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The 10 Greatest April Fools In Neopia

by malebranche


So everyone and their Neopet has played an April Fools joke on somebody, from the simple Whoopie Cushion on Grandma's chair to the hair dye in the shampoo. But have you ever wondered who the greatest pranksters in Neopia are... the masters of trickery... the Kings of comedy?

Here for your enjoyment, for the first time ever, is the top ten list of Neopian Pranks. Who tricked whom and the full extents of the comedic results... take a seat, make sure to check for tacks first, and let the mirth begin.

The list will run from ten to one in the grand tradition of countdowns... hopefully one of your favourites is here... who will be the number one... read on and see.

Please be aware that there is no written documentation to support these tales and may in fact be the work of fiction... or indeed an April Fools themselves.

Number 10: Sloth and the Grundos... Make mine a Kreludor.

Now everyone knows of the love/hate relationship between Sloth and the Grundos. Yep, they both love to hate each other but never more so for those poor Grundos than that one fateful April 1st many years ago. Sloth was bored of torturing one Grundo at a time... he needed more... a grand statement. Then it hit him and April Fools would be the time. Posters were plastered across the station announcing the opening of a new theme park on Kreludor and that the lucky ones would be free to go and enjoy the rides. Those chosen would be free to leave after and never return to his service. The Grundos lined up in the thousands on the big day... ships were waiting to take them away. As they landed on Kreludor, you can imagine the look of horror on their faces as they saw the mine... and the sheer look of pleasure on Sloth's face as he enjoyed their torment. My, how he loved April Fools.

Number 9: Fyora and Jhudora... Hair today and gone tomorrow.

Blondes have more fun... apparently. But do you remember when Fyora had lovely yellow locks? No? Thought not. Many years ago the Faerie Queen was so proud of her golden style that she would drive the other Faeries mad... Jhudora was the most annoyed believing that she had the most glorious look so decided to use the old hair dye trick. The day of trickery came and Fyora headed to her watery sanctum to groom... little knowing what lay in store. The screams could be heard around the planet as Fyora caught sight of her purple head. The faeries laughed till they hurt until the full extent of the trickery was realised. A reaction between dye and magic meant that this was permanent and never again would the Faerie queen be shining like the sun. Fyora banned April Fools jokes in Faerieland as punishment, but Jhudora could live with that.

Number 8: Jimmi and Woogy... See Saw what you made me do.

You love Hasee Bounce, don't you? Well, these best friends did and would compete every day to see who the best bouncer was and who could lift their friend the highest. Both thought they were the best, so Woogy came up with a plan to prove he was the best. The week before April Fools Day, Woogy announced to his friend that he was unwell and was going to rest up for a while. What Jimmi did not know was that his friend was actually spending the week bulking up. You could not imagine the quantity of Doughnutfruits that young Hasee shoved down his neck that week. April 1st arrived and the friends agreed to meet up for a spot of bouncing. As Jimmi waited in excitement for his first bounce in a week, he could not of foreseen what was about to happen. Young Woogy hit the see saw with the force of an Elephante... catapulting his friend ever skyward. As Jimmi finally fell back to the ground, shaken and confused, he was treated to the sight of a double rainbow of Doughnutfruits all across the sky as the toll of one to many tasty treats finally made Woogy's stomach pay the price.

Number 7: Kikos... Can you see my bottom?

Visitors to Kiko Lake have enjoyed the glass bottom boat trips for many years. That is till the time a group of sneaky Kikos decided to play their April Fools Joke. They carefully painted a large picture and fastened it to the underside of the glass boat. A sheet was laid over the top and they waited for the fun to begin. As they got to the middle of the lake with each new group of visitors they invited one to remove the sheet to begin the tour. They laughed till their sides hurt each and every time a group of visitors leapt screaming from the boat and swam for the shore after believing they saw the Giant Slug Monster swimming jaws open towards them... good times.

Number 6: The Mystery Island Mystic... Fortune favors the everyone?

Telling people their fortune day after day was becoming tedious. He wanted to spice things up a bit for them and more especially for himself. So the idea popped into his head and he waited for the day of joking to carry it out. So every visitor that day was pleased to hear that they would win the Lottery and these were the winning numbers. Everyone left in excitement and rushed to buy a ticket... the Mystic laughing to himself every time he thought of it. But by a twist of fate as the numbers were drawn that day his prediction came true and everyone did win the Lottery, each and every lucky winner getting exactly 1 NP each.

Number 5: The Snowager... Snow way, free gifts.

The Snowager was mad. Why should people get to steal his hard stolen treasure? He should get to blast them all as was his right. He couldn't help it if he needed a lot of beauty sleep, so a plan hatched in his head to have himself a day of zapping. After placing a sign stating "Visiting relatives, back tomorrow," he began to consume copious amounts of Neocola... sleep was for babies, he thought. Then he waited in silence for the greedy Neopets to come help themselves to his precious. The looks on their faces filled him with joy every time he popped up and blasted them. Sadly the joke was on him later that day when 5000 cans of Neocola took their toll and he ended up taking a two hour toilet break and lost more treasure than normal.

Number 4: The Brain Tree... I is edumacated.

For years the Brain Tree had taxed the brains of Neopia with his questions but was tired of everyone getting them right. He was smarter than them and chose April 1st to make his point. He had a strategy... a fool proof plan to beat each and everyone. What was this plan, you ask. Were his questions so hard that no amount of help from the Esophagor or anyone else could guide them? On the contrary. His questions were so absurd that there really wasn't an answer. "What color is blue?" "What is the square root of Kreludor?" All day long visitors would try and fail his quests and he loved it... who was the smartest now he thought to himself and chuckled.

Number 3: Smugglers Cove Pirates... The best offence is a good vegetable?

Profits were low and they hadn't had a good laugh in many a year. So those sneaky Pirates came up with a plan to increase both. The day of japes came and a carefully worded sign was placed outside the cove... "Stock now available 250 Dubloons each... one per customer." They positioned themselves on the cliffs above and waited for the fun to begin. One by one they watched the neopets enter the cove... leave their Dubloons and exit with a CARROT. Yes, a carrot... certainly not a Super Attack Carrot... just a carrot was what they got. But the humorous part for the Pirates was watching as they all tried to work out how this supposedly powerful item would help them in battle. Waving them back and forth in the air like some powerful wand, then scratching their heads in confusion. Now that was a good day... profits through the roof and a tale to keep them smiling through the long days at sea.

Number 2: Turmaculus... Pass me a Petpet and I will pass you one.

Everyone knows Turmaculus and his famous appetite but not many know of his amazing stomach. It is this that he decided to use one April morn to shock and amaze the visitors from Neopia. Now normally having your petpet eaten by the giant is a rarity, but on this day all who visited were shocked and amazed by the fact that he ate every single one. Neopets by their hundreds stood open mouthed as it seemed his appetite had gone into overdrive. They were even more shocked and amazed at what happened next as Turmaculus put his extraordinary stomach into action and as quick as they had been devoured, a steady stream of petpets emerged unscathed from an opening at the other end. And thus the first Dung petpets were created... or at least that is how the story goes.

Number 1: Meepits... On Neopia no one can hear you scream.

Meepits were the cutest and friendliest petpets on Neopia... everyone knew that. Everybody wanted one to love and adore and dress up in pretty clothes. They were groomed and petted and treated like little dolls; they could do no wrong in the eyes of Neopia and they loved the attention. Then came that fateful April Fools day, a meeting had been held and as a joke the Meepits agreed to act Ebil for the day. They would run amok, causing mayhem and mischief wherever they went. Neopians ran in fear from the once angelic petpets, wondering what had happened to their beloved pets. Chaos ensued and everything that went wrong that day was blamed on them. As the day drew to an end, a strange thing happened; the Meepits loved it. They still got the attention they craved, but they also had the excitement of fear and the freedom to do what they wanted when they wanted. They decided to keep up the charade and be known for their more malevolent behavior. Who would have thought that Meepits were warm, fuzzy, loveable petpets?

So there you have it, the greatest April Fools on Neopia. These were voted for by a cross section of well bribed... I mean well respected Neopians and not manipulated in any way.

Some noteable entries that just missed the list were:

11: Free Draik egg to every 100th customer.

12: What's that in my omelet?

13: Nigel the Chia and the Philosopher's stone.

14: The Pant Devil ate my Plushies.

Hopefully one of your favorites was on the list... if not you know where to send the bribe next time and have a great April Fools Day.

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