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Top Ten Birthday Cakes

by angelpuss535


Everyone loves cake! Known as one of the best desserts, it's hardly a surprise why it would be served on an occasion as special as one's birthday. Perhaps your neopet's birthday is coming up, and you absolutely can't decide what cake you should buy. No need to fear! In this article I will discuss the top ten cakes to serve at your neopet's birthday party. I will also include the average price to help you out if you're trying to save.

Of course, the world of Neopia is filled with numerous cakes that are all delicious. If I don't mention a cake here, it doesn't mean that it's not worth eating! It was a hard decision to come up with the ten best tasting cakes for birthday parties, but in the end, it's all up to your personal taste.

10. Frosted Daisy Cake

This cake is made up of cinnamon cakes frosted together to form a lovely daisy. The center of the flower is lemon flavored. While it may not look like all that, it is actually quite delicious. If your neopet is the type who prefers plain things, this is the perfect cake for them. Simple, but elegant, this cake is sure to bring a smile to their face.

The Frosted Daisy Cake goes for the low price of about 2,000 neopoints.

9. Deluxe Snowflake Cake

Regardless of whether or not your neopet enjoys cold weather, the Deluxe Snowflake Cake is a great cake to have at their party! This slightly crunchy vanilla cake is a pleasant change from the usual kind of cake. Not only is it tasty and beautiful, but it's also huge! This is a plus for neopets with bigger appetites.

The Deluxe Snowflake Cake goes for around 1,000 neopoints- a bargain for such a delectable delight.

8. Chocolate Graveyard Cake

Here we have a cake for the more spookier neopets. The complete and utter scariness of it is sure to bring delight to their evil souls. This soft vanilla cake is covered with cream and has a dollop of chocolate icing on top. To keep things in the haunted mood, there's even a tombstone made out of fondant. And don't worry, the bones are just candy.

This cake is a bit more expensive than the last two. It sells for 10,000 neopoints on average.

7. Coral Cake

If your neopet is from Maraqua, they will feel right at home with this elegant cake! The Coral Cake is a spongy, mouth watering dessert that will leave your aquatic neopets yearning for more. It's like taking a bite of Maraqua! Of course, this cake could also be appealing to your land neopets, but it will obviously provide more joy to your water ones.

This cake goes for about 45,000 neopoints.

6. Super Fancy Birthday Cake

As the name implies, this cake is super fancy. The three layers of the Super Fancy Birthday Cake are topped with pink icing and decorated with golden ribbons. Each layer has a different flavor, which is helpful when catering to guests with different tastes. If your neopet is the kind who likes extravagant parties, this cake is the right one for them.

Surprisingly, the Super Fancy Birthday Cake is usually sold for only 25,000 neopoints.

5. Blueberry Deluxe Cake

This creamy cake is great for any party! Not only is it blueberry flavored, but it also has strawberries on top to provide some variety. I would recommend this cake for neopets who enjoy soft and sweet cakes. The fact that it is fruit flavored makes it slightly healthier than other cakes, which is great for neopets trying to lose weight.

But great things come with a price! The Blueberry Deluxe Cake goes for the whopping price of 5,000,000 neopoints. Unless you have that much to spare you should consider getting this cake for special birthdays only.

4. Remys Chocolate Fudge Cake

Next we have a cake for all of the chocolate loving neopets out there! Their craving for chocolate will surely be satiated with this cake. Three layers of pure chocolate cake are separated with thick fudge icing. As a finishing touch, various pieces of candy are decorated on the top layer.

This chocolatey delight goes for about 1,000,000 neopoints.

3. Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake

Chocolate and cherries and cheesecake, oh my! It's no wonder that this cake is a Gourmet Food; it certainly is fancy. The Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake has two wide layers separated by a coating of cherry jam. Chocolate syrup has been drizzled on top to provide some variety in flavor, along with three ripe cherries!

This yummy cheesecake is usually sold for 350,000 neopoints.

2. Borovan Layered Cake

This artistic looking cake seems like it belongs in the Art Gallery! Not only does it look amazing, but it tastes amazing too! Three layers of borovan flavored cake are stacked on top of one another, decorated with borovan icing! For added decoration, numerous artistic designs have been made on the icing. If your neopet is elegant and enjoys the finer things in life, this cake would be the perfect one to serve at their party.

Due to the popularity of this cake, not many of them are in existence. Therefore, the price is unknown.

1. Red Velvet Birthday Cake

Here we are at the number one cake! In my opinion, this would be the ideal cake to serve at your neopet's party. I would even go as far to say that it is the most tastiest cake I have come across in all of my years on this site. This red velvet cake has two large layers topped with vanilla icing. Edible leaves are decorated on the top layer, providing an interesting display of different flavors. Who wouldn't love this cake? It even sparkles!

The Red Velvet Birthday Cake is a retired NC Mall item. It can no longer be purchased.

So there you have it, the top ten birthday cakes to serve at your neopet's party! Of course, these are merely what I believe are the best; you may find another cake to be to your liking. But who cares, right? After all, cake is cake!

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