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How to Care for Your Menacing Purple Bug

by coco_bella


Let's all take a minute to be honest here... When visiting Roo Island, catching bugs with Lulu or walking through the Game Room, it happened... You saw one of those furry, tiny, purple bugs and you fell in love with it. So, you decided to stow it away it in your pocked and take it home with you. Don't worry, it happens to the best of us!

But now, a couple weeks later, you're beginning to realize just how difficult those bugs are to care for. Granted, King Roo probably was too busy saving the Games Room to realize how adorable these menacing creatures were; however, to your despair, it seems as if nobody else has realized that either. But I am here to tell you this- put down your broom and stop yelling your frustration into your pillow! I have come to save you- and you wonderful purple bug- with this article based on my thorough research of these fascinating creatures!

So grab your bug, a cup of hot islandberry tea, and cuddle up in a chair as you read this guide together. After reading my guide, not only will you know how to care perfectly for your wonderful bug, but you will also find that you both enjoy each other's company all that much more.

The Basics

As with all creatures, your tiny purple bug needs four basic things to survive: sleep, food, water and a plethora of Hanso-related items. With that said, the first thing you should do (if you haven't already), is to take a trip down to the marketplace and purchase your new bug these basics.

Being a petpetpet, your purple bug may enjoy sleeping in the fur of your pets. However, my thorough research has taught me that the purple bugs experience their soundest sleep when they are rested on top of a pile of gears; please note, though, that the material these gears are made of does not seem to make a difference. If you do not have spare gears in your garage, you can often find them lying around Moltara or discarded outside of Donny's Toy Repair shop. Likewise, many of Neopia's citizens have been tossing them into the Rubbish Pile in hopes of finding that elusive Rubbish avatar to display proudly. Once you have obtained enough gears (four seems to be the magic number), just toss them into the corner of a room, then watch your dear bug sleep soundly.

Now on to the next topic: food! While I am unsure of what the purple bugs previously ate, it seems that their constant exposure to gummy snacks has created a constant desire in their stomach for these snacks. Even when tempted with the finest chocolates or a delicious slice of cake, it seems the bugs only seem to choose to eat gummy snacks. I have tested the various gummy snacks available and observed that the bugs most often respond to the Gummy Dice Salad. This is excellent news for those of you who are interested in teaching your new bug some old tricks; by using the Gummy Dice Salad as an incentive, you can get your bug to attempt almost any trick! Although, even those gummies won't be enough to get them to do your homework...

While water itself is a rather straightforward need, the bugs are still a bit high-maintenance in this area. The proper way to allow your bug to drink water is to pour the water into the Camouflage Scallop Shell. I spent a few days studying this, and I have concluded that this is because... well, to be honest, I still don't understand why. The bugs may drink some water if it is presented to them differently, however, they refuse to drink the amount that they require and then become quite grumpy. Therefore, if you notice that your purple bug is acting up more than usual, you should immediately check to make sure your Camouflage Scallop Shell has water.

The final basic need exhibited by these purple bugs is their need to be surrounded with Hanso-related items. I find this need to be particularly intriguing, and therefore, I have researched it extensively. It appears that- for some odd reason- the bugs have an extreme admiration for the Ixi. While I am unable to confirm my hypothesis, I do believe that the source of this love may mean that Hanso was the one who introduced them to Neopia. I imagine that he may have found them in his travels to procure some rare artifacts, and- similar to you- fell in love with these tiny, furry, purple bugs and decided to bring them back with him. However, as previously stated, I am unable to confirm this hypothesis.

But- I digress! Getting back on track, your purple bug needs to have Hanso-related items near him/ her. If they are kept away from Hanso items for too long, they will experience an odd illness in which they sprout horns and their fur turns blue. While they make look cute in this form, it is very harmful to them, and it should be corrected immediately by presenting them with a Hanso item. I personally recommend the Holiday Hanso Plushie, as they are relatively easy to find.

A Tale of Caution

While this may not seem like it needs to be said, I must also warn you of one more important thing to remember when caring for your bug: Keep video games away from him/ her!! They tend to get bored and chew on the wires and cogs, so be sure to keep your bug from your video games. The Games Room disaster is a reminder of how important this rule is; no matter how much your bug may plea or beg, it is best to keep the video games put away.

Instead, try keeping your bug entertained by giving them the Altador Cup Board Game. It seems, like the rest of Neopia, they are quite fond of the Altador Cup. When given the board game, they will spend endless hours playing it... This is definitely an essential for preserving the peace (and your video games)!


In conclusion, do not panic or let your frustration get the best of you if you decided to take one of these purple bugs home! They may be menacing, but they are also quite loving. If you follow my advice when caring for your bug, you will find yourself very grateful that you took yours home.

Note: This article may or may not have been funded by the Hanso Fan Club and the Roo Island Gummy Dice Industry Council.

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