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Top 10 Petpets That Don't Need Protecting

by mercy_angel


We all know that the Petpet Protection League (PPL) is an organization whose sole purpose is to protect petpets from harm's way, but do all petpets need to be protected? In honour of Petpet Appreciation Day, I'm going to tell you all about 10 petpets that don't need any help from the PPL when it comes to keeping themselves safe because they're strong and tough enough to fend for themselves.

10) Arkmite

Just look at those teeth!!! Who would dare mess with a fish with chompers like that? If the teeth alone aren't enough to convince you that Arkmites are capable of taking care of themselves then you should also know that these petpets have personally been trained in the art of fighting by the legendary Swordmaster Talek. I bet no one from the PPL can say the same thing.

9) Bogie

The Bogie might not be much to look at, but this simple appearance is a part of its defense mechanism. Just the sight of the Bogie makes most people cringe at the thought of having to touch such a slimy looking petpet. Those who are brave enough to touch and grasp the Bogie have a difficult time holding onto it because the slippery goo of its body makes it easy for the Bogie to escape even the tightest of clutches. Even the PPL would have a tough time trying to catch this petpet to put it into protective custody.

8) Cobrall

The Cobrall may resemble a candy cane, but don't be fooled by its looks. When provoked this petpet is anything, but full of holiday cheer. It can spit Negg juice up to thirty feet and we all know how tricky it is to get Negg stains out of clothing. If you value your wardrobe then you best stand at least thirty one feet away from all angry Cobralls. Not even the PPL would dare stand in the range of the Cobrall's Negg spit.

7) Tigermouse

The Tigermouse looks like a cute and harmless petpet, but it isn't. It has a mischievous side which includes pulling the ears and biting the tails of any Neopet within arm's reach. The Tigermouse thinks it's all a game, but the Neopet whose ears are being pulled or whose tail is being bitten doesn't find this game the least bit amusing. In fact, none of the members of the PPL willingly volunteer to take on any cases involving Tigermice. They end up drawing straws to see who the unlucky volunteer is.

6) Werhond

Werhonds are petpets that are native to the Haunted Woods. As we all know, anything that comes from the Haunted Woods can't be too pleasant. The Werhond is no exception. These petpets are known for being extremely aggressive whether or not they're aggravated. Not only are they aggressive, but they're biters. If you cross paths with one, it's probably wise to back away slowly and avoid making eye contact at all costs because that can be seen as a challenge! No need for the PPL to protect these petpets if they can't even go near them without fear of being bitten.

5) Wuzzle

Ever heard of the saying, "If you play with fire, you get burned"? This saying perfectly describes the Wuzzle when it gets angry. The angrier it get, the hotter its body becomes. The Wuzzle can get so hot sometimes that it becomes unbearable to touch. This built-in heating mechanism not only protects the Wuzzle from harm's way, but it also keeps it warm during the cooler months.

4) Graffle

The Graffle is probably one of the unfriendliest petpets around. It constantly has a snarl on its face and one of its favourite pastimes is scaring people. It does this by curling up into a small ball of fur. When someone gets closer to inspect the "furball", the Graffle uncurls itself and starts jumping around wildly. As the unsuspecting target runs away screaming at the top of his/her lungs, the Graffle laughs until it can laugh no more. Members of the PPL have been fooled by this petpet on more than one occasion, but they would never admit to it.

* Only available from the Petpet lab ray.

3) Skindle

When it comes to giving the Graffle a run for its Neopoints for the title of unfriendliest petpet, the Skindle is a close second. This mean and bad tempered petpet is in a bad mood 24/7. No one knows for sure what happened to make the Skindle this way and the PPL has tried to help as best as they can, but they now know this is a lost cause. The last time the PPL tried to help, the Skindle chased them away and they haven't gone back since then.

* Only available from the Petpet lab ray.

2) Captive Shadow Wraith

With its uncanny ability to hide in the shadows, the Captive Shadow Wraith has no problems with avoiding danger when it senses it's nearby. As soon as its tail starts twitching, the Captive Shadow Wraith stealthily slips into the darkest corner it can find and then waits for the danger to pass. The only reason why it wasn't able to avoid danger (in the form of capture) during the Faeries' Ruin plot was because the danger was coming from all sides. This confused the poor petpet and it didn't know which way to run. Being captured hasn't tamed the Captive Shadow Wraith one bit, though. It still likes to cause trouble every chance it gets. If anyone needs protecting from the PPL, it would be those at the receiving end of the Wraith's wrath.

1) Bartamus

This is one fierce looking petpet. From the fangs and talons to the grouchy expression on its face, one would have to be crazy to want to mess with the Bartamus. However, if the Bartamus does happen to get into a sticky situation it can't get out of on its own it doesn't need to run to the PPL for help. Instead it can run/fly to its equally frightening master Jhudora who would do anything to help her beloved petpet. Everyone knows that getting on Jhudora's bad side isn't such a good idea. When Bartamus and Jhudora team up you can guarantee that trouble is near and there's no escaping it.

As you can see, there are a few petpets in Neopia that aren't as helpless as we might like to think. In fact, we might be the ones who are helpless against them. Just be careful when you and your Neopets are roaming around because you never know when you might stumble upon one of these vicious petpets and then become an unwilling participant in a dangerous situation.

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