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Five Worst Places For Grey Pets To Live In Neopia

by dr_tomoe


Once again, Grey Day is upon us. A celebration of all things gloomy and sad in Neopia. And of course, a day for Grey pets all around and of every shape and size. But not all of these grey pets can live their lives in sadness and despondence. No, there are several places in Neopia that just aren't good places for Grey pets to live. They're just too bright or cheerful for a grey pet to live in peace. After all, nothing is worse than waking up in a depressed mood and seeing a bright day outside with happiness and joy all around. So as a public service, here are the five worst places to live in Neopia for grey pets.

1: Mystery Island

If you want to be sad and gloomy, it's quite hard to be when the sun is shining all the time and tourists are everywhere. The constant sunshine will no doubt cause a painful sunburn on the sensitive grey pets. Not to mention, there are no gloomy activities for a Grey pet here. Tiki Tours only show off activities that are fun-in-the sun. Not to mention, the Island Trading Post is here, so who knows how many people you'll have pestering you to trade for your items while you just want to be left alone. Now while the Lost City of Geraptiku might be a fun place for a Grey pet to stay, considering it's deep in the jungle and away from all the natives, it's got far too many traps to be safe to live. All in all, Mystery Island is a terrible place to live if you are Grey.

2: The Lost Desert

If you thought Mystery Island was too sunny, then you have yet to experience the Lost Desert. The amount of sunshine here makes Mystery Island look like Moltara. Not to mention, in addition to the unnecessary amounts of sunshine, the Lost Desert is prone to sandstorms that can last for hours. The only thing worse than the amount of sunlight is the blistering sand blowing onto you, not to mention Sakhmet and Qasala are the only cities to take refuge in. And out of the two, Sakhmet is just too crowded. The City of Sakhmet is filled with merchants and thieves around every corner wanting to make you part with your hard earned Neopoints however they can. And speaking of thieves, Qasala isn't much better, being home to the Wheel of Extravagance, the biggest thieving wheel in the history of Neopia. The one thing Qasala has going is that you can pick up A Grey Day Background from the Mystical Surroundings shop and enjoy that more than the Lost Desert.

3: Roo Island

Why is Roo Island a depressing place for Grey pets to live? All the games! Roo Island is a gamer's paradise! Imagine having to live in a place with all of that noise! The sounds of laughter and fun would drive any Grey pet nuts! Honestly, Roo Island wasn't that bad until the new Games Room was opened up, with only the noise of the Merry-Go-Round and the sounds of dice being rolled in both King Roo and Count von Roo's castle. Now, everyone who wants to play a game comes to Roo Island, and that amount of fun is just too depressing for a Grey pet to be around. And the worst part of it all? The catacombs, which used to be one of the few places a Grey pet could stay and feel welcome, was moved there! No more dark quiet underground place to have coffee. No, it was moved to the hustle and bustle of Roo Island, and that is just depressing.

4: Faerieland

While Faerieland has improved in recent years as a place for a Grey pet to live by moving out of the sky and into a crater, it still makes this list for a variety of reasons. The biggest reason is the Rainbow Fountain. Not only is it far too colorful for any self-respecting Grey Pet to enjoy, it also serves as a reminder as to how rare quests from the Fountain Faerie are, and that's just depressing, even for a Grey pet. Not to mention all the pink that is everywhere. Even without floating in the sky, pink is still abundant in Faerieland, and that is one of the worst colors a Grey pet can be around, as it is the antithesis of gloomy and depressing. The most depressing part of Faerieland, however, is the Healing Springs. Nothing is worse than feeling sick after hitting the Skull on the Wheel of Excitement and getting only getting three hit points recovered while the next pet in line is fully recovered AND fully fed.

However on the brighter side, the Faerie Caverns are nice and dark, which makes for a lovely home, and a Grey pet can always hang around with the Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity. After all, misery does love company and what is more miserable then a sad, discarded plushie? Perhaps with a bit of work, Faerieland can one day be a good home for a Grey pet, but for now, it makes this list as a land to avoid.

5: Kreludor

Looking at this list, you might be wondering why Kreludor is on this list. After all, most of Neopia's moon is a depressing shade of dark grey aside from a random vending machine that seems to be infested with gummy fungus and lint-covered peanuts. So why is Kreludor on this list? Easy, the only place to live on Kreludor is the colony, and that colony is a very bright shade of orange. Why is that an issue? Grey pets living on the colony might be mistaken for a moon rock and there's nothing worse for a grey pet to be confused with one that's painted Relic. Even worse than that is the lower gravity. With the gravity on Kreludor as low as it is, your grey pet will be bouncing around like a Blumaroo. We're trying to avoid Roo Island, remember? Not to mention living on Kreludor puts them even closer to the sun than the Lost Desert.

Well, there you have it. The five worst places for a Grey pet to live in all of Neopia. Whether it's too sunny or too cheerful, there are plenty more dark and depressing places for a Grey pet to live. The Haunted Woods is a perfect dark place for them to stay, and the constant storms and rain on Lutari Island will always make sure that the weather matches their mood. But, wherever you decide to live with your Grey pet, try to make sure you avoid the above.

If you're reading this, I made it into the Neopian Times for the first time!

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