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Neolinks #1

by benwf83


Neolinks are a unique type of puzzle. Five questions are asked, each of which has only one correct answer. These questions may be Neopets trivia, word puzzles, logic puzzles, or other sorts of brainteasers. The answers to these questions are clues about a particular thing- it could be a Neopet species, a Petpet species, an item, a notable Neopian, or a location. These clues may be part of a phrase with the overall answer, such as 'Cybunny Carnival', if the clue is carnival and the answer is Cybunny. Good luck with this puzzle!

Example: If the clues were faerie, tower, June 2, pink, and queen, the overall answer would be Fyora.

The Puzzle

#1: Trivia- The second highest ranking you can get for a game in the "My Scores" Section is:

a. Expert

b. Master

c. Ace

d. Professional

#2: Word Puzzle- Figure out which of the choices could go in the blank.

"What an interesting thing to write," hisses the Kookith.

"I can't believe he just wrote that!" laughs the Spardel.

"Oh dear, did I really just write that?" wonders the Puppyblew.

"I can't believe he just wrote that!" _______ the Angelpuss.

a. Repeats

b. Answers

c. Says

d. Laughs

#3: Logic Puzzle- Four Neopians were playing Ace-High NeoPoker: Bruno, Dr_Death, Mr. Chuckles, and Princess Fernypoo. Based on the clues given, figure out which player had the highest hand.

*If Bruno had one more 3, he would have a Full House

*All four eights were split between Dr_Death and Mr. Chuckles.

*Princess Fernypoo had the 4 of Clubs, 5 of Clubs, 6 of Clubs, and 7 of Clubs.

*Only one 9 and one 10 had been dealt

*Bruno's lowest pair of cards was one higher than Dr_Death's lowest pair of cards.

*Mr. Chuckles had a Flush of Clubs

*The highest card any player had was a 10.

#4: Word Puzzle- Unscramble the anagram into a two-word phrase.

Afoul Lay Bony

Hint: This character is the star of a seasonal game.

#5: Logic Puzzle- Jake the Explorer, always up for an adventure, wants to find some hidden treasure. One day, he stumbles across a group of Meercas. When he asks them for help, an old Kiko intervenes.

"Ah, another treasure hunter. These Meercas know where there is treasure, but be wary! Some always tell the truth, but others will feed you naught but a pack of lies. Alas, I have been stumped by them for years!"

Analyze their statements to find where the treasure lies.

MEERCA 1: The treasure of our ancestors is in a mountain.

MEERCA 2: Looking for treasure? You're doomed- what a pity. You're only chance is to look in a city.

MEERCA 3: You'll find it on an uncharted island.

MEERCA 4: You want to find some sparkling goods? You'll find them in the eeriest woods.

MEERCA 1: Meerca 2 is a liar!

MEERCA 2: Ahh, how great it was to be a youth, when I wasn't the only one to tell the truth.

MEERCA 3: I stand by what I said before.

MEERCA 4: Make up you're mind quickly; you're near out of time. Just remember that truth comes from Meercas that rhyme.


1. The second highest ranking you can get in the My Scores section is 'Master.' The only ranking higher than it is 'Grand Master.'

2. The solution is 'Says.' The way this works is that the last letter in the petpet's name become the first letter of the dialogue tag. Since Angelpuss ends with the letter 'S', the dialogue tag must begin with the letter 'S.' 'Says' is the only option of the four that begins with 'S.'

3. Dr_Death must have the highest hand. First, look at the third, sixth, and seventh clues. Since Mr. Chuckles has a Flush of Clubs, he must have the 2 of Clubs, the 3 of Clubs, the 8 of Clubs, the 9 of Clubs, and the 10 of Clubs. Since there are no other Clubs available, Princess Fernypoo can't have a Flush, and based on the cards she definitely has, the best her hand could be would be a Straight from 3-7 (since all of the 8s are taken).

Next, look at the second clue. Since Mr. Chuckles has only one eight, Dr_Death must have the other three. According to the fifth clue, he must also have a pair of something else, meaning that Dr_Death has a Full House, with 8s as the Three-of-a-Kind. Since the first clue indicates that Bruno has something lower than a Full House, Dr_Death must have the best hand.

4. The answer is 'Yooyuball Fan.' This Neopian appears in the game Make Some Noise, which only appears during the Altador Cup. He is also sometimes called the Angry Yooyuball Fan.

5. The answer is 'Mountain.' This puzzle is actually a lot simpler than it looks. Since all of the Meercas list different locations as being the one with the treasure, only one of them can be telling the truth (since at least one has to tell the truth). Look at Meerca 4's second statement. He says that all Meercas that rhyme tell the truth, which means Meerca 2 and Meerca 4. However, since only one Meerca can be telling the truth, this statement is false, meaning that Meerca 2 and Meerca 4 are liars.

Look at Meerca 1's second statement. In it, he accuses Meerca 2 of being a liar. Since this is true, Meerca 2 must be a truth-telling Meerca. Therefore, his statement about the treasure being hidden in a mountain is correct.

This means that the 5 answers are Master, Says, Dr_Death, Yooyuball Fan, and Mountain.

The overall answer to this puzzle is Techo.

The Techo Master runs the Mystery Island Training School.

Techo Says was the first flash game to exist on the Neopets site.

Dr_Death is a Techo that takes in abandoned Neopets at the Neopian Pound.

The Yooyuball Fan is also a Techo, just with eyes that are twice as big a normal.

Techo Mountain is a location in Mystery Island. It is a volcano with a large Techo carved out of stone in front of it.

How did you do? If you got all 5 puzzles correct and got the correct overall answer of Techo, then you're a NeoLinks whiz! Thanks for trying one of the most unique puzzles here on Neopets!

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