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The Truth Behind the Real Negg Faerie

by tracy_skyfire


Also by strokemypet

All Neopians have been waiting for the Negg Hunt all year long. The festival started on the second of Eating and promises a few weeks full of excitement and prizes, but not everything that shines is made of gold. The Negg Faerie that looks all smiles may not be that kind after all. If you want to know why, just keep reading. We're sure you've noticed a Yurble claiming to be "The real Negg Faerie". Some people have been calling this Yurble an imposter, a fraud, a party pooper and things even worse... but nothing could be further from the truth! We have been investigating the matter and talked with the Yurble himself (who prefers not to reveal his real name, so we will refer to his as E from now on) and this is what he told us.

When he was in Neoschool and the teacher asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?", he always answered the same: "I want to be the Negg Faerie's apprentice!". He really loved Neggs and collected them in abundance. Once, when he was in the Neggery of the Ice Caves, he spoke with the Negg Faerie and finally asked her to take him as her apprentice. These were her words: "If you learn a lot about Neggs, I may take you!". E took those words as a promise, and since then, he spent a lot of his own Neopoints buying books about Neggs, and experimenting with lots of new ways to release their powers (for those who don't know much about them, Neggs are full of powerful magic; some will even make you stronger, smarter, or change your colour if you eat them).

The problem is that those methods were very costly for E's pocket, so, some years later, after becoming the Neopet that knew more about Neggs in all Neopia (even more than the very Negg Faerie herself!), he went to see her again, showing her a folder that contained all the conclusions he obtained after all his years of study and research. The Negg Faerie, further than being impressed, opened the folder, looked at its contents for ten seconds and said, "Ok sweetie, I'll think about it. Now I am very busy, wait a few weeks for my Neomail and I'll tell you my opinion about your research." E told us about this with his own words: "I was extremely excited, but she didn't pay any attention to me... I'd even say she was rather harsh, I can't tell if she felt angry about the fact I knew things about Neggs that she didn't. Anyway, I thought my discoveries were important, especially the Negg Cream that cured Neggitus, an illness caused by an allergic reaction and that is remedied with the healing powers of the Blue Negg," he said with tears in his eyes.

Some weeks passed and E still didn't receive a reply. The Yurble thought about visiting the Neggery again; maybe the Faerie forgot about writing to his, or maybe the postman was mugged by the Pant Devil, but something else would happen before he travelled to Terror Mountain. The Negg Faerie released an item called Negg Cream Potion that cured Neggitus! The remedy was way more expensive than the current Neggitus Injection, but a lot of Neopets preferred it because it smelled nice and some of them had a fear of needles. That made E very angry, even though he once admired the Negg Faerie, he now only felt disappointment. "She not only took my recipe for the remedy, but she also used my idea of using Daisy Easter Negg extract to create a gorgeous perfume! However, that was not the only thing; after years of asking her to take me as apprentice, she took a faerie that has no idea about Neggs instead!"

After this horrible issue, E talked with other people about his story, but nobody believed him. They all thought it was a nonsensical product of his jealousy. E stopped taking part in the Negg Hunt, but he never gave up his Negg research. Then one day, he made a very important discovery. Around Neopia there was a kind of Negg that had always been considered useless and lacking in magic power. These Neggs were exactly like the normal ones, but smaller. E knew they must have some kind of hidden property, and one day, he was able to transform that mini Negg into a normal size Negg. When this happened, the Negg cracked open and he could see its contents, a beautiful shiny golden tiara. The Yurble was ecstatic; this was his biggest achievement! And this time he wasn't going to let the Negg Faerie steal his idea. He created a Negg Enlarger, a very easy to use tool featuring revolutionary Negg Enlarging technology. This item would make any mini Negg become a normal sized Negg and allow it to be opened to release what is inside.

E planned to release his Handy Negg Enlargers during this year's Festival of Neggs as a sign of protest to what the Negg Faerie did in the past. He would open a stall to sell the Negg Enlargers and finance his projects. He hopes that, once he can prove his discovery, he will earn some credibility towards the Negg Faerie. When we asked him if he hated the Faeries after his bad experience with the Negg Faerie, he said: "I don't hate the Faeries; they can make errors like everyone else, but if they don't try to be more modest, there will be a second Xandra here. Just think about it; all that knowledge and wisdom inside her brain, has now become a decoration in Fyora's garden. It is a pity that things like this are happening in Neopia, Faeries may be some of the most powerful creatures, but they have to assume that there may be someone better than them at something they are specialised in. That is my advice."

Hopefully, now that you know the truth about this Yurble, you will better understand why he is doing this. These neo journalists want to add they have nothing against the Negg Faerie, or faeries in general. Thanks for reading and have a great Festival of Neggs.

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