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True Home

by camherz


"Reese? Reeseta, I know you're in there!"

      Rose, Uni impossible, as I called her behind her back, sternly called me from the door of my Pound room. I yawned, and stretched my Xweetok legs. I trudged out the door, expecting breakfast. Instead, a girl with shoulder length copper hair threw her arms around me.

      "Hi! I'm Streamtai!" At my confused look, she whispered, "It's my nickname. I like to be called it." She motioned for me to follow, so I did. Rose gave a questioning look as Streamtail proceeded to fill out paperwork, "Are you sure you want that one? She's rather feisty." Streamtail just grinned, "The feistier, the better.

     As we walked out the door, I looked at my new owner. "Um, Streamtail," I felt strange to be calling her that, but I went on, "Do you have any other pets?" "Of course, I have an Eyrie, Alishtay, a Kacheek, Brook_where_small_fish_swim, and an Acara, Fawnleese." She stopped in front of the backwoods of Neopia Central.

      "Ali!" At Streamtail's call, a majestic Green Eyrie swooped down.

     "This is Alishtay. Call her Ali." Ali looked furious at being introduced, but padded forward to kneel in front of me. Ali flicked her tail on her back. It took me awhile to realize they wanted me to get on her back.

      Streamtail swung her right leg over Ali's back. I scrambled on, using my claws to get a grip. "Sorry!" I whispered when Ali winced. Getting on her made me realize just how big she was. Ali spread her wings and took off, heading for Terror Mountain.

     "Streamtail, Streamtail!" Two excited pets jumped up and down on the flawless snow of Terror Mountain. I noticed they both had wings, and were both Faerie. Ali swooped down, gracefully landing on the soft ground. I cautiously slid off her back, landing with a plop on the ice.

     "Lunchtime, who wants Omelette? Oh! Reese, come with me." Streamtail went in her elaborate house, and slid into a closet labeled 'SDB'. She slid out again, wielding a Faerie paint brush.

     "Reese, we have to paint you Faerie since you aren't a naturally winged pet. I'm sure you don't want to be dependent on Ali." Ali padded forward, allowing Streamtail and me to hop on her back.

      Ali dropped us off at the Rainbow Pool. Streamtail delicately touched the water with the paintbrush, and I cautiously stepped in the pool. Immediately, the water swirled and twisted, forming a whirlpool. I wrenched myself away from the torrent, and jumped out of the water. Something shiny bobbed in front of my face. I tugged it, and felt immense pain on my scalp.

     "Silly, that's your antennae!" Streamtail laughed, and uncurled my wings. I hesitantly took a few flaps, finding myself rising.

      Streamtail called Ali again. I got on her back. "You have your own wings. Use them," Ali grunted.

     "She's having a bad day," Streamtail apologized. I flapped, and streaked off toward Faerieland.

      "Wait up! It's not a race, you know!" Ali sped up and I sped up too. I did a barrel roll through a tube of clouds, and Ali did the same. The wind whipped through my fur, and the cool air was delicious. I soon arrived in front of my house.

      "Reese! Reese! Come inside! We have a surprise for you!" Brook the Kacheek and Fawn the Xweetok raced inside. I followed. I looked at Streamtail for an answer. Streamtail shrugged. Brook motioned me in her room, where a box punched with air holes was waiting. Chirrup! The box squeaked and jiggled as I opened it. A tiny Faellie flew out.

      "Oh! Brook! Fawn! Thank you so much! She's perfect." I snuggled the Faellie close to me, closing my eyes. "I'll call her Bailey." Bailey chirped again, as if in agreement. We all laughed. Streamtail poked her head in the door.

     "Girls, time for-" Streamtail broke off. "Oh! That's what you've been saving up for! Brook, Fawn, I'm so proud of you!" Streamtail mussed their fur.

     "What's her name?"

     "Bailey. Bailey the perfect Faellie." Bailey flew around the room, checking everything, even the laundry hamper. Ali handed me a leash and collar.

     "Bailey!" I called. Bailey flew over to me, allowing me to put her leash and collar on.

      "You two go explore," Streamtail called from the kitchen.


     "Of course! A long as it's not Maraqua."

     I flew out of the kitchen, clutching Bailey's leash. "Let's start with Faerieland." All of a sudden, Bailey jerked me, heading towards the Terror Mountain Petpet Shop. Bailey yanked the leash out of my hand.

     "Eek! Get this horrible, unpainted thing off me!" Bailey was sitting on a Royal Girl Kougra's head.

     "Bailey! Down! Get off!" Bailey fluttered over to me, and purred.

     "Take that!" The Kougra flung a stone at her, hitting her leg. Bailey squeaked and fell to the ground.

      The blue Lupe that had been flanking the girl came over to me. "Is she okay? My name's Frostcisle." She smiled modestly. "But you can call me Frost."

     "Why were you with that snob?" I asked. Frost looked at her paws.

     "She offered me a white paint brush if I acted like her friend for one day. She hates anything unpainted. Once, she made fun of my Gruslen, and he charged her. She sued my family for her injuries, but her own Petpet was taken away for a month."

     "I understand." I smiled, letting her know she was among friends. "Thanks. I'll see you around," she called, over her shoulder as she ran back to her own owner.

     "Yeah," I whispered. "See you around." Paws heavy, I turned toward home, holding Bailey gently by her scruff.

     "Reese! What's up?" Ali padded over to me. I blurted everything out, "...And then Bailey flew away from me and landed on a Kougra's head that threw a stone at her and broke her leg and..." I broke off sobbing.

     "Shh, it's okay. We'll get her to a doctor." I nodded, and went inside. "Reese! Bailey! What happened?" Streamtail stared at the limp Bailey in my mouth. Ali told her everything, and Ali flew us down to the hospital. Gently stroking Bailey's fur, I sat on Ali's back.

      "Will she be all right?" I turned, surprised to find Frostcisle flying alongside us.


      "Fountain Faerie Quest."

     "Oh." My gaze flitted back and forth between Frost and Bailey. "I don't know." I managed to choke out the words, before I started sobbing again. Chirr. Chirr. Chirrup? Bailey's eyes fluttered open. "Oh Bailey, how could I let that happen to you?"

     Bailey purred, and snuggled close to me, chirping softly as she fell asleep.

     "You know, it's a long way from here to Neopia Central. You might as well get some rest," Streamtail told me as I looked at her over my shoulder. I nodded, and laid my head on Ali's soft mane. The last thing I heard was Frost telling me she would be there for me.

     "Reeseta, wake up." My eyes opened, expecting to be in the Pound still. Instead, I was on my new bed in my new house, looking up at my owner.

     "The doctor said she'll need to have a cast for the next few weeks." I nodded, and Bailey's playful face pushed in front of my owner. I tried to get up, surprised when I couldn't walk.

      "You fell off of Ali's back, and hit the ground. You'll be in a leg cast as well." I gaped at Streamtail. "You were lucky it wasn't serious." Ali's beak gently nudged me. "You were out for a couple of hours." I nodded again, and groaned as I collapsed on to my bed. Bailey lay down beside me, as Brook handed me a Neoquest 2 and Fyora's Quest video games, and Fawn handed me Hannah and the Ice Caves. Streamtail handed me a platter with Neocola, ice cream, and a taco on it.

     I began eating as I played Neoquest 2. My family moved out of the room, as I got comfortable. I looked around the room, decorated with Xweetok and Faellie posters, soft turquoise walls, and a springy blue carpet. My bed was hovering a few feet above the ground, and a pink nightstand hovered next to it. I drifted off to sleep, Bailey at my side.

     I dreamed I was back with my mom and dad in the wild. A hunter took me and threw me in the pound. Mobs came and went, and still no one adopted me.

     I shook myself awake, in a cold sweat. Streamtail stood by me brushing my fur and elevating my broken leg. She gently kissed my forehead, and left, allowing Frost to come in the room.

     "I saw what happened. That was a bad fall, even when you fell through clouds. I tried to save you, but I could not. I'm sorry."

      "It's okay. You did all you could." Frost tiptoed out of the room as I closed my eyes. The last thing I thought before falling asleep again was, I am home.

The End

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