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Cater For Your Pet in the Month of Eating

by foxo11


Celebrating the Month of Eating is generally a cause for overindulgence, bulgy tummies and sugar overload. However studies show that letting your neopets take part in this yearly occurrence doesn't have to be a belly ache; choose the right foods and your pet could be on the way to setting up healthy habits for life! The important thing to remember is that eating healthy does not mean that you can't enjoy any more of your favourite greasy, sugary treats. The key here is the wonderful 'm' word: moderation! It's all about making smart choices and only having small amounts of the not-so-healthy foods and enjoying a wide variety of the healthier ones.

Warning: Exercise extreme moderation!

Which pet can resist a good old fashioned slab of chocolate cake? Or stuffing their face with a sausage and chips hotdog? The bad news is their body will be quietly moaning to itself every time they gulp down another fatty or sugary food. Too much fat in Neopia's diet will lead to pudgy Eyries unable to lift off and lazy kacheeks too tired to play. Try to only allow your pet only one serving of sweets or fats a day- but for your pet's sake make sure it's one of their favourites!

Eat Moderately

Do you want your pet to grow up big and strong? Don't forget to include lots of dairy! Recommended choices would be options like low fat Kau's milk, gooey yogurt, fragrant ummagcheese, organic string cheese or a nice and creamy banana split smoothie. Dairy foods help to keep your pets' bones solid and strong! Another food to enjoy moderately is anything with some good ol' fashioned fishies in it. Maybe give the butterfish a toss, but almost every fish has lots of vitamins and healthy oils to keep your pet fighting fit. Also included in this category is any nice and lean meat- the less fat on it, the better for your pet. Don't hesitate to grill up a flavorsome steak for dinner!

Eat Lots!

Think of these as the 'wonder' foods- choose the best tasting and fresh ones, and soon your pet's coat will be glowing, their body will be thriving and fighting against illness, and the healthy boom-da-boom of their heart will be a glowing reminder of your work as an owner. As I'm sure most of you readers would know, top up on the fruits and vegetables! Lussion fruit is well known to be one of the sweetest fruits in Neopia, so a couple of these will sure to be enough to meet any pet's daily sugar fix. Novafruit makes for a nice light snack, and the tangy nolafruit will add a nice zest to dessert.

As for the vegetables, DON'T FORGET THE ASPARAGUS! Asparagus is the favourite of many, many Neopians and is the key ingredient of borovan, which even has an entire day devoted to it. If you're not going to munch down on those succulent green stalks, don't forget to have some carrot pie, a lettuce and tomato baguette, or maybe a scrumptious spicy radish salad. There are literally hundreds of fruits and vegetables to choose from, all delicious on their own or in sandwiches, salads, pies and soups. I also have some good news for all you nutty Neopians- stock up on the nuts! Peanuts, almonds, chestnuts and more can give you a great kick of nutrients that you just can't find in many foods.

Special Requirements

The best thing about nutrition is that you can easily adapt it to suit your pet; there's always something you can substitute for another.

For the vegetarian pets: Just swap their roast meat for an asparagus protein smoothie, and maybe take some iron supplements or give them plenty of leafy green vegetables to keep their blood nice and healthy. The lentil and bean hotdog from Hubert's Hotdogs was specially made for vegetarian Neopians!

For the vegans out there: Tofu is regularly available in Neopia, and can even be bought in the Organic form. Using it as a substitute for animal products means that your pet doesn't have to miss out on too many foods. Make sure that they get plenty of sunlight to give their bodies some vitamin D, and serve them up with lots of lentils and beans. There's no reason why your vegan pet can't have a tasty-licious diet!

The baby Neopets: Make sure your baby Neopet drinks plenty of milk to keep their little body growing and growing. If they're old enough, plain Kau's milk is more than fine. It's best to give them nice and mushy foods, as it could be quite difficult to eat anything without teeth. Baby food comes in great flavours like avocado, blueberry, pea and ham, forest fruit and even strawberries and cream. Just remember- a well fed baby is a happy baby!

Pets with allergies: If you give your pet and they have any kind of bad reaction to it, don't hesistate to take them to the Neopian hospital to get them tested! Finding out any allergies early will stop any headaches down the track and possible health scares. Remember, allergies can be life-threatening so make sure you check that any food you give your pet is safe.

In summary

Remember, proper nutrition isn't about going on crazy diets or never eating your favourite foods ever again. The key is moderation! Moderation, moderation, moderation! As long as you don't go overboard with giving your pets treats, they can look forward to a healthy body and feel great. Don't forget to give them a nice wide variety in what they eat from day to day to ensure your pets will get every nutrient their active bodies need. On a closing note, remember that being healthy usually involves healthy eating and exercise going hand in hand. So after their salad sandwich, send them out with their friends to play a friendly game of tag or gormball. So enjoy your Month of Eating, Neopians, and don't forget to make the right choices for your pet!

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