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10 Ways to Turn a Bad Day into a Good One

by pinkpaint


Having a Grey Day? Look no further!

10 ways to turn a bad day, into a good one, neo-style.

That elusive Plushie Paint Brush just inflated another million odd neopoints. Your best friend on Neo has decided to quit. You wasted another 100k on the Wheel of Extravaganza only to receive absolutely nothing for your money again. You were supposed to trade for your 'dream pet' but the trader backed out last minute. Boochi zapped your beautiful Maraquan into a now hideous Baby. The Pant Devil took some of your hard earned NP, for NO reason. You forgot to buy a few Gift Box Capsules while they were in the NC Mall and now have to wait weeks before they are released again so you can move that darling background from your side account to your main... Any of this sound familiar?


So you're having a grey day. What now?

Well, I'm here to share with you 10 ways in which I guarantee will cheer you up, neo-style! None of these should burn holes in your pockets either, unlike that evil Wheel of Extravagance...

1. Visit the rainbow pool and look up the Mutant Gnorbu.

This guy will have you at least smiling if not giggling at the sight of his big boggle eyes and drooling chin. I don't know exactly what makes them so lovable but seeing this guy always cheers me up. Now if you're one of those weirdos who doesn't get a kick out of gawking at mutants, visit the petpet rainbow pool and look up the Slorg. Slorgs have one of the happiest most infectiously-contagious smiles you will ever come across. Don't believe me? Try it out then get back to me! (WARNING: Zombie Slorgs might not have quite the same effect).

2. Read your pet a book!

There are thousands of books in Neopia, some of which cost as little as 1 NP on the shop wizard, Neopian Times Issue 3 is a good example. The best thing about reading to your pets is that they will almost always say something about how great you are! And as if this wasn't reason enough to read to your doting Neopet, he or she will also gain intelligence and could one day go from being 'average' to being a (cue deep voice) ULTIMATE GENIUS. Again, I don't know about you, but it'd sure cheer me up to know my pets aspired to be not only a regular genius, but an ULTIMATE one! 8D

3. Spin the Wheel of Slime!

This wheel can be found in the games section and is not only free to spin but will always award you with a prize, a sum of neopoints to be precise! The amount depends on what you land on but any amount of free NP always tend to make me smile! Say no to that evil Wheel of Extravagance, say no to pouring your hard earned NP down the proverbial sink and say YES to free NP! Yes!

4. Whack a Kass!

Give Kass Basher a go and release some of that tension or anger by trying to whack that little plushie Kass as far as he will go. Kass Basher is easy and it's actually quite amusing just to sit back and watch your Kass plummet through the air -full speed ahead- before he falls to the ground and skids along bouncing in the mud. I'll never understand why, but it's always nice to muse at others' misfortune, in our case the plushie Kass's, isn't it? While playing Kass Basher you might even be able to earn a few NP. Gotta love win-win situations like these, all the more reason to smiiiile!

5. Enter the Caption Contest!

Check the news to see if a new CC has started and then head over to try your luck in entering a few of your own captions for the current picture. This is always a really fun way to occupy your time and thinking up great one liners could be just the thing you need to turn your bad day into a good one. Your caption just might get displayed for all to read and you could be well on your way to adding a shiny to trophy to your cabinet, all for a bit of fun!

6. Dress your pet up!

If you've got some NP to spare, you might like to consider buying a few new neopoint-wearables to add to your closet, but if not you could always hop on over to the NC Mall and play around with the preview features and dress your pet up in all kinds of interesting costumes! I always enjoy trying to create themes for my pet's customization; sometimes I choose my favorite movie, or a fictional character from a novel and just sit for ages mixing and matching at the mall. You could take a screenie of the outfits you like and display them on your petpages for fun!

7. Commiserate!

Talk to the Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity. He lives in Faerieland and can be found lazing in the tree smack-bam on the middle of the map. He's small but he's also blue so you should be able to make him out against his green leafy surroundings. Tell him your woes; after all he does look a little sad himself. I'm sure he can commiserate! He may even give you a little something to cheer you up. If you're really lucky, your pets might be so excited by the visit that they forget they're hungry! Which will also save you the NP you'd spend feeding them? Win-win, amiright? :D

8. Hang with the Tombola Guy!

This happy chap will always give you a free ticket in his Tiki Tack Tombola game, and if nothing else, we all love a free ticket! Tombola Guy also happens to have one of those infectious smiles, much like that of the slorg. So even if you don't win anything with your freebie, you'll at least leave his hut with a smile that only a carved-out-wooden-mask-face-thing can induce. Oh and if you look really sad when he tells you that your ticket is a loser, he might even give you a booby prize! Everyone knows that a booby prize is better than no prize at all.

9. Browse the Art Gallery!

The Art Gallery always cheers me up, no matter how lousy I feel. Seeing the creativity of other Neopians is a real treat and there are hundreds of pages of pictures in there now so you can sit there for hours taking in the sights of all kinds of wonderful art. This might even inspire you to draw or make something creative for your own pets, which is another past time that I personally enjoy and suggest to anyone who has been discouraged by inflated MP prices or rejected adoption applications. Spending time on the pets you currently have can be just as rewarding as creating or adopting a new pet.

10. And last, but by no means least: Read the Neopian Times!

Take a gander at Neopia's best-selling newspaper! The NT is known for its engaging stories, its entertaining articles (like this one! ;P) and its side splitting comics. So why not take a break from the stresses of your day? Just sit back with your fave beverage and a cookie and treat yourself to some much needed quiet time.

Happy Grey Day, everyone!

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