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Waking up the Turmaculus

by horserider_x


Have you always wondered why you can do what you can do for the Turmaculus? With every board topic that appears entitled 'TURMY'S AWAKE', you rush to the humble town of Meridell hoping he'll eat your beloved Petpet. You never take into account their feelings, but that's a different matter.

Here I shall talk you through the story behind waking Turmaculus. So, if you've ever wondered why you can 'tap dance for him' then you're in the right place.

1. Hit him with Stick

Already you can see where this is going, can't you? Countless hours of abuse, all day every day. Really, do you blame the Turmaculus? I certainly don't. I feel very sad for him. The reason the option to hit him with a stick is there because he used to have a best friend, and this friend just happened to be a Puppyblew. You know what they're like; they'll catch anything that is thrown their way. Turmy used to play fetch all the time when they were mere adolescents; it was their favourite game. Of course, all good things have to come to a brutal end, and that's exactly what happened. Again, this is just another horrendous reminder of his past life.

2. Ring A Bell

This is probably the one you want to know most about. When the Turmaculus was a child, he LOVED his grub, like most of us (he kept the weight of due to his love of football, however). Family mealtimes were a very special time of day, and whenever their meals were ready there was a 'special' red bell to call them down to the dining table. Whenever the bell was rung, it was a stampede of little Turmaculus' drooling at the thought of dinner. This is probably a very fond memory for the poor guy... At least now he's not limited to three meals a day.

3. Kick him

Long ago, when Turmaculus was not so chubby he could not move, he was a very active little guy. He did not have a diet of Petpets, and LOVED football. Yeah, that's right. So kicking the Turmaculus is a little pain staking reminder of how his life used to be; revolved around the soccer ball. Although, it WAS just a thing started by a mindless bully in school... But it still reminds him of the good old days.

4. Sing To Him

Up until recently, Turmy was a regular at Meridell's local choir. Yes, you heard me correctly. Unfortunately due to weight issues he can no longer fit into the choir room, so he relies on people bringing the choir to him. Believe it or not, he's actually considered good! Now he can no longer sing (or even stand up) people singing to him really does cheer him up. So, next time you're there, sing to him; you might just make his day.

5. Tap Dance For Him

Before you even ask, no. He did NOT go tap dancing, that would be -100 cool points. This is actually the one we can only guess the reason behind. Some say that he used to watch those dancing shows on television with his owner. There are rumours that his previous owner used to be a professional! However, with his owner currently 'lost' in Roo Island, we cannot confirm. I have noticed that whenever I have danced with him, Turmy hasn't been particularly pleased with me. Perhaps it was something he was forced to do?

6. Blow Your Nose

For as long as anyone can remember, every spring the Turmaculus would get the worst case of D'achoo you've ever seen. He still does to this day. The only friends he has now are imaginary, so there's nobody there to get some Neopkins. When people blow their nose in front of him, all he wants is that extra Neopkin. Next time, you really should consider his feelings and give him your used Neopkin. Especially in spring.

7. Sneeze

This is literally the same reason why you Blow Your Nose. However it is a much nicer option to use because you don't have a Neopkin, so you can't taunt him. Unless you want to. But that really would be mean. ;)

8. Dump Cold Water On Him

We're back to the hatred, sort of. Once a year, the Turmaculus is carted away to have a physically gruelling freezing shower. It isn't very nice, but that's the only hygiene maintenance that he has. Other than this. You see, other Petpets don't really like waking up a smelly blob. So if they dare, they chuck water over him in a poor attempt to make him fresh. If you catch him in the right frame of mind, he may reward you. Catch him in a bad mood, and you may face the consequences. You have been warned.

9. Scream

Screaming is a great way of waking those who do not want to be woken. That is the only logic behind it. Great, if you're going for the avatar and you want your Petpet to be banished into his belly then go for it, if you don't, don't. Just be careful he doesn't eat you too.

10. Bang Pots and Pans

When the Turmaculus' owner abandoned him (sob!) he did have to fend for himself. So he learnt to cook! A few fires later he could make a top notch Spicy Kau Burger, making a lot of noise in the process. This is yet another reminder of how he could've ended up; now look at him.

So, now you are much more educated on the Turmaculus. Maybe you will want to take a visit there, and perhaps choose a more considerate option rather than the meaner one. Also, perhaps you want to take into account your Petpets feelings as well? You make them visit a place where their life is in jeopardy. I cannot think why anyone would want to risk their Petpets' lives just for a few neopoints or an increased avatar count. Really?

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