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The Top 5 Most Disgusting Jellies

by emilyralphy


Almost everyone knows that jellies are a cheap way to keep your pet happy and full. They're cheap in shops and are pretty common at the Money Tree too. Not only that, but one jelly contains two servings. As wonderful as that sounds, please think carefully before feeding your pets any of these 5 revolting jellies.

5. Fish Jelly

This jelly may be a great source of protein for your pets, but that doesn't mean it's that good for them. The actual jelly part isn't too bad. Granted, it may taste a bit like saltwater, but that's not the worst thing for your pets to taste. The fish is a whole different story. It's raw, so there's a good chance it will give your pet indigestion or worse. Some Jetsams might be able to handle that and so might some of the hardier pets out there. But that's not the worst part of this jelly. Who wants to feed their pet something that stares at them? This jelly isn't from the Haunted Woods, so it has no excuse to be so gross and disturbing.

4. Frozen Jelly

This is just a hunk of ice. Jelly is meant to be a sweet treat, not tasteless. I have to admit, this is at least a good treat on a warm summer afternoon. Other than that, it is actually a bit of a health hazard. I've seen one too many pets with their tongues stuck to these jellies. Even the lucky ones who don't get their tongues stuck end up with horrible cases of brain freeze. Snow pets might not mind this jelly, but others should stay well clear of it. Even a Grarrl trying to chomp it into ice cubes could lose some teeth along with a good bit of his dignity after munching on this jelly. This jelly also has horrible effects on magma pets. Magma pets often get quite ill after eating this jelly and some have even been known to drink lava just to get their bodies back to the proper temperature.

3. Fire Jelly

Usually food that is hot can still be tasty after a good blow or two. With this jelly, you might just wind up blowing fireballs at your family as you attempt to eat this dessert. This jelly has been known to burn through plates and tables. On of my pets even melted a spoon when he tried to eat one of these. Other pets are not so lucky. If you spit it out quick enough, you'll get off with a burnt tongue and a need for a big glass of water. If you make the mistake of swallowing this jelly, your throat will be scorched and your stomach won't fare any better either. Water and snow pets are especially terrified of this jelly due to the heat this gives off. Magma pets may not mind this jelly, but basically everyone else should avoid it. Trust me, nothing can put out this jelly or make it safe to eat. Just hope you don't light your kitchen on fire with it!

2. Stone Jelly

This truly will sit in your pet's stomach like a rock. I have seen a few other foods that contain rocks, but those are usually the type of rock that is easily broken and they often come with something to wash them down. Other than those few dishes, rocks are meant to be furniture more so than food. This jelly is guaranteed to make only your dentist pleased with the effects of eating it. If you try to serve this, you'll bring only pain. Food fights with this jelly involved have been known to cause serious injuries. More often than not, this jelly shatters something wherever it goes. Though this jelly can be broken into smaller pieces, it never becomes something that should be eaten. Trying to turn this jelly into a rocky soup will only get you complaints and sore teeth. You might also risk offending Xandra since she is currently a stone herself. Since she is most likely more powerful than even your strongest pet, I would suggest staying well clear of this jelly just in case she is revived. We wouldn't want her to try and turn your pets into stone in revenge now, would we?

1. Smelly Jelly

I suspect that this jelly was made by Dr. Sloth himself. This jelly looks quite a bit like puke to me. It's a really gross brown color and its texture makes it even more difficult to force down. It even contains a whole fish skeleton. Any dessert with bones in it can't be good. The fish bones are just the right size to be a serious choking hazard too. Perhaps the worst thing about this jelly is its smell. It is one of the items that smells so extremely gross that you can literally see the stink coming off of it in waves. You can smell this jelly all the way from the other side of your house. At a distance, you just might have to wrinkle your nose or block its odor out with some nice smelling flowers. As you get closer, you will find yourself gagging and feeling nauseous. Getting close enough to consider eating this jelly just might knock you out. Only pets with no sense of smell would even give this jelly a little lick, but most of those would still steer clear of it afterward. Only the grossest pets will be able to hold this jelly down. Even they are much more likely to grab different desserts such as candy. All in all, there is not a single pet who can honestly tell you that this jelly is there favorite food.

Instead of resorting to using these disgusting jellies, try an alternative dessert. There are many other flavors of jelly that are much more delicious than these. If those aren't to your liking, try some chocolate or some ice cream instead. Just please don't torture your pet with these jellies. They deserve more than disturbing and sometimes dangerous foods when they should be getting sweet treats.

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