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Why MAGAX Should Be In A Plot

by kila__94


When I first saw the Faeries' Ruin plot, and discovered the chapter where it was stated that Hubrid Nox caused the Faeries to turn to stone, my initial reaction was, "YES!! FINALLY!!! MAGAX WILL PROBABLY GET INVOLVED!!!"

But as it turned out, it was just Xandra in disguise.

But what really bugs me is the main characters didn't even TRY to go to Magax, HUBRID NOX'S ARCH ENEMY and say, ASK FOR HIS HELP.

Oh, but that would've made sense! After all, surely Hubrid Nox's castle was surrounded by UNDEAD GUARDS THAT ORDINARY WEAPONS CAN'T DAMAGE!!!!

Sounds like a job for the only known Neopian with the ability to do damage to Hubrid's hosts.

Gee, isn't that what MAGAX is known for?

Plus, Magax would've jumped at the chance to redeem himself and gain the Faerie's forgiveness.

"'You still seek redemption for your past?' Nox said, his form all but lost in the storm clouds. 'Don't you know there is no forgiveness for you, Magax? The Faeries will never forgive the crimes you committed against them.'

'Perhaps,' Magax said, readying his weapon. 'But I have to try.' " (TNT Neopedia "Magax")

Luckily, Hubrid Nox returned as a ghost, so there's still hope for Magax being in a plot.

Now, why is it important for Magax to be in a plot?

After all, he's got a game, and avatar, a stamp, a couple plushies, a Neopedia article, a trading card and TCG card, not to mention he's been in the advent calendar and caption contest. What difference would a plot make?

All the difference.

Think about Dr. Sloth.

You know, the guy Neopians always spoke about everywhere they went until he got trapped within the Space Faerie's pendant?

He was introduced through the "Arrival of Virtupets" plot, mentioned and hinted in "The Ski Lodge Murder Mystery", returned as main villain in "Brucey B. and the Lucky Coin", was part of the "Neopet version 2" plot, AND finally, "Return of Dr. Sloth".

He also was involved in many Random events that could happen to random Neopians, and there was much controversy over what exactly he is. (Personally, I believe he is a mutated form of an Earth animal known as a sloth, but it would seem ideas that make sense are unpopular in Neopia.)

And that's not counting the other references made to him, including a fake "Hannah and the Ice caves" ending where Dr. Sloth attacked Hannah for replacing his plot, and in "The Tale of Woe" when Sophie tests a potion on her Meowclops, making it look like Dr. Sloth with a Meowclops head.

That's about 7 plots with and/or mentioning Dr. Sloth..

Magax has been in... zero.

Gee, could that be why Dr. Sloth is more famous than Magax?

It also is probably why if you search the "Neopian Times" for "Magax" or "Dr. Sloth" Dr. Sloth will have more results than Magax.

Plots are what turns Neopians attention to certain heroes or villains.

"Alright the," I hear some say, "So why does Magax deserve to be in a plot?"

He's hardcore!

He's a Neopian example of an anti-hero. Let's look at what the Neopedia says about him.

"He is Magax, and his soul is older than the tallest trees, older than the greatest mountains. As he floats through the graveyard, he remembers the Vow he made, and the powers that Vow gave him ... For centuries, he was Neopia's greatest threat, a villain without equal... but all of that is behind him now. He is a changed Wocky. Never again would he embrace the darkness...

Even on the darkest night, his eyes could see as clear as noon. In the heart of a clamourous battle, he could hear a cricket chewing on a leaf....

Magax summoned his Darklight Axe once again. 'I was once your slave,' he said [to Hubrid Nox], 'but no more!'" (TNT Neopedia "Magax")

Ignoring the fact that crickets are not native to Neopia, we can see he has some pretty cool powers, turned from evil to good (a classic trait of an anti-hero) and may possibly even be immortal (well, he can still be killed, he just doesn't die of age) Plus, he's got a glowing battle axe that materializes out of nowhere.

Yet, even though he has reformed, he obviously has not impressed the Faeries, as his name is still in the villains section of the Neopian pronunciation guide, and he is not yet in the Gallery of Heroes.

However, there is some hope, since he does not appear in the gallery of evil.

Now, how is it possible for him to be in a plot now?

Hubrid Nox is still floating around as a ghost, remember? Perhaps he has some spell he can trick someone into casting that will bring him back from the grave. Or, he could blackmail someone into doing it. Or he could have some follower, or another villain could do it, etc.

It's also possible a new enemy could pop up, such as an old pupil of Hubrid's. This pupil could even know Magax.

Or some other villain during a battle could make the fatal mistake of driving a hero into the graveyard, only to be surprised to find the young hero suddenly aided by none other than Magax. (Because let's face it, everyone knows the Graveyard has been used for many plots, yet Magax has been left out. That's just mean)

Or maybe Hubrid Nox could just decide being a ghost isn't going to stop him from trying to take over Neopia.

Really TNT, I don't care HOW you do it, just make a plot with Magax in it, and make it a GOOD ONE! The last thing anyone wants is a crummy plot.

Now, why do I care?

Ever since I first read his Neopedia article, I've been a big fan of Magax, even though I'm not very good at the game.

I also started a Magax fan guild, that currently holds six members. Also, there have been Neopians who submitted fan art of him to the Neopian art contest. So he does have fans who do know who he is.

Maybe TNT should respond to that, seeing as angry mobs aren't as nice as people throwing food at them on editorial boards.

Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating about the angry mob part, but hey, it would be a really cool plot, and maybe we could finally see his battle technique, instead of just "float, zap, float, zap, float...."

Really, Magax deserves an incredibly epic plot, with a deep storyline, amazing graphics, and some sort of hint as to why the Faeries are so ticked off at him.

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