hannah: That's right. I am Hannah the great explorer!

Yeah, yeah, we heard. Now if you ever get to explore jelly caves or anything in Jel... places that don't exist, give us a call, won't you?

Hannah: Now there's a thought... time to go and break down some Neopet doors to bring in a new game starring me.

*silence as she slams the door*

Well, folks, that was certainly interesting. Now that we've talked to her, it's time to go and explore some caves. Be careful opening books and in certain caves. Especially if you're a hopeful adventurer trying to get a spot as a Neopian hero or heroine for a cave game!

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