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Top 10 Wearables for your Grey Pet: Neopoint Edition

by sychologist


Every customizer that does not have access to the NC Mall knows this feeling; you just got a new pet and you have no idea what to do with them customisation-wise because neocash is out of your reach. You run to the customisation boards for those helpful people to give you tips, but maybe you still aren't sure about exactly what it is you want.

Grey pets are very fun to customize and even when neocash isn't an option, there are still dozens of ways to customize your grey! Just because you might not be able to customize your pets with NC Items doesn't mean that there's not plenty of other options out there for you. Please note that this article will only include multi-species wearables (and I tried to include a little bit of every customisation zone) but there are many species specific wearables that would match a grey theme perfectly well!

10. A Grey Day Background

Estimated cost at the time of this article: 20,000 neopoints.

Lupe, Peophin, Acara, or Krawk - whatever kind of grey Neopet you're trying to customize, this background is universal for all of them! It matches their depressing looks and their bleak colors and your grey Neopet will match it perfectly. There aren't many colors at all in this background, and all of the colors in it are very drained out and - well - grey, just like your pet. The best part of it all is that this wearable background is actively available for a very nice, cheap price on the shop wizard.

9. Cover of Darkness Foreground

Estimated cost at the time of this article: 140,000 neopoints.

This is another very dark wearable that will give your Neopet a very dark and mysterious look, which matches the demeanor of your grey pet perfectly. This is a foreground piece which means you can put it on your pet over any background of your choice and continuously switch out your background, but this foreground will effectively make any background you choose look darker and more mysterious and as such, is a perfect fit for your grey Neopet. This was a reward for completing Day 7 of the 2010 Games Master Challenge and since it's no longer available through that method, you can only purchase this foreground off of other users through the trading post.

8. Shenkuu Silhouette Background

Estimated cost at the time of this article: 43,000 neopoints.

This is another background choice for any grey Neopet. This background is described as "the perfect midnight view" and gives off a perfect isolated, lonely, and mysterious feel that will undoubtedly compliment your grey. The silhouettes and shadows of Shenkuu in the background will put the spotlight on your grey Neopet sitting in the center of the room, and the only real color in this background is the faded yellow of the moon in the very far background which provides a very cool eerie and creepy effect. This can also be bought on the shop wizard for a very reasonable price. There are also a number of other "Silhouette" themed backgrounds available for purchase and you can freely mix and match until you've found one that suits your grey pet the best.

7. Beautiful Columns Foreground

Estimated cost at the time of this article: 200,000 neopoints.

While this might not be the obvious choice for grey customisations, this foreground will successfully create a very beautiful and a sad ceremonial feel to your customisation if used properly! Besides, who says all grey customisations need to be dark and scary, right? These beautiful columns will successfully frame your grey Neopet and the grey of the columns will match their grey color, but at the same time the purple flowers provide a touch of color without being too over powerful. Many neopoint-bought backgrounds will match this foreground well and create a very successful combination for your grey pet, just mix and match until you've found the perfect one.

6. Fancy Frock Coat

Estimated cost at the time of this article: 12,000 neopoints.

Your pet can't go around without a coat of some kind in this temperamental spring weather, and the Fancy Frock Coat is not only stylish and very affordable, but it's also a very nice wearable for grey Neopets. We've all had that problem where we're trying to dress grey pets but everything we try is either too bright or too frilly and completely throws off the rest of our grey customisations. Luckily, this coat doesn't do any of those things! It is red and black with gold buttons and goes with the grey theme perfectly, and at the same time it will provide color (red) so that your customisation isn't completely grey and black and white. And since the red is a darker color as well, it adds a splash of color to your customisation without being too over powerful (grey pets don't want to walk around in the bright and happy "My Sisters Frilly Skirt", after all.)

5. Broken Heart Tombstone

Estimated cost at the time of this article: 2,000 neopoints.

This is what is referred to in customisation as a "trinket" piece. Trinkets are little extras that you can add to customisations that might not seem like much from the outside but can go a long way in telling your Neopet's story. This Broken Heart Tombstone will do just that. It is a very cheap and inexpensive wearable add-on that you can purchase for around 2,000 neopoints on the shop wizard. Just why is your pet so grey and sad? Could it be that they had their heart broken or underwent some extremely tragic event? If so, this broken heart tombstone can actively express that about them without taking away from their customisation or being "too much". In general, trinkets are a great way to add that final touch to a customisation, so be sure to experiment with all of the wonderful trinkets Neopets has to offer to see what fits your grey's story the best! My best suggestion is to use this trinket with a background that is dark or gray and themed outdoors.

4. Evil Garden Gnome Background

Estimated cost at the time of this article: 200,000 neopoints.

Not only does this background have a very "grey" look with its rolling clouds and a dark sky and a dark forest with evil gnomes popping out, but it's animated! How cool is that? This is one of the few animated customisation items that can be bought with neopoints, and it fits perfectly to any grey pet. This background also provides the occasional lightning flash in the sky which is a really nice addition considering the frightened and weary look of many grey pets. You can accompany this background with the "Cover of Darkness Foreground" for that extra dark and gloomy appeal, or just leave it as is.

3. Jazans Guyliner

Estimated cost at the time of this article: 400,000 neopoints.

This is a make-up wearable that will successfully darken your grey Neopet's eyelids/surrounding eye areas depending on the type of pet they are. It's a very subtle customisation piece; however, I am personally one for make-ups and face paints and even a final subtle addition of darkening around the eyes thanks to the guyliner can complete a customisation in my own opinion. It can also really bring out/emphasise the bloodshot red color of many Neopets' eyes, which is a very cool small effect.

2. Noxs Mansion Background

Estimated cost at the time of this article: 18,000 neopoints.

Again, this is a background made up of greys, reds, and golden browns a.k.a perfect colors to match the gray shades of your Neopet. The red of the stairs will help bring out that bloodshot red color of your Neopet's eyes as well and this is a good background to combine with the Fancy Frock Coat I mentioned earlier if you're in need of a fairly cheap and good looking customisation. Besides, your pet surely has a reason for being grey and depressed - they are trapped in Nox's mansion. You'd be pretty grey yourself if that were you; sources tell me Hubrid Nox is not a very friendly host.

1. Finally, any of the Ink Frames

Delicate Ink Frame: 29,000 neopoints

Dripping Ink Frame: 65,000 neopoints

Flower Ink Frame: 210,000 neopoints

Playful Ink Frame: 36,000 neopoints

Pumpkin Ink Frame: 65,000 neopoints

Scary Ink Frame: 20,000 neopoints

Wild Ink Frame: 11,000 neopoints

Seed Pod Ink Frame: 22,000 neopoints

All prices are estimates and written down at the time of this article.

You can use any one of these ink frames to finalize your customisation and for grey pets, they are perfect since they all either have a very elegant or very creepy look to them and you can pick and choose which frame best fits your Neopet's customisation and personality. They are all black so they will fit any grey / dark theme without adding too much color to off-set your grey pet. For your elegant greys, you have choices like the Delicate and Flower and Playful Ink Frames. For your greys that are more evil or mysterious or just plain old brooding, you have choices like the Dripping and Scary and Wild Ink Frames.

There you have it, Neopia. Ten customisation ideas that can be bought with your own neopoints, no neocash involved, in order to properly give your grey Neopet that will hopefully be able to emphasise their very greyness to the fullest. However, don't forget that there are constantly new backgrounds and new foregrounds being released all of the time, and there are dozens of more backgrounds and combinations available beyond the ones listed in this article. The only way to truly find out what customisation works best for you and your grey Neopet is to keep searching and trying new combinations until you've found one that really clicks for you and your pet.

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