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Interviewing Light and Dark - a Selection of Items

by dimitraaa


Fire can't light up in a place with water. Silence can never dominate a room full of noise. A train cannot move on the same track as another one. It's the same with light and dark; when there's light, there can never be dark. And when there's dark, there can never be light (well, light bulbs can prove our statement wrong if we take it literally, but we're just talking metaphorically here).

To prove our point, we decided to interview two of the most contradicting Neopians: Hades, a Halloween Grundo, and Faye, a Faerie Uni. We thought of five questions, each one asking the two participants to pick an affordable and an expensive item of their own liking, and called them to set the time and place for the interview. We decided to use a neutral meeting point, something that no one out of the two would feel uncomfortable with. And that would be something not even close to Faerieland, where Faye lived, and far away from the Haunted Woods, the home of Hades.

That place was - of course - something in the middle; the Lost Desert. We decided to rent the Scratchcard Kiosk inside Sakhmet for the interview (keep it a secret, but we didn't have enough money to rent a place inside the city's palace).

We decided to interview Faye and Hades both at the same time and not each one alone so that we could see if one's views would contradict the other's and how each one would react if they didn't agree with the other's point. So here it is, the full and detailed interview of the month: Interview with the Light and the Dark.

Neopian Times: Hello Faye, hello Hades.

Hades: Should I feel offended that this pony's name was called before mine or was it just a coincidence?

Faye: Oh please, Hades. It's been eight years and you still haven't changed. - rolls eyes -

H: Well, I am sorry that I have to protect my social image but you know, it is partially offensive when the god of War and Darkness is the second one to be presented, shown after a pony faerie.

NT: - whispers -guys, guys, please, we haven't even started yet - coughs - (in a normal voice): Okay, Faye and Hades, or Hades and Faye! We have an interview to do. Are you ready to start?

H&F: (both at the same time, looking at each other in an antagonizing way) Yes.

NT: Okay so, my first question for you is, which is your favourite Neopian book? State an affordable and an expensive one of your liking, but note that your affordable choice should not get past 10.000 NP.

H: Oh, this is easy for me. I'll go first.

For the affordable one, I'd pick the Ancient Tales of Horror. I remember I read this book two years ago and I have to admit I had the chills; and if I, as the manly Hades that I am, got scared, imagine what would happen if some weakling like this sparkling faerie, Faye, reads it. - laughs -

For my expensive one, I would choose the Book of Bones for sure. Whoever has this masterpiece in their hands is surely one lucky Neopian, and I won't explain why; you have to save up and read it.

F: - sighs and looks at Hades – How can you even read those things? Anyway, to the point. I've read some good books for sure!

One of my favourite affordable books was of course Illusens Leaf. Illusen is one of my role models, she is a walking example of both wisdom and kindness gathered in one human, so this book explains all about her leaf and its uses.

For my expensive book choice, I will pick Fancy Fyora. You know how much I love my Faerie friends, and Fyora is surely one of them, so a book talking about her and the secrets that keep her young and lively is one I sure want to mention.

H: Faeries, faeries, Faye, this stuff is for children.

F: Please, Hades. Mind your own business.

NT: *cough cough*

H&F: (both look down) Sorry.

NT: Okay now, for the next question, pick your favourite foods in Neopia; again, you have to pick an affordable and an expensive one.

F: Oh, this is really easy. As a veteran of the Gourmet Club, I won't need to think the slightest bit to answer this.

Can drinks considered food too? Well, in that case, I love having a hot cup of some Vanilla Flavoured Borovan. With a recipe used in the Old Shenkuu Temple, this product, made in the Shops of Neopia, is a great way to start your day or calm down after a long day of work.

An expensive plate I love is that of a Uni Salad. Of course, what else could a Uni love? It's the perfect opening dish for a full meal, made by a team of well known gourmet Uni chefs of the finest restaurants in Neopia.

H: I think mine are way better and way more tasty.

F: Well, I am pretty sure they are not at all.

H: Please, wait and see.

To start with, a really good affordable dish is of course a hot bowl of Jhudora Eyeball Pasta. Everyone knows I hate faeries; but when it comes to the dark faerie, the Queen of them All – Jhudora – I just can't hide how much I appreciate her and her work.

An expensive food I really like are Sloth Neggs. Oh please, Sloth? I love this guy, he's so evil, a true genius. So I will definitely buy anything that has to do with him. He's my man, he's the man.

NT: Okay now, what is your favourite petpet? You know the deal, I don't have to repeat again.

(They both look like they're thinking.)

NT: Well? Nobody wants to start?

F: Oh, I will.

For my affordable pick, I'll say one of the best petpets is the Eizzil. Who can resist this little guy?

For my expensive pick, I will have to say I love the little Moltenore. Although these little monsters are not the most suitable hug buddies, you can't deny they're one of the cutest ones in Neopia.

H: Well, Faye, watch and learn; when you're picking which petpets to play with you have to choose the strong and fierce ones.

My affordable choice is surely the Wuzzle. Look at a Wuzzle. You just get intimidated (like the French would say), tout de suite!

And for my expensive choice, I would pick, -what else- the king of petpets, the great Bartamus. As a petpet related to the mighty Jhudora, you better start being her slave if you ever want to get close to one.

NT: For our next picks, you should choose two of your favourite toys.

H: But I don't play with toys...

(Faye looks at him all bothered.)

H: Fine, fine, I will just mention some toys I know.

About the affordable toy, I would pick a Fiery Dance Ribbon. If you're too young, don't play with this.

Well, the expensive toy I know is of course a Spite Doll. I heard that it can wake up during the night and hurt you if you don't take good care of it on a daily basis. That's full of suspense, I love it.

F: Well, I think I win in this category. My toys are way better.

For an affordable pick, I'd say an Island Kacheek Yoyo is more than good. I love island pets and I love Kacheeks, what else can I say!

An expensive toy choice would be a shiny Siyana Doll. No comments on this one, it's just really, really pretty and... light.

NT: Okay, well, now, for our last question. What is your choice of the best Paint Brush in the whole Neopia? Well, this time you can only pick one, because -chuckles- most Paint Brushes are expensive anyway. Note that you cannot state your own color!

H: Oh please, we already know what Faye will pick!

F: Oh and what is it, Hades?

H: Well, it's surely a Baby Paint Brush I can say.

F: For your information, I was not about to pick that one.

My choice is definitely the Maraquan Paint Brush. I would love to be a Maraquan myself, but I do not want to leave my faerie queens unattended! Besides, I have a friend who has a friend whose mother's sister...

(Hades interrupts Faye)

H: Yes, yes, so what is your point?

F: Well, you didn't let me finish. That friend was painted Maraquan a couple years ago, and she said she is really enjoying life under the sea in Maraqua. I would love to visit her one day. Her name is..

(Hades interrupts Faye again)

H: Yes, yes anyway, no one wants to hear your story really.

(Faye rolls her eyes)

H: Anyway, about my Paint Brush choice.

It's the Shadow Paint Brush. Who can not like a Shadow Paint Brush? There's something so dark, so beautiful about it. Even silly Cybunnies look fierce painted Shadow. If I weren't this God of Halloween, I would love to be a Shadow Grundo and scare little unattended baby Kacheeks.

NT: Well, dear guests, I guess that will do it. Thanks for coming here today, thanks for answering my questions, now our readers definitely know how to pick some of the best Light and Dark items in Neopia.

H: Well, tell your guests to pick my items if they want to be fully satisfied.

F: -sighs- Hades, Hades, you will never change. Be more polite.

H: Oh, you want to see polite? Let's fight!

F: Ladies do not start fights, I'm afraid.

H: Oh, now they will.

- The rest was edited out as my guests started a slight fight afterwards and I figured it was none of my readers' business. So, Neopians, thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed the selection of the finest Light and Dark items in Neopia. Maybe someday, and if it is enough requested, we can do another article similar to this with two completely different personalities of Neopia.

Until then,


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