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Finding a Home: Part Three

by angelpuss535


"What? Why not!?" Cassie cried.

     "I had room, but then I got books!" the Ixi giggled. "Books, books, books!"

     "What's that supposed to mean? You have plenty of space for this petpet to live here, right?" Zachary asked.

     "I have to take care of my books. My books, my books, my books! No time for petpet. Just books!" the Ixi mused.

     The Ixi started shaking his head and mumbling to himself, which caused his glasses to fly off his nose and onto the drugal. Scared, the petpet immediately jumped out of Zachary's paws and ran out the door of the bookstore.

     "Oh no!" Cassie exclaimed, rushing after the petpet.

     As she ran through the streets of Brightvale, Cassie caught sight of the drugal running into Brightvale Glaziers. With one last burst of energy, she propelled herself through the doors and pounced on the petpet, grabbing him before he could get away. A few moments later, Zachary appeared in the doorway of the shop, looking out of breath.

     "I got the drugal," Cassie informed him, holding the squirming petpet tightly.

     "Good," Zachary sighed, moving to help Cassie gain a better grip on the petpet. "Any idea what we should do with him now?"

     Cassie paused, biting her lip. Suddenly, she had a brilliant idea.

     "I've got it!" she cried a little too loudly, disturbing a few customers who were looking at merchandise in the store.

     "Can I help you?" asked an annoyed voice from behind them.

     Cassie and Zachary looked to see the shopkeeper, a blue Draik, looking down at them with his hands on his hips.

     "Actually, yes, you can," Cassie replied with as much politeness as she could muster, standing up straight. "Do you happen to have a neomail sender that I could use?"

     "In the back," the Draik sighed, pointing behind the counter.

     Excited, Cassie scurried over to the neomail sender. If you inserted a piece of paper inside it and punched in the location number of where and to whom you wanted it sent to, it would appear in front of them within seconds. It was quite a handy way to get a hold of someone.

     Cassie punched in the location number of King Hagan's Gardening Services and then added the name of the recipient- Laura.

     Quickly, she grabbed a sheet of paper and wrote:

     Hello there, Laura, this is Cassie from the Petpet Protection League. I happen to know someone who says that you are quite fond of petpets. I was wondering if perhaps you would be willing to take in another? He would love to have a home with you! Hope to hear back from you soon.

     After checking over for spelling mistakes, Cassie sent the neomail, her fingers crossed. She received a reply almost instantly.


     "Are you sure that was a good idea?" Zachary asked as they exited Brightvale Glaziers.

     "Of course!" Cassie smiled. "Laura actually agreed to become this little guy's owner!"

     "I guess so, but do you think it's a good idea to just randomly pick an owner for him? Don't you think we should try and find a perfect owner?" Zachary asked nervously.

     "That would take too much time. Plus, didn't you hear what that Skeith said back in the hut? Laura's really protective over her petpets; she adores them! I'm positive that she'll be the perfect owner. And anyway, we're already here," Cassie finished, pointing to King Hagan's mansion ahead.

     Cassie and Zachary made their way around the castle to where the gardens were. As they made their way through the hedge maze, they caught sight of the same Skeith from the hut.

     "Hello there, mister!" Cassie greeted him, beaming.

     "He-" the Skeith broke off as he caught sight of the drugal in Cassie's arms. "Dj!"

     The drugal leaped into the Skeith's arms, wagging his tail furiously.

     "Dj?" Cassie inquired.

     "Oh, er, that's me name for him," the Skeith admitted sheepishly, petting the drugal behind the ears. "Anyway girlie, why are ye both here?"

     "Laura's agreed to become the drugal's new owner," Zachary put in.

     The Skeith stared at them, as if unable to believe what he was hearing. "So... ye mean he be going to stay here?"

     "Definitely," Cassie nodded.

     "Then what are ye waiting for? I'll take ye both te Laura!" the Skeith grinned, turning around and stomping into the hedge maze.

     After what seemed like forever, they emerged from the maze into a rose garden. In the center, picking leaves out of the fountain, was a plushie Ixi surrounded by ten babaas.

     "Laura?" Cassie guessed, stepping forward to greet her.

     The Ixi looked up as they approached and smiled. "You got that right." She glanced at the drugal still in the Skeith's arms. "Is that the petpet?"

     The Skeith nodded and hurriedly gave him to Laura.

     "Cute," Laura cooed, tickling the petpet under its chin. "Thank you for bringing him all the way here, you two."

     "It was our pleasure." Zachary responded politely.

     "And thank you for bringing them to me, Thunder," Laura added, smiling at the Skeith.

     "Me pleasure as well, Miss Laura," Thunder responded.

     Laura turned back to Cassie and Zachary, still smiling. "I'm sure he'll make a great addition to my family of petpets. Also, before I forget, does he have a name? It might seem strange, but like to call my petpets by the names they already have instead of renaming them."

     "Yes, he does," Cassie hurriedly answered.

     She glanced at Thunder and Zachary, who both stared at her quizzically.

     "What is it?" Laura asked eagerly.

     "Dj. His name is Dj," Cassie responded.

     And behind her, she could feel Thunder smile.

     ~*~*~*~A WEEK LATER~*~*~*~

     Cassie sighed and leaned back in her chair, drumming her fingers against her desk. Though she had just arrived at the Petpet Protection League agency for work, she already felt exhausted. Even so, her job today was easy. All she had to do was sort the neomail into two piles: fanmail and mail reporting mistreated petpets.

     Cassie slowly spread out the envelopes on her desk, starting the monotonous process of placing them in their separate piles. After a few minutes of sorting, a specific envelope caught her eye. It was addressed to Zachary and Girlie. Cassie smiled; she knew exactly who this neomail was from.

     "Zachary!" Cassie called out, motioning for him to come over.

     Zachary got up from his desk and came over to Cassie's.

     "What? Is there something urgent?" Zachary asked, staring at the neomail she had clutched in her paw.

     "No, it's a neomail from Thunder," she said excitedly, opening the envelope and removing the sheet of paper inside.

     Zachary leaned forward, and together they began to read what was written.

      Zachary and Girlie,

     I been thinkin' that perhaps I should write to ye both since a week has passed and all. I suppose you be wonderin' about what be goin' on with me and Dj. Dj absolutely be likin' the gardens. He can't get enough of explorin' em and such, but he be causin' some trouble now and then. Aye, he be also gettin' along with the other petpets well enough. He follows me around when I work, too. It be nice to have a companion; I forgot how it felt.

     Also, Laura seems to have taken a liking to him. She be very happy with him, as am I. Ye both have made me realize how much I really care 'bout Dj. Thank ye both. I'm guessin' ye both can finally relax now that ye know that yer mission be solved.

     - Thunder

      "Aw, that's sweet," Cassie smiled after she finished reading the letter.

     Zachary nodded his approval. "I wasn't expecting a letter; that was nice of him."

     "Same here," Cassie agreed, letting the envelope drop to the floor.

     As the envelope made contact with the ground, a small picture fell out. Zachary leaned down to pick it up, grinning as he saw what it was.

     "What is it?" Cassie asked, reaching for the picture.

     Zachary handed it to her, and she quickly looked to see what it was of. As soon as she saw it, she burst into laughter. In the picture, Dj was chewing on a flower while a noil growled angrily at him.

     "Looks like he's still getting into trouble," Zachary laughed, shaking his head.

     "Do you suppose we can go visit them sometime?" Cassie asked wistfully.

     "Didn't you read what he said at the end? Our mission's finally over. Before we do anything, we best have that cocoa you wanted, right?" Zachary grinned mischievously.

     "Cassie, Zachary!" a voice suddenly called out.

     The two Wockies looked up to see Clara hurrying towards them, a worried expression on her face.

     "Guys, I have an urgent new mission for you both," she explained as she got closer. "There's this petpet down in King Hagan's Gardens; I think it's a Darigan drugal. It got lost in the hedge maze and no one can seem to find it. Do you think you guys could head down there and help them out?"

     Cassie and Zachary took one look at each other and burst out laughing.

     "Looks like the cocoa will have to wait, eh Zachary?" Cassie giggled.

The End

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