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A Keyquest Minigame Interview with Lady

by wingedwithfeathers


Petpet Pamper, Orbliteration, and Nova Matcher

Feather: So before we get started, let's talk a little bit about your background and how you acquired so much experience with minigames.

Lady: *preening vainly* Well, to date I've unlocked over 50 boxes in Key Quest, most of them gold.

Feather: Excellent. We've had a lot of fun doing them, too. So let's talk about why you play, and what kind of prizes you win regularly.

Lady: I like to play because the other players always compliment me to distract me. But I don't get distracted. I win anyway. Yesterday another Eyrie told me he liked my beak. It is quite nice, I think. The perfect shape and color.

Feather: Of course...

Lady: *ruffles her feathers* And as for prizes... I hear you can win paintbrushes, but the most valuable things I have won are codestones and neggs. But you know that, because you use all my hard-earned codestones for my brother Grey's training... *sniffs haughtily*

Feather: Be reasonable. You hate the battledome anyway.

Lady: True. The battledome isn't a place for proper ladies.

Feather: You're not a lady...

Lady: Well who's fault is that?! I told you not to take me to the labray.

Feather: Okay, okay. Let's move on. What's your favorite minigame, and why?

Lady: Petpet Pamper. And as to why... because I always win! *resumes preening* You have to spray a dirty Meowclops. It makes me laugh to think that somewhere there are dozens if not hundreds of red meowclops being allowed to roll in the mud just so we can all compete over spraying them off. Grey always says... why that petpet? Why a meowclops? Why red? These are the kinds of questions I have to listen to every morning during breakfast. I-

Feather: Well! That's very inspirational! Any tips?

Lady: Begin spraying even before the starting timer finishes counting down. There's a good chance you'll be hitting a dirt spot when the meowclops appears, which is better than wasting a few seconds while your eyes try to find a spot to spray. So basically, you are just getting a teeny headstart. Also, learn to move your hose slowly back and forth as you spray. You want to be in rhythm with the petpet as he avoids the water. Oh and one last thing... go for the dirtiest spots. If you are having trouble finishing off the last bit of mud on his leg, concentrate on an easier spot that's more muddy. Let your competition waste their time trying to finish off the hard-to-get areas.

Feather: Excellent advice! Now for something a little more difficult... tell us about your least favorite minigame.

Lady: I don't want to.

Feather: Lady...

Lady: Fine. But only because you promised me sweets after we're finished. My least favorite game is Orbliteration. Why? Because the name is stupid.

Feather: *shaking head and muttering* I am never going to get this published.

Lady: I'm going to call it Spaceships, because I like that better. So basically, to play Spaceships you need to learn how to control the little vehicle with flexy arms. I have no idea what they are. They're probably connected to the space station or Kreludor or something. Your goal is to pick up pink energy orbs and use the blue orbs to move around space. You will get points for moving around, but if you want to win you also need to grab the pink orbs. Be careful though. There are erupting space volcanoes and your spaceship will be temporarily put out of commission if one explodes under you.

Feather: How do you avoid the volcanoes?

Lady: Well, you can time where they are erupting and and attempt to move accordingly, but I think that takes away from valuable time that you should be using to hunt pink orbs before they expire.

Feather: Expire?

Lady: Yes, after a certain amount of time, the pink orbs become stationary and you can't recover them. Only a nearby active volcano can reset them. So building on that and to answer your question about guiding the ship... make sure to chase after the newly-formed energy orbs in the aftermath of the eruptions. It is best to stay in one area and just take the volcano hits as they come, in my opinion. Otherwise you waste time trying to coordinate movements with eruptions. Just let them hit you and ignore the stun affect. It's not that bad.

Feather: I should note hear that this is the game Lady usually does terribly on. So take that with a grain of salt.

Lady: Hey!

Feather: *jovially* Let's talk about Nova Matcher!

Lady: There's not much to say about that one... if you've ever played Kiko Match, you already know the basics of Nova Matcher. And if you haven't played Kiko Match, then you might want to use it for practice. In Nova Matcher, there is a screen full of novas, and you need to click on novas of the same color to make them match up and disappear. The game is pretty easy, but watch out for the yellow novas. There are plain yellow novas, and yellow ones with purple edges. These can throw you off if you're in a hurry, and once you mess up your rhythm your partner is probably going to beat you. I usually match all the other colors first and then try to match the yellows. Sometimes I just match the novas that are in convenient pairs, though. For example, if I can choose two dark novas that are right next to one another, I'll hit those first. You waste less time that way.

Feather: Good, now let's move on to-

Lady: No, I'm tired. I'm going to take a nap. I need my beauty rest! *promptly leaves the room without another word*

Feather: *awkwardly* Well then... I guess I'll just finish up the interview myself and we can talk about those other games later... I hope you enjoyed reading this. Lady's strategies are simple, but they work. If you haven't played Keyquest, make sure you give it a try. The minigames are a lot of fun and the prizes are nice. Lady and I will be rooting for you all the way. Unless of course we're in the same game!

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