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Guild Activity Ideas #2

by terabithian


Part of being a guild is the activities. For a long time I was simply the activity maker in our guild, but since then I've gained other skills which have been vital in making sure the guild runs smoothly. So I've brought round two of fun guild activities to you. If you're having trouble thinking of an activity for a guild, then look no further!

#1 The Amazing Race

Well, that title seems rather misleading, but I was off dreaming about jelly and all things yummy and delicious, right before my Blumaroo went and wolfed down a disgusting grub, when it hit me. Why not have an Amazing Race with my guild members? Now I don't mean I make them pair off and travel around Neopia with their pets. I mean have an actual "race" activity with roadblocks and detours. For a "Roadblock" the guild member has to do an activity that could be creative, or could involve finding things all over Neopia.

Some activity ideas I had for the "Roadblock" were word puzzles, logic puzzles or drawing a picture of their Neopet doing something silly. The aim is to get them participating actively in the guild activities and having fun, not to make them feel bad.

The other part of the race is a "Detour". In the Neopian version, I imagined that the Detours for this activity would involve the flash games and Key Quest in Neopian. A clue could be for example "Sweet Treats" where they have to send a score in Ice Cream Machine, or "Downhill from here", where they have to get a particular score in Let it Slide.

There aren't any eliminations or prizes given out in the race; it's more a monthly activity where everyone gets together to try and work out clues, or has to feed their pet a disgusting food(my Blumaroo will be great at that one).

If the race doesn't sound like your thing or you think it sounds like too much effort there are other activities that you can think up. One of mine was around The Altador Cup where I realised that since there was this event happening, why not make a guild activity about the Altador Cup.

The first thing I did was make a template of a character. Then I got the guild members to design a team outfit and a team (complete with members) that they thought would be a funny Altador Cup team. Chaos followed. There were teams called the Slushie Slingers, who were a vision of rainbow goodness and the Peas Knees who were a team full of Pea Chias.

To go alongside the team outfits and the made up teams I had them make a banner and write a commentary with their team. The banners were made up about the team the guild member had created and the commentary was about the team.

Here's an example of the commentary of my team (The Defaults) who were based on the Default avatar.

'Those outfits are so default. Haven't they realised clickable is more in fashion?'

If you still don't like the sound of the activities then fear not, there are more to come.

My third idea for a guild activity is to have an art session. I did this recently with one of my guild members. We put a lot of different Neopet species in a random generator. Then we put a list of verbs in , followed by Neopian locations. We had rather random things we had to draw like 'Wocky playing piano in Mystery Island' or 'Grarrl singing to Dr Sloth.' It might seem silly but it's a great way of getting your guild members to draw funny pictures, so you can discuss them on the guild board. Here are some more ideas:

Dr Sloth eating fried chicken in the Haunted Woods.

A Grarrl surfing on a roof in Altador.

A wocky singing opera to Dr Sloth in Neopia Central.

If you're read this and thought 'nah drawing isn't my thing...' why not try writing about them? You could write a poem about Dr Sloth, or another topic.

Which brings me to my next idea for a guild activity. Because my guild is based on avatars, avatar collecting normally is the main focus but one day I was sitting here thinking about what I love the most and realised it was movies. But I wanted to share the movies I loved with my guild members which brought about the 'movie of the month'. In this activity, a guild member who is usually picked randomly chooses a movie for the month of May or whatever month it is and we all try to watch it to get some guild points. It's a great way of getting conversation going on the boards. The only thing I was careful to make sure, was that the movies we chose were appropriate for Neopets. That way everyone can watch them and discuss them!

Another guild activity idea is to have a game of the month as well. Get all your guild members to play an avatar game. I try to have a different one each month but Escape from Meridell Castle was a game that we were all so awful at that we spent two months trying to get the avatar with none of us getting it. The good thing about playing it every day for a month was that we actually got better at it and improved our scores, which means if had continued to play it, at least one of us would have gotten the avatar!

If you think none of these activities is for you maybe just maybe there is one more that you might like to try. This is a scavenger hunt. I used to make lists of things that members had to find around Neopia but they could be rather vague because some people's interpretations were different. Try asking a guild member to find these around Neopia (make sure they know not to send you anything, and only give you the name!).

The most comfy socks in Neopia

An easter outfit

The ugliest negg in the world

The most horrible cheese

A gross food

The evilest villain in Neopia

Try and think of other weird or gross things that they can find. Try and make up clues too so they have to find a specific person in Neopia, such as Dr Sloth or another character.

Hopefully by reading this article you've come across an idea you can use in your own guild. Maybe it'll even help you find your own. Right now I'm off to stop my Blumaroo eating that grub sandwich! Leilei, get that thing from your mouth! The Amazing Race activity hasn't started yet!!

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