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Smart Shopping: The Shops of Brightvale

by natverdi


Hello, Neopia, today I just got back from a visit to Brightvale, and I have to say, it was as glorious as everyone describes it to be.

In today's article, I'll be describing each of the lovely shops in Brightvale and stating my favorite and least favorite items.


The moment I stepped off the cobblestone bridge, the first shop I noticed was quite obviously the fruit shop. The elaborate, fancy sign was not necessary, as there were giant stacked fruits on top of the roof.

I walked inside and was immediately greeted by a petite Green Acara. The shop was bustling with customers selecting plump fruits off of wooden shelves, waiting impatiently in line, or selecting samples to try out of the wicker basket the Acara carried around.

"So nice to see you today!" he shouted over the noise. "Can I interest you in a sample?" There was only a small orange fruit in the basket.

"Are there any more?" I asked, and explained to him that I was writing an article for the Times and needed to try different fruits.

His face lit up and he shook my hand. "The Times? How marvelous! I'm Theodore, by the way."

He was gone and back in a flash, with a new sample basket overflowing with fruits.

"Try as many as you like, and feel free to keep the basket!" he told me as he ushered me out of the roaring store.

As I broke into the peacefulness of the outdoors, my mind whirred from the noise inside.

I sat down on a rock nearby and ate each of the fruits.

Many were mouth watering, and many were... for a more mature taste, I suppose. Here is my absolute favorite:


The Dewy Apple was so refreshing and juicy, it left me wanting another! It's like eating a plump, fresh apple without the skin. It was bursting with flavor and had a slight sour kick, which made it all the more enjoyable.

And, of course, I did find one that wasn't my favorite:


I thought that this pretty blue fruit would have a sweet inside, but instead, I was horrified to find it filled with writhing tentacles! I spewed out the bitter tentacles and didn't take a second look at the innocent seeming berry. All in all, I was utterly disgusted.


I made my way over to the shop next door, which was built in the shape of a Knight's helmet. Again, the sign didn't tell me anything new.

It was quiet inside, with tranquil music playing in the background. An elegant looking Draik stepped towards me, his movements delicate and flowing.

"I'm Tri, how can I help you?" he asked me.

I explained to him the situation, and he seemed more than happy to let me try on each of the robes in stock.

When I walked out, I definitely had my favorite and least favorite. Here is my favorite out of them all:


This cloak seemed to know exactly what I wanted it to do. It's nearly impossible to describe, but I felt like it was connected to my mind and performed each task that needed to be done before I could even think to do it myself. For example, when another customer walked in, the cape tightened around me for extra protection.

There was the letdown of the bunch, as well:


Sure, this cloak kept me warm. But warmth was all it provided. I bumped into a shelf wearing this cloak, and instantly felt pain. The other cloaks made an attempt to protect me, but this one just hung limply. If you're looking for warmth, this cloak is for you. But for battle? I wouldn't put any trust into it.


I wasn't shocked to see a giant scroll on top of The Scrollery, as Brightvale shops seemed to like to decorate accordingly.

The shop was busy, but the customers were thoughtful and respectful as they searched through the unique scrolls.

Princess Roberta sat on a stool behind her desk, reading an ancient looking scroll. She smiled when she saw me and asked if I needed any help.

After we talked for a moment (and she signed an autograph or two) she told me I was free to go into the back room and practice each of the scrolls in stock for my article.

It was easy to find the ones I liked and the ones I strongly disliked. Here's the one I favoured:


Reading this scroll was one of the best experiences I've ever had. All of knowledge in the entire universe was in my mind for a few moments. I knew everything there was to know, well kept secrets, and I could suddenly see the way to attack an opponent. However, as soon as I returned to normal, I could only feel a hazy sense of knowing.

I did come upon one that let me down.


When I read this scroll, I became hungry. Why would I want to become hungry, especially during battle? If I was weakened, that would increase the chance of my opponent winning. This made me wish I had a few more Dewy Apples to eat.


Shaped like a potion bottle, I could easily guess what this store housed. When I walked inside the bustling shop, I had to go seek assistance.

After I told the Cybunny, Will, about my article, he agreed to let me test out any potions I needed.

It wasn't very difficult to select my favorite and least favorite out of the rather small selection. My favorite was:


The moment the potion touched my lips, I felt healed and full and happy. I hadn't even been unwell, yet this potion had brightened my spirits noticeably. In battle, this potion would give me just the wave of energy I needed to bring down my enemy.

My least favorite was:


This potion may have been amazing. It probably was. But I didn't get the chance to find out. After I opened the potion, I later learned that I had to gulp it down within five seconds of popping the the cork. Unfortunately it was the last one in stock, so I was disappointed with the lack of directions on how to take this potion.


The gorgeous stained glass windows that lined the side of this shop caught my attention as I was strolling down the street, and totally wiped out my disappointment about the Flaming Bloople Potion.

The ancient door protested with a creak as I shoved it open, giving way to a small, colorful shop owned by a tired looking Blue Draik in the corner. His nametag read, "James".

He walked around the shop dusting windows and talking about how slow business had been with the Neohome upgrade, and I assured him that his windows were gorgeous and deserved to be displayed in every Neohome.

Once James heard about my mission, his spirits brightened and he told me I was free to look around the shop at all of the windows.

Out of the many majestic, gorgeous windows, it was hard to pick my favorite. But the one I absolutely adored the most was:

Stained Glass Scented Hearts Flower Window-

This beautiful hand painted window was lovely to the eye, but also smelled lovely! Each time I walked by, a faint scent of flowers wafted past. It's natural pink and green colors are perfect for any room no matter what the theme is, and the everlasting smell can save you the time and effort of getting endless perfumey candles.

Although most of the windows were stunning, I did find one that wasn't exactly outstanding:


Well, I suppose this window is doing its job. But who honestly wants a window will boards nailed to it? The sloppy hammering job and unorganized look caused me to look away in disgust at this window. Next to all of the glowing, gorgeous designs, this was frowned upon.


When I walked into the spherical grey shop, I did a double take. Shelf after shelf was lined with unique motes, each a different shape, color, and style. Some were made of classic materials, and others I could only guess what they were built with.

The Blue Peophin at the counter smiled and set down what appeared to be a mote made out of hair. "It's so lovely to see you! Which type of mote are you interested in today, miss?" she asked me politely. "Oh, and my name is Jasmine if you need any help."

I introduced myself and told her I was writing an article for the Times. She seemed pleased to lead me outside to a small, fenced in garden to try out all of the motes she had in stock.

My favorite of the bunch was easy to spot. It was:


The first mote I tested, it instantly floated by my side. As I walked around the garden, it followed right next to me, moving heavy stones and rocks that blocked my path without even touching them. I felt secure and safe with this mote, and it provided the best sense of comfort out of all of the motes I tried.

I did have a least favorite, as well:


This was the mote I had seen Jasmine holding, and I don't understand why it is even stocked in the store. It does nothing. Absolutely nothing. It's just about as useful as a blade of grass or a piece of gravel. I just can't get over the fact that Jasmine was actually trying to sell a big chunk of hair.


As I wandered into the small, welcoming shop, I was overpowered by the scent of old books. Sitting in a comfortable arm chair against the back wall, a shopkeeper I recognized as Natalie smiled up at me.

"Welcome!" she said, removing her glasses. "What can I help you with?"

I told her about the Times, which she then commented she was a huge fan of, and asked if I could read a few of the books she had on stock. Of course she agreed, and I soon found myself paging through book after book, seeking out a favorite.

Finally, I ended up finding one that stood apart from the rest:


After visiting the mote shop, I had a new appreciation for these battle aids. I found it quite interesting to learn about each mote, the variety, and their uses. Although I still found myself puzzled by the existence of the Hair Mote.

Unfortunately, I found a book I wasn't willing to pick up again:


Simply stated, these uses for dung were extremely disgusting. Since when was baking a pie with dung not disgusting? Maybe I'm being over sensitive, but I was shocked at the everyday uses of dung. They were not practical, not cleanly, and not attractive. All in all, the title lies.

As I left Brightvale that day, I found myself pleased with my trip. Sure, I'd discovered a mote that made no sense and a book that disgusted me, but aside from that, all of my discoveries were pleasant. I can't wait to return to Brightvale and make purchases next time. I hope you'll come to Brightvale and browse through the shops to see what you find.

Next time you see me, I'll be somewhere else in Neopia browsing through the shops seeing what I can find! Until next time, stay smart, shoppers!

As usual, neomail me for any comments or feedback :) Thanks for reading!!

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