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My Faerie Bubbles Game Guide to get the Avatar!

by ragingpromise


My tricks, tips and general guidelines behind Faerie Bubbles.

From what I've been hearing, Faerie Bubbles the game has been the cause of some difficulty amongst many of you neo-gamers, especially those trying for the elusive avatar.

However, I am no game expert, yet this game was surprisingly easy for me, and I would like to tell you how i managed to gain such a prestigious avatar.

Faerie Bubbles Game TIPS!

1. Ok, so your aim is to clear all the bubbles from each level using your current bubble and clearing a set of the same coloured bubble of 3 or more. Therefore, you want to try to match your current bubble with a bubble of the same colour, which will eventually clear them all. However, you want to do this before the ceiling gets right to the bottom and you can no longer fire bubbles.

2. This game is not under timed conditions. If you are struggling, take your time, relax; there is no reason why you need to rush this game. The ceiling of the game begins to fall each level, but only after a number of moves done by yours truly, and this number of moves is SIX. Therefore, between each move, you can think about where you want your next move to go, and this will save you making any silly errors.

3. It is important to consider your moves for each level as the levels all have the same style, even though the bubbles change colour per different game. Therefore, you can work out how to do each level by practising, you'll see that the first few levels are the easiest, and they become harder over each level.

4. On the earlier, and much easier levels, try to keep the number of moves taken to a minimum: this gives you a larger bonus and therefore adds to your total score.

5. At all costs, try to avoid hitting 3 or more of either the purple bubbles, the white bubbles or the green bubbles, as these will cause damaging effects that will ultimately make the level much more difficult.

6. Cheats. There are four cheats that are worth using in this game, and will definitely help you to gain the avatar. These cheats are as follows: typing 'bubbles' will turn all the bubbles on that level into the same colour bubble, typing 'stardust' will turn your current bubble into a nova, which can then be used to clear away bubbles within around 2 bubbles of what it touches, typing 'slumberberry' which moves the ceiling of the game back up to the top, which will obviously give you more space to finish the level, and finally typing 'faerieland' which will turn your current bubble into a rainbow bubble. These cheats are very useful; HOWEVER, it is very important that you use these cheats wisely. I suggest waiting until the last levels to use them if possible, or the levels that you find the most challenging. This will help you in the long run rather than wasting them away on easier levels.

7. Try to have fun with Faerie Bubbles, and keep practising. I find each level a new challenge, especially as every new game at FB, the colours of the bubbles in each level change, therefore its different every time and doesn't get too boring. If you find yourself getting frustrated, take a break and come back when you feel like playing rather than being forced to play.

8. You MUST complete level 20 in order to gain the points you need to get the avatar, therefore learn how to complete each level and use your cheats depending on which levels you tend to be the worst at. I would say that the slumberberry cheat is definitely the most useful, so use this on a level which you find the most difficult.

9. You gain 250 points just for getting onto the last level, so make sure you practice until you get to level 20! This will hugely maximise your score!

10. Bubbles that are not touching any of the sides or the ceiling, or any bubbles that are attached to the ceiling, will immediately fall down. Therefore, by shooting your bubble at three or more bubbles of the same colour which are TOUCHING the ceiling, then any bubbles which are directly below those bubbles, touching those bubbles alone, will also fall down. This can be used to your advantage!

11. If you have 3 or more of a bad bubble up e.g an air bubble, you can use a bubble which will change or destroy those bubbles rather than creating an air combo. An air combo, or any of the bad coloured combos will worsen your game and increase chances of you not being able to complete the game before the ceiling comes down. Therefore, try to rid any chance of this happening!

12. On levels where there are many one different coloured bubbles rather than a few, the game tends to be the hardest at this point and the bubbles much harder to clear. I like to use the fire combos as much as possible here to rid the bubbles touching it which then clears the bubbles!

Overall, the Faerie Bubbles game is genuinely quite easy to achieve, you just have to take your time on it and relax; theres no time condition therefore less pressure to complete a certain level or a certain number of points on a certain level. Be calm and have fun with it; faerie bubbles is one of the most popular games, and it actually a very simple and relaxing game, so don't worry too much about it and try to have fun ! That's probably the best advice I can give, as well as keeping your cheats handy until the levels which are very hard, using as few moves as possible to gain the most bonus points (250 points for 1 move!) and think smartly about how you can achieve the most bubbles to clear in the shortest moves.

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