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5 Things for Usul Contentedness

by flotsam43


Hello, everyone! I'm Justine and I'm here to provide you with some information about Usuls. Ever wondered why your Usul is always complaining and looking depressed? You really can't help an Usul's picky ability, or their constant need of grooming. You can almost say that Usuls of all ages and genders need to be in tip top shape in fashion, athletics, sociability, and intelligence. To give you some information about Usuls, here is an interview with my Usul, Ulusy.

Me: Hello, Ulusy!

Ulusy: Oh hey! Just let me finish this game of Faerie Bubbles.

*After 10 minutes*

Ulusy: Okay, I'm done. What is it that you want?

Me: I was wondering what you are constantly doing in order to be content with your daily life.

Ulusy: Is this for the Neopian Times?

Me: Yes.

Ulusy: Fine with me. In my opinion, you need these 5 things to ensure that your Usul will be satisfied with your lifestyle.

5. Constant Battles and Challenges

Me: So that's why you always ask me to go to the Battledome.

Ulusy: I know. If your Usul is a feisty one, or has low confidence on his or her body weight, then maybe some things can get them to shape. One is the Battledome. If your Usul wants a fight with anyone, we Usuls can seriously be feisty and win. On the other hand, they could just practice their skills with Punchbag Bob and lose weight in a matter of days. That way, they can be in tip top shape and have a slim body. This method can also increase their strength and they'll be a great warrior eventually. There are some Usuls who are not really fit in battling. Another alternative is a good game challenge. Usuls don't like to lose, well I don't anyway. They will do absolutely do anything to win against a game challenge from their friend or their enemy; sometimes even the Better Than You challengers. You should encourage them to win. This thing could practically boost the self-esteem of your Usul in no time.

4. Friends and a Daily Walk around Neopia

Me: Who doesn't need friends?

Ulusy: Apparently not Usuls. Usuls need a daily basis of friend time to stay socially active and contented. Sometimes when an Usul is troubled, they will count more on their friends rather than their brothers, sisters and owner.

Me: Hey! Does that mean you have something you're hiding from me?

Ulusy: No of course not. I prefer to tell things to Tony, Ascy and Usuly. It's their fault they did not tell you.

Me: I believe I have to talk to them. *walks away while calling out the three others*

Ulusy: Finally he left. Now where was I? Oh yes, there are times where they need someone to tell their problems to. They can't bear all that depression all by themselves, unless you're a Grey Usul of course. They can bear depression, but they need Grey friends once in a while. Daily walks are needed to let them get used to the outer world. They just might be spending their time on Neopia Central and they don't want to go anywhere else. Who knows? They might actually find another friend while doing daily walks around Neopia. Just watch out for the Shadow Usul. Let's go to the next necessity.

3. Toy Supplies

Ulusy: You need toys to keep your Usuls happy. Our favourite is the Usuki. Personally, I prefer the Fair Maiden Usuki Doll. These things will keep us happy for an entire month. We'll probably ask you to buy more toys after that. Usuls actually understand if their owner is really poor or they saved a lot of money just to buy them an expensive toy so they will actually enjoy any toy you give them, from cheapest to the most expensive. There are, however, some toys are just so plain boring that we Usuls will reject without hesitation. Like—

Me: Your sisters said that they don't know anything about what I'm saying and Tony said that you never tell him anything that's about yourself.

Ulusy: Keep asking them. They are just good hiders of secrets.

Me: Alright. Wait here! *walks away and calls the three again*

Ulusy: That was close. I think you can figure out what I was about to say before my owner barged in. Let's move on to the next, shall we?

2. Constant Grooming and Customization

Ulusy: The main part of an Usul's existence is to be beautiful and pampered.

Random Person: But why is it not number one?

Ulusy: You will know later. As you may have known, us Usuls need to be groomed and customized to be pretty and satisfied with ourselves. Of course not all Usuls are all about the grooming and customizing. I'm just saying that an Usul is one of Neopets' most beautifully customized Neopets. There aren't many Neopets who can kill people with looks and clothes like an Usul. Only we have that special ability. We are also versatile with clothes. We can look good in numerous types of clothes. We are actually picky when it comes to clothes, as we want to be looking good when we show up in Neopia Central. Since there are many people, the best we can do is stand out and look good above anyone else.

Me: They told me that you were lying. What are you really hiding from me?

Ulusy: I already told you what I know. Isn't it around these times that the Snowager is asleep?

Me: I completely forgot! Ascy! Come here! We're going to the Ice Caves. Ulusy, finish the interview for me, will you?

Ulusy: Sure thing!

Ascy: *whispers* I told you we were great keepers of secrets.

Ulusy: *whispers* I knew I could count on you.

Me: Come on, Ascy. Let's go.

Ascy: Coming!

*I left with Ascy to go to the Ice Caves.*

Ulusy: Now that that's done, let's get back to business.

1. Let your Usul be himself/herself

Ulusy: This is the most important aspect of an Usuls contentedness. There are some times where an Usul is forced to do something, like be another Neopian, or be the strongest Neopet ever. Some Usuls will think that they need to abandon themselves just to achieve this goal. This is one of the causes of depression. Normally, we like no restrictions. If our owner is able to explain why we need to be restricted, then we will actually accept it. Some owners, however, are so strict that they don't understand the feelings of us Usuls because they only think of themselves. That's why some Usuls feel neglected and before long hate his/her owner for ever creating him/her. Justine always asks me and Usuly before doing anything for us. We practically get to decide what happens with our lives. I want to be a well-balanced Usul: beautiful, smart, and strong and has an average personality. Usuly wants to be an explorer and a smart Neopet at the same time. Justine practically granted us our wishes and has no obligations.

Me *present*: Well, there you have it folks. How to keep your Usul contented. If you ever need more advice about Usuls, feel free to contact my owner. I'm always welcome for questions. Now I'm off to get that avatar for Faerie Bubbles. See you!

If you are reading this, then I made it into Neopian Times! Neomail me for suggestions.

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