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Top Ten "Must Have" Shoes For Your Closet

by auraichadora


Slippers, sandals, tennis shoes, flats... let's face it. Our closets are full of every kind of shoes available and in a rainbow of colors to match the many outfits our pets wear. While some may have a pair of shoes for each individual outfit, I'm sure there are many out there that have their favorites, those shoes that match with practically every outfit nearly flawlessly to the point that we have four pairs of that particular shoe in our closet so all our pets could wear them at the same time.

I honestly don't have four of any particular shoe in my closet, but I do have several favorites that I love to use in pretty much every outfit I create for my pets. It's because of this I've come up with my list of the top ten "must-have" shoes that everyone should own for their closets. Of course, this is excluding any species-specific or paintbrush related shoes, and is all based on my own opinions. For those reasons here, many of the shoes listed here are from the NC Mall. However, great news for all of you: it was recently announced in the Editorial that the Mall has been opened to all countries, so everyone has a chance at trying to obtain these items.

10. AAA Host Shoes – NP – Price at time of writing: 30,000NP

I'm sure many customisers noticed this a long time ago, but there's so few nice-looking masculine wearables available, and shoes are no exception to that. Many of our boys don't fit too well in the bright pastel colors and floral and ribbon patterns often released for shoes. However, during the Daily Dare 2011 as a prize for completing one of AAA's team challenges, this was rewarded a prize and became one of my favorite pairs of shoes. Why? Not only is it semi-affordable and buyable from user shops, it's also a simple pair of brown shoes that aren't gender-specific. Sadly, it's one of the few non-species specific shoe that I can say, without a doubt, isn't gender-specific, which is a huge downside against it.

9. Pumpkin Faerie Slippers – NC – Was 100NC (Retired from the NC Mall)

This is actually a very cute pair of shoes, and perfect for all of those fall and gold-related outfits you likely have in your closet. However, what makes these stand out is that these are a plain-color pair of orange shoes. Orange. Orange, as far as I know, is not too popular of a color for clothes (I know it's not one of my favorites), yet I just love these slippers fit with several outfits I have for my pets. The downside in trying to obtain these are that they are currently retired, but come September they could be re-released as part of a related Fall or Halloween mystery capsule in the NC Mall.

8. Lulus Y13 Shoes – NC – Prize from Lulu's Daily Dare 2011

Purple is the color of royalty, as well as the seemingly favorite color of one trouble-seeking Cybunny. While these are still a bit on the feminine side, they are a dark enough of a purple that they can work with gothic outfits and can be worn well enough on male pets. To originally obtain these, you had to complete all 32 of Lulu's challenges during 2011's Daily Dare. They don't seem to be too popular, as I don't often see people seeking them on the NC boards, but they are likely in the same case as the below-mentioned Garden Tea Shoes in where NCers are reluctant to let them go.

7. Garden Tea Shoes – NC – Limited Edition Item from Garden Tea Superpack (Retired from the Mall)

Probably one of the most popular pairs of shoes out there, these are a pair of plain-jane pink shoes that could only be obtained when you purchased the entire Garden Tea Superpack. With the largest majority of items released being feminine, these shoes tend to blend in well with the pastel colors and floral patterns. However, these may be the hardest of the shoes on this list to obtained, as they have yet to be re-released and many NCers are reluctant to let them go because of how well they go with many of their outfits.

6. Shining Princess Shoes – NC – Was 100NC (Retired from the Mall)

These are basically like the Pumpkin Faerie Slippers, but in a very pretty shade of blue. Why is it ranked higher? Blue is far easier to work with than orange, and more items are created in shades and tints of blue, making these shoes an instant favorite. However, like the above mentioned slippers, these are also retired from the mall, but may be re-released later in the year through a winter-themed mystery capsule.

5. Adorable Wonderland Shoes and Tights – NC – 150NC (Buyable in the Mall)

Everyone should know basic black goes with everything, and these shoes are no exception. Besides being cap fodder for anyone that opens mystery capsules, it's also one of two currently buyable shoes from the mall on this list, making it one of the easiest to obtain. However, the downside to these is that it also takes up the trouser zone in customisation, meaning that there's limits to what pets can and can't wear with these shoes. However, despite this, these fancy-looking shoes look great with nearly every dress and skirt available, perfect for those pets trying to look cute.

4. Illusens Laced Slippers – NP – Price at time of writing: 9,900 NP

Recently released on Illusen Day 2012, this pair of green shoes is not only perfect for any Illusen fanatics, but anyone that's a fan of spring and green outfits, and if you ignore the ribbons at the top, can be used in some masculine outfits. Another great upside is, since its release back in March, the price has steadily dropped, and is now buyable from user shops for underneath 10,000NP.

3. Silver Strappy Sandals – NC – Prize from Spring JubJub Power Bounce

One of my absolute favorites, these sandals pretty much go with every outfit I seem to come up with, but especially as the perfect accessory to outfits with white, grey, and silver colors in them. These are also great for pretty much any spring, summer, and winter outfit, along being able to be worn casually and fancily. Also, thanks to the release of the Shenkuu JubJub Power Bounce Suitcase, these have been re-released and has make them easier to obtain again. Well, at least until June 4th, when the suitcase retires.

2. Brilliant Altador Sun Sandals – NC – Prize from Altador Cup V NC Challenge

These are much like the Silver Strappy Sandals, but in a bright shade of gold and match the many gold accessories and clothes out there. However, unlike the other sandals, these currently haven't been re-released by any sort of method and, thanks to items such as the popular Altadorian Wig with Gold Ribbon, has become hard to part with by members of the NC Chat. Although, with the Altador Cup coming up within the next month, could a re-release be in the works? Only time will tell...

1. Shenkuu Warrior Princess Boots – NC – 150NC (Buyable in the Mall)

Another masculine-looking pair of shoes, these sandal-looking boots are probably one of the best buyable shoes out there. Being black, they go with every outfit, and they are non-retiring so they are always available no matter when you have the NC to purchase them. Also, for those that like to open mystery capsules, these also seem to be common cap fodder, making it easier to obtain multiples (even when you don't intend to do so).

So there you have it, my top ten list of must-have shoes for your closet. Hopefully this helps with putting the finishing touch on that perfect outfit without a lot of excessive clutter. Happy customising!

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