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Trophy Guide to Biscuit Brigade

by wokitana


King Hagan, ruler of Brightvale and King Skarl, ruler of Meridell are brothers who are both honoured for successfully leading their lands in the most righteous way. King Hagan persists on philosophy, wisdom and learning while grumpy King Skarl's is too greedy.


In this game you are the young Hagan who is trying to protect his biscuits from being eaten by his ever hungry brother Skarl. Skarl uses his toy soldiers to try to steal his brother's biscuits which are kept in a tower.

Score and Controls

The game is played in the hard mode, which will give you a chance to get in the high score table and maybe a gold trophy if you try at the reset of high score tables, that it at the beginning of each month. In this guide we will use the minimal parts required to achieve a final good score.

On the top right side of the game there is the score, the number of cookies left and the number of parts you can use. A bit below there are four buttons:

  • Add tower button will be used to build defenses and attacks
  • Add block button will not be used
  • Add decoy button will not be used
  • Cancel action button will only be used to stop adding objects

At the lower right corner of the battle field lies the castle with Hagan's biscuits, which we have to protect while at the top left corner there is Skarl with his toy chest building different types of toy soldiers which come out one after the other, steadily, towards the your castle and the biscuits. We have to stop and destroy all the soldiers from breaking down the castle walls and steal the cookies.

The game has 20 waves and we will manage to protect the castle and the biscuits inside it by building defense and attack towers. When a soldier is persisting and seems indifferent to your attacks, you can click on it to make it a priority target and here all attacks will be focused on that spot. The game can be paused by pressing the space bar.

Turret types and their effects

Icons are displayed in a friendly way and from a castle, which by itself does nothing one can click to upgrade further to a rocket launcher. You can also downgrade from the rocket launcher backward to the ball launcher if, for example, you made a mistake and wanted to upgrade through the bag thrower icon. You could also break down any tower back into parts, for example if the wrong height is selected by clicking on the last icon. The height of the castle can be extended to two upgrades, which cost one part each, for focusing damage further away from the castle.

A basic tower costs two parts. Second upgrade costs three parts while third and fourth upgrades cost four and five parts respectively. One can see the upgrades and their effects by clicking the view instruction button. For example,

  • Basic tower to ball launcher to cannon to rocket launcher or
  • Basic tower to bag thrower to sludge tower to windmill or
  • Basic tower to bag thrower to oil thrower to paint thrower


Wave 1

There are only eighteen parts so we must use these wisely. Press the add tower button and place it on top left side corner and three spaces left to the cookie's tower. Build a rocket launcher.

Wave 2

Place a tower again on top left side corner and one space left to biscuit tower. Here build a bag thrower and increase by one the height of the tower.

Waves 3 and 4

Place another tower two spaces upwards from the bag thrower, here build another rocket launcher. You will not have enough to do so but keep at it until enough parts are provided.

Wave 5

Get back to the bag thrower, increase the tower's height to maximum and upgrade the bag thrower into a wind mill.

Waves 6 and 7

You can relax a bit here to accumulate the number of parts at hand.

Wave 8

Place another tower one space up and one space left to the last rocket launcher you have built. Upgrade into a net thrower and increase its height to maximum.

Waves 9 and 10

Place the last tower three spaces upward and three space left to your net thrower. Here build a paint thrower and increase its height by one.

Waves 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16

Sit back and relax for now as the next wave will surely test our attacks and defenses.

Wave 17

From now on you have to keep a close watch as here the soldiers are very fast and durable. Best here is to target the last green Scorchio soldier of the first group as soon as it comes near the paint thrower. Watch out for escapees target as necessary.

Wave 18

It is getting intense and one has to watch out here as well, target any escapees by clicking on them.

Wave 19

Target the last purple Scorchio soldier of the first group. When destroyed target the 3rd and last one of the second group. Now click on the last shield to focus the target on it. Target also the last soldier to come out. Watch out as soldiers come out from under the shields. Target as necessary if any soldier tries to escape.

Wave 20

Target the last green Scorchio soldier of the first group again when it reaches the paint thrower. Target the first and then the last soldier of the second group. Target also the last shield before Skarl himself. Then target Skarl. Watch out as lots of soldiers come out from under the shields. Target the escapees quickly so no biscuits are lost.


These last three levels require intense attention and this strategy only works out by clicking on the above mentioned soldiers. If a toy soldier manages to get past your defense system and steal a cookie, points will be deducted and one should try to play the game again. Total points scored with this strategy amount to 7436 and if in wave eight the net thrower is downgraded to a sludge tower more points are added to the final score but success here is slimmer. The game takes approximately fifteen minutes.

Good Luck!

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