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What To Do With All Those Negg Stems?!

by valikthebuilder


As the 2014 Festival of Neggs draws to a close, a single question is on everybody's mind. That is, once all of the pets in Neopia have had their share of chocolate neggs, cookie neggs, maple syrup neggs, and countless other varieties of neggy delicacies, what happens to all of those poor, neglected negg stems?!

What's that you say? That question has never come to your mind? Well, it has come to everyone else's mind, I'm sure! Anyway, moving on!

There is no denying that neggs are inexplicably tantalizing to the taste buds, and the yearly Negg Festival is sure to satisfy any pet's craving for delectable delights. However, it is ill-advised for any pet to consume raw negg stems. Why, you ask? Well, haven't you ever heard the story about the Grarrl who was so hungry that he didn't remove any of his negg stems? A negg tree ten feet tall grew in his stomach, they say!

Impossible?! Who knows. I personally like to stay on the safe side and keep my consumption of negg stems to a minimum. Even the green Blumaroo from Pizzaroo warns to remove the negg stem from his Colourful Negg Pizza, and you can always trust a pet with a fine moustache.

Let's not get distracted, now! The issue here is not whether you should be eating your negg stems (although I have hopefully convinced you that you most certainly should not). The issue at hand is what to do with all of those poor little stems that are left unconsumed. Well, here are four easy and creative fixes to leave all of your negg stems feeling useful and loved.

1. Use your negg stems as trees for your play sets

Do you know how hard it is to find a play set with a tree in it? Sure, you've got your Kookia Playset that has a tree attached and your Governors Mansion Playset with a tree off in the background, but finding a standalone tree is exceedingly rare! Even the Spring Garden Usuki Play Set doesn't come with a tree of its own.

You can easily solve this problem by recycling those old negg stems! You should use fresh negg stems for this trick. After all, stems do not make for very impressive trees once they've wilted and gone limp. The lovely stalk of a fresh negg stem makes for a proud looking trunk while the beautiful leaves will add some lush foliage to any scene. Your negg stems may have trouble standing on their own, though, so glue them to a little piece of cardboard for added support.

2. Use two negg stems as a moustache

As mentioned above, it is always easier to trust a pet with a fine moustache. Therefore, you should take two negg stems, leaves facing away from each other, and glue them above your upper lip to create an impressive looking 'stache.

For this suggestion, use fresh stems if you're looking for a more whimsical 'stache that can be twirled to your liking. If you are going for the handlebar look, try using wilted stems. These will frame your mouth marvellously!

If you're feeling fancy, try using some glittery glue to stick your negg stems to your face. A word of caution: try to avoid using super amazing strong glue. You want to be able to remove your negg stems 'stache before it starts attracting Itchis.

3. Use your negg stems as little green hats for your Usukis

As an avid Usuki collector, I am always looking out for the newest and most exciting trends in Usuki fashion. Back when the Autumn Princess Usuki was released, I was so impressed with her crown of leaves. Very avant-garde! This is the inspiration for my third suggestion, and it is a fashionable one indeed.

For this tip, make sure you wash your negg stems thoroughly, as you do not want to get your lovely dolls all neggy. One you've cleaned your stems up, just put them on your Usukis' heads. That's all it takes! Sometimes, the simplest ideas truly are the best.

What's that, you don't like Usukis?! They're too girly, too childish? Nonsense, Usukis are amazing, period. However, if they really don't float your boat, do not fret! Just take this opportunity to sneak into your little sister's room while she's at school and give all of her Usukis lovely negg stem hats. Trust me, she'll thank you when she gets home.

4. Use just a pinch of dried, crumbled negg stems in your recipes

Has your mummy spaghetti been turning out a bit dry and tasteless lately? Do you want to jazz up your Altadorian lentil soup? If so, negg stems have got the solution for you. Sure, you shouldn't eat them raw, but did you know that drying the stems actually eliminates their ability to turn into negg trees in your belly? Now you know!

The best way to dry your negg stems is to set them under the sun in your yard for several days. This is best achieved under the hot sun of the Lost Desert. Granted, this will be a bit more difficult if you live in Maraqua or Virtupets. If so, you can use a heated rock to remove excess moisture from your stems. You can find heated rocks at the Petpet Supplies shop, but fear not, for these rocks are not just for petpets! They have special heating properties that react to chemicals in the stems to dry them off very efficiently.

Warning: If you are a JubJub, make sure that you have somebody to help you. After all, it's hard to handle delicate negg stems with your feet.

Once all of the moisture has been removed from the stems, they should crumble easily between your fingers. Use a pinch as a garnish to add some colour and delicate flavour to any dish. A little goes a very long way!

I hope that these suggestions have proven to be enlightening. I also hope that they will help to alleviate the burden that countless negg stems place on the Rubbish Dump every year when the Festival of Neggs draws to an end.

To everybody who has engaged in diligent negg-hunting this year, enjoy all of your fantastic finds! Just remember, don't throw away those stems. After all, "waste not, want not" is more than just a phrase.

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