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The Grundo Guide

by theme__girl


Grundos are my favorite pet. They always have been and always will be. If I could I would have one of every type of Grundo in Neopia! Unfortunately that would be a few more accounts than I could manage... As it is, I'm the proud parent of five Grundos so far, probably more to come. Since I can't adopt every Grundo in Neopia by myself, I want to share some things I've learned about Grundos to help show others what great pets they are. If you're considering a new pet, this could show you why to pick a Grundo and which color to pick. If you already own a Grundo, maybe this can shed a little light on some of the funny, special things your Grundo does.

Before I get into specifics, here are a few things that apply to pretty much all Grundos I've met:

1. Grundo names are funny... well, at least to most Neopians. Grundos have names that reflect their alien heritage and native language (lots of g, x, z, i, a, and y) as well as their time serving Dr. Sloth (all those numbers). You'll quickly get used to your pet's different type of name and eventually it will probably grow on you. Plus, if it's too hard to pronounce, you can always agree on a nickname! ;)

2. Grundos all love food and they have what we might consider weird tastes. They will eat almost anything and their favorite foods tend to float, glow, and move depending on the dish. Be adventurous and try new things with your Grundo, but be prepared to not like all of them.

3. Many Grundos are allergic to fuzzy things like fuzzles, but strangely the plushies don't seem to affect them.

4. Grundos you adopt from Virtupets all start out dim witted, but they are naturally clever and inquisitive pets. They love to learn and read. The book club bronze trophy even features a Grundo, yet sadly there are no Grundos in the medal earning ranks right now. Why not make yours the first one?

5. Most Grundos are courageous and eager to please.

6. Grundos are extremely versatile. They can master many skills, enjoy most any food or game, and can even live on the planet, under water, underground, in the clouds, or in space!

Now on to specifics. Let's start with the basic adoptable colors, plus a few of the most common other Grundo colors seen around Neopia. We'll save some of the more rare types for another time.


Red Grundos haven't gotten a lot of attention in the media or literature. There aren't a lot of famous red Grundos, so they tend to get overlooked. This may be partly because red Grundos are a little more shy than other Grundos. But they are still a great addition to your family. They are nurturing and kind (like the one featured on Raising Baby Grundos). They are great at taking care of others. Plus, they're such a flashy color!


Blue Grundos are fast, energetic and clever. They have an adventurous spirit and enjoy a challenge. They tend to be good at physical pursuits where they can use their small size and speed to their advantage. And they tend to be good at mental games where their quick wit comes in handy like playing a round of Time Tunnel. There are several famous blue Grundos including Sergeant Zarex of Section Six, Zenor Kevix who is the right forward for Kreludor's yooyuball team, and Gorix of the Grundo Resistance! If you want a noble pet and think you can keep up with their high energy and quick minds, then a blue Grundo would be a great choice. Just know that they are prone to boredom.


Yellow Grundos may be some of the most versatile. You never know what you're going to get with a yellow Grundo. They are the underdogs, quietly coming from behind to save the day like the Grundo programmer. They have naturally abundant patience and tend to be naturally smarter than other Grundos. While some are excellent with computers, others have been known to excel at ballet as well. But one thing all yellow Grundos seem to have in common is their appetite. Yellow Grundos love to eat probably more than any other Grundo (and that's a lot) so you'll need to keep an eye on their diet and encourage them to get plenty of exercise in between stints of wading through complicated computer code.


The green Grundo has become something of an icon for Grundos everywhere. They are featured on toys, books, games, and other merchandise. They show up frequently in the background of pictures, etc. Plus, all mutant Grundos are also green so it sometimes feels like the only color we ever see on a Grundo is green. But there is more to them than that. Zygorax was just a maintenance worker, doing his job dutifully until one day he found himself faced with the task of fighting evil fuzzles. Well it wasn't his first choice, but he committed 110% to doing the job right! That's a green Grundo for you... a little understated and a lot of hard work make up these iconic Grundos. Just remember if you take a green Grundo home to take the time to get to know your new pet as an individual, not just a symbol for an entire species.


A purple Grundo is a pretty good choice for just about anybody. They tend to be eager, clever, and a little competitive. They might not get along as well with an orange Grundo, but anything is possible. A fun fact about purple Grundos is that they used to have orange spots and orange eyes, but nowadays they're all purple except for their orange eyes. I wonder what could have happened? Watch out though, occasionally a purple Grundo will surprise you and crop up with a sneaky streak like the thief in Freaky Factory.


Brown Grundos are a bit shy, especially around new comers. They also can be more easily frustrated than other Grundo colors, sometimes even becoming grumpy. But they aren't hard to make smile again and they have a great sense of humor. If you can keep your brown Grundo happy they will keep you rolling in the aisles with their adorable antics. They may not be the life of the party, but they are a great friend one on one or in small group settings.


White Grundos tend to be more focused, and sometimes less hyper than other Grundos. However they come with a competitive edge because they are usually very ambitious. They like high stakes and adventure. As long as they have a loving owner to help them pursue big dreams there shouldn't be a problem, but they may require a little extra encouragement not to give into the temptation to play dirty. A famous example of a white Grundo is Larcy Phu on Shenkuu's yooyuball team.


Orange Grundos are also iconic ever since the founding of Kreludor. There are a number of famous examples of orange Grundos and they are featured on several Neopian items you can buy. In general they tend to be upbeat, high energy, and tough. They are fiercely loyal to friends, causes, and themselves. However they can sometimes be distractible and they have a tendency to act before they think things all the way through. Their passion can make them inspirational, but sometimes their recklessness can make them poor leaders. If you adopt an orange Grundo be prepared for the ride of a lifetime. You'll have made a friend for life, but you'll also have to run to keep up. Keep in mind that sometimes they can seem a little self centered (even a little vain), but they are good at heart and they will look out for those they care about. Use caution when mixing orange and purple Grundos.


Mutant Grundos are probably one of the most misunderstood of all Grundos. These big hulking warriors were enhanced by Dr. Sloth with power in mind, but most mutant Grundos still have a soft side and it takes a special kind of owner to handle these conflicting personality traits. A perfect example is Gargarox Isafuhlarg, the Grundo chef. Even though he looks big and strong and enjoys sports like Gormball he also has a creative, softer side that makes him a great chef! A mutant Grundo can be a wonderful addition to your life, but make sure you're ready to help them get lots of exercise, and find good outlets for their sensitive side. Also keep in mind they tend to be slow movers. All that bulk is heavy!


Gotcha! As of yet there is no chocolate Grundo. However, I and my Grundo, Gfruple_02031, are keeping our fingers crossed. After all, Grundos are one of the sweetest pets in Neopia – why shouldn't they look it?

Now that you know a bit more about the basic colors and personalities types I hope you will understand this great pet species better. If you already have a Grundo enjoy them for the unique and wonderful pet they are. If you don't have one and you are looking to grow your family I hope you'll consider a new Grundo. There are always many Grundos looking for permanent homes in the regular Neopian pound (in several colors). Otherwise I hope you had fun learning more about my favorite pet and that next time you meet a Grundo, you'll realize there's more to them than just a funny little alien ex-slave of Dr. Sloth.

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