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Scarblade's Pearl Personality Test

by theloverpokemonqueen


"Scarblade's Pearl Personality Test" says a sign on the door. You were just minding your own business when you stumbled upon it. Fascinated, you stopped to inspect the sign more carefully. You ARE a fan of Scarblade's Pearl, after all! Why else would you have stopped? Upon closer inspection, you find that below the first sentence it reads "Come in! All Neopians welcome!"

Curious, you open the door and step inside. Three neopets are seated around a table inside. One is a rather gentlemanly red Kyrii. Beside him is a rugged looking yellow Usul. And next to the Usul, looking slightly annoyed, is a pirate Shoyru wearing a beautiful gold necklace with a blue gem. You nearly catch your breath in disbelief. No, it couldn't be!

The Usul begins laughing, causing the Shoyru to turn away from him in a bit of a huff. As she turns, she seems to notice you out of the corner of her eye. Her head snaps around to look at you full on, and you jump ever so slightly.

"Oh, are you here for the test?" she asks. When she speaks, the Kyrii and Usul seem to suddenly notice you as well. Feeling rather odd with all of them staring at you, you nod your head. The Usul grins and crosses his arms behind his head.

"Well, it's about time someone showed up!" he exclaims with a grin. The Shoyru shoots him a glare while the Kyrii motions for you to sit down in the empty chair.

"Sorry. Garin's manners haven't been polished very well." he says, giving the Usul a look. Garin smiles and shrugs helplessly.

"Sorry, Jacques. We can't all be like you." he says.

Sighing, the Shoyru turns to you.

"Hello, my name is Princess__Nira, but you probably already know that AND my whole life story so I'll just skip this part and cut to the chase. This is a test compiled by a crazy Neopian named Roseliea who went through the trouble of interviewing each of the neopets featured in this test. Some of the answers will sound odd, but that's because they're not really from normal neopets. Unfortunately, Rose could not be here to host the test, so she dumped the whole thing on me."

Dazed by all the words being hurled at you at once, you almost don't notice as the Shoyru slips you a piece of paper.

"Here's your test, please answer honestly, blah blah blah."

"Wow. Such crafty words," says Garin teasingly. Nira rolls her eyes and kicks him under the table.

"Shut up," she mutters.

Realizing that the others are no longer paying you any attention, you decide to take a look at the paper Nira gave you.


Question 1: What is your favorite activity?

A. Spending time with friends

B. Making or playing instruments

C. Surfing

D. Helping others

E. Anything that harms the Maraquans in some way

F. Snooping and sneaking

G. Swimming

H. Bein' a pirate, of course!

I. Whatever pleases Scarblade

Question 2: What kind of food do you like most?

A. Anything but sushi

B. If it's edible, I'll eat it

C. Anything from Kelp restaurant

D. Does grog count?

E. Most fruits, especially tropical ones

F. Meat.

G. Island dishes

H. I... no longer have a sense of taste....

I. Dunno

Question 3: When facing an enemy, what is your first reaction?

A. Make sure to get the first strike!

B. Do your best to get out without resorting to violence

C. Taunt them while assessing their weaknesses

D. Remain cautious and ready to defend yourself

E. Call the authorities for help

F. Size up whether or not they are a threat

G. Act casually until the enemy shows threatening behavior

H. Take a defensive position and call on the guards

I. Stand your ground while calmly trying to find a solution

Question 4: What is your clothing style?

A. *chuckles darkly* Pirate style.

B. Whatever's suitable for surfing

C. Seaweed robes

D. Depends on my current assignment

E. A simple tunic, a pair of pants, and my favorite necklace

F. Just basic clothes and a bandana for me

G. There's not much to wear when you're Maraquan....

H. My style, of course!

I. I can't afford to have a style.

Question 5: Someone has just placed a plate of cookies before you. Quickly, what do you do?!

A. Politely take one and thank the server

B. Wait for the other person to tell you you can have one

C. Accept them of course! You never refuse a gift

D. Steal them all

E. Devour them all. You were starving!

F. Politely refuse. Cookies aren't really your thing

G. Refuse instantly. They could be poisoned!

H. Happily eat one. You love cookies!

I. Take a cookie in each hand, take a bite, and say thanks, mouth still full

Question 6: If you had 1,000,000 neopoints, what would you do with it?

A. Use it on things for your friends

B. Donate it

C. Spend it on your ship

D. Expand your music shop

E. Give it away; you don't need them

F. Give up the life of a pickpocket and leave Krawk Island forever

G. Use it to fund your Maraqua Destruction Project

H. Buy information that would interest your captain

I. You don't know

Question 7: What is your greatest wish?

A. To destroy all Maraqua once and for all

B. To protect your kingdom from any and all threats

C. To be loved

D. For your best friend to be happy

E. To be a Neopia-famous instrument maker and musician

F. To be the greatest pirate in Neopian history

G. To be forgiven for past mistakes

H. To be Scarblade's most trusted and high-ranked adviser

I. You don't know

Question 8: Garin is Awesome.

A. That's not a question.

B. ...what?! o_0

C. Where in Maraqua's name did that come from?!

D. *blinks* Oooookay....

E. What does that have to do with anything?!

F. Um... I guess...?

G. Never!

H. *facepalm*

I. *sly grin* Why thank you~

Question 9: What is your reaction when meeting someone for the first time?

A. Try to squeeze useful information out of them

B. Do your best to intimidate them

C. Give a cheerful "hello"

D. Welcome them and ask if they need help with anything

E. Smile and ask what they need

F. Politely introduce yourself

G. Remain cautious

H. Wave and introduce yourself

I. Give a sly grin; most people know who you are

Question 10: Where in Neopia would you most enjoy living?

A. In a nice house above your music shop

B. Anywhere but Krawk Island

C. In the Maraqua palace, of course!

D. The Black Pawkeet

E. The Revenge

F. At Scarblade's side

G. Your ship

H. Near your friends

I. On the beach at Mystery Island

Question 11: Your best friend is upset with you and you don't know why. What do you do?

A. Ask if they're alright

B. Look concerned and ask what's wrong

C. Ask what's up

D. Yeah, ask what's up

E. Wonder what you did NOW

F. Ask if everything's okay

G. Politely ask what they're upset about

H. You neither have, nor need friends

I. *smirk* You worry too much, Isca.

Question 12: How easily do you trust others?

A. I trust my loyal subjects

B. It depends on who I'm talking to

C. As long as they don't look shady, I don't have a problem

D. I'm a pretty good judge on trustworthiness

E. Where I come from, there's no need to question such things

F. Pretty easily, I guess

G. I don't really trust anyone.

H. No one can be trusted! Who knows when they'll turn on you?

I. Trust? HA! Who needs trust?

Question 13: Where do you stand concerning Maraqua?

A. *shrugs* Frankly, you don't care.

B. You will protect them with all you have, even if they hate you

C. One word: beautiful

D. It should be removed from the face of Neopia for all eternity

E. It's the greatest home you could ask for

F. A little wet for your taste, but you have nothing against it.

G. The most magnificent place in all Neopia

H. It's a nice place... so long as a certain Aisha doesn't nag you too much

I. You hate it

Question 14: If Captain Scarblade asked you to join his crew, what would you do?

A. Arrest him

B. o~o halp...

C. Tell him to stick it where the sun don't shine

D. Run

E. Flat out refuse

F. Do you really have a choice?

G. *sly grin* You're already part of his crew.

H. *laugh* Good one! Ask me a real question

I. *evil chuckle*

Question 15: Last but not least, which "Scarblade's Pearl" character do YOU think you are most like?

A. Young Nira

B. Nira

C. Scarblade

D. Rai

E. Alia

F. Lightning

G. King Kelpbeard III

H. Garin

I. Kavi


After checking all your answers, you realize there's a bit of text at the bottom. It reads "tally points on back". You flip the page over and see a whole new version of the test, one consisting of numbers.


Question 1: A=2 | B=4 | C=5 | D=6 | E=9 | F=8 | G=3 | H=7 | I=1

Question 2: A=4 | B=1 | C=6 | D=7 | E=2 | F=9 | G=5 | H=3 | I=8

Question 3: A=8 | B=3 | C=9 | D=2 | E=4 | F=1 | G=7 | H=6 | I=5

Question 4: A=9 | B=5 | C=6 | D=8 | E=2 | F=3 | G=4 | H=7 | I=1

Question 5: A=2 | B=3 | C=6 | D=9 | E=1 | F=5 | G=8 | H=4 | I=7

Question 6: A=5 | B=6 | C=7 | D=4 | E=2 | F=1 | G=9 | H=8 | I=3

Question 7: A=9 | B=6 | C=1 | D=5 | E=4 | F=7 | G=2 | H=8 | I=3

Question 8: A=5 | B=1 | C=6 | D=4 | E=2 | F=3 | G=9 | H=8 | I=7

Question 9: A=8 | B=9 | C=3 | D=4 | E=6 | F=2 | G=1 | H=5 | I=7

Question 10: A=4 | B=1 | C=6 | D=3 | E=9 | F=8 | G=7 | H=2 | I=5

Question 11: A=5 | B=4 | C=1 | D=2 | E=8 | F=3 | G=6 | H=9 | I=7

Question 12: A=6 | B=2 | C=4 | D=7 | E=5 | F=3 | G=1 | H=8 | I=9

Question 13: A=1 | B=2 | C=3 | D=4 | E=5 | F=6 | G=7 | H=8 | I=9

Question 14: A=6 | B=4 | C=5 | D=3 | E=2 | F=1 | G=8 | H=7 | I=9

Question 15: A=1 | B=2 | C=3 | D=4 | E=5 | F=6 | G=7 | H=8 | I=9


There is also a line at the bottom that says "write score here and turn in for results". So, you calculate your score, write it on the line, and pass it back to Nira. The Shoyru doesn't notice at first, as she is arguing with Garin, but flinches back when it slides close enough to touch her arm. She glances at it, then looks at you.

"Oh... I suppose you've finished. Just give me a moment."

Taking the paper, Nira leaves her seat and goes over to a wall where pictures of different neopets are hanging. Each one has a range of numbers beneath the picture and a stack of papers on the ground in front of them.

(If you scored 15) You are most like Young Nira!

Nira pauses in front of the picture of a young pirate Shoyru in tattered clothing. For a moment, she seems to be frozen as a statue. Garin is eying her uncertainly, while Jacques is looking tense. Taking one of the papers from the stack below, she walks to your side. For a moment, you see raw emotion in her eyes. Pain, sadness, suffering, and regret.

"You are most like Young Nira. Like her, you've been through some rough times. Your heart yearns for something more in life, for someone to really, truly love you. You also have a hard time sticking to the path of the good. Temptation gets the better of you, and you find yourself doing things you wish you hadn't. Or perhaps you don't even want to, but do them out of necessity?"

She pauses after reading the paper, giving you a look of concern and understanding.

"Praise is not love. Don't feed on it like I did," she whispers.

And then she returns to her seat, the moment gone. She is once more calm, dignified, uninterested.

(If you scored 16-30) You are most like Nira!

Nira pauses in front of a picture that looks exactly like herself. Blinking in surprise, she looks at you for a moment, before turning back to what she was doing. She takes a paper from the pile beneath it and heads for her seat. Once comfortable, she slides the paper across to you.

"You are most like Nira, or should I say, me. Your personality is a kind one, and you're always wanting to help others, never wanting to be a burden. Lots of people like you for those very reasons. On your best days, you're fun, outgoing, and just plain great to have around. But, also like me... your past haunts you. You are filled with regret of things that you did long ago, and wish with all your heart that you could go back and change them. You wish people could forgive you, and forget the mistakes you made. But you know what?"

Nira pauses, smiling sadly at you.

"You can't change the past. All you can do is aim for a better future, one that you'll look back on someday with pride and joy. Don't worry about what others think of you. Just be the person you really want to be."

Garin puts a hand on Nira's shoulder, giving her an encouraging smile. Glancing at Jacques, you realize he is smiling as well. Nira gives them both a half annoyed, half thankful look.

"You know what? I think I like you exactly as you are," Garin proclaims.

Nira punches his arm lightly.

"Can't say I feel the same about you," she teases.

(If you scored 31-45) You are most like Raiqil!

Nira pauses in front of a picture of a spotted Kougra wearing a bandana, mop in hand. Smiling, she takes a paper from the pile and passes it to you as she takes her seat.

"You are most like Raiqil, or as most people call him, Rai. You tend to be more shy and uncertain of yourself, and have a hard time standing up to say what you think. You're always worrying about what others are thinking, and bullies tend to pick you as an easy target. You also worry too much about your friends, asking pointless questions when they're perfectly fine. But when you really set your mind to it, you can proclaim what you think to the whole world! It just doesn't happen very often."

"My advice," Nira continues. "would be to be more confident. Don't worry so much. Enjoy life as it is and cross those bridges when you come to them. Why waste time worrying on what may never come to be, right?"

Jacques chuckles.

"Maybe you should pitch that speech to Rai himself. He could use a little more self-confidence," he says.

Nira giggles.

"Ah, I don't think he'll change too much, even if he hears it from me," she replies.

(If you scored 46-60) You are most like Alia!

Nira stops in front of a picture of a Maraquan Kyrii, smiling a bit. After taking a paper from the pile beneath it, she heads for her seat, going around behind you and placing the paper in front of you as she goes.

"You are most like Alia. You are kind and generous, maybe a bit too much at times. You love to give and get help from others and you'll do practically anything to put a smile on someone else's face. Whether it's letting the person in line behind you go ahead or saying you don't want something and letting another person have it, you can't resist the urge to keep everyone happy. However, it is possible to be a little too nice. What if the person in front of you got the last chocolate pudding you were eying? What if you regret letting that other person have the thing you wanted? Do what YOU want once in a while. It's really okay."

With a bit of a laugh, Nira rubs her cheek.

"And uh... try to forgive people a little more gently," she adds. You give her a confused look, but she doesn't notice.

(If you scored 61-75) You are most like Lightning!

Nira stops in front of an island Eyrie's picture and her face freezes. As she slowly takes a paper from the pile, you glimpse the pain she's feeling, just for a moment, before she makes her face neutral once more. She passes the paper to Garin and takes her seat. Garin looks at it, grimaces, shares a look with Jacques, and then slides the paper to you. The two neopets then look to Nira, but she's staring at the table, eyes glazed over in a sad sort of way. Garin sighs.

"I'll take over for now, then," he says. Nira just nods her head absently. Garin shakes his head and turns to you.

"You are most like Lightning. You love to be out in the sun all day long and always look forward to a trip to the beach. You're funny and intelligent and just love to make others laugh. Sometimes you do it by accident. But you do tend to be a bit hasty. You rush into things, or rush others into things, without any time to stop and think. Sometimes this is a good thing, but most of the time it's not. Slow down and take a look around. It's not always good to live life in the fast lane."

When he finishes, Garin glances at Nira. She still sitting there, staring. He sighs, and Jacques places a hand on his shoulder. You realize that they must be hating that there is nothing they can do.

(If you scored 76-90) You are most like King Kelpbeard III!

Nira stops before a picture of a magnificent looking blue Koi. Face carefully blank, she takes one of the papers, hands it to you, and returns to her seat.

"You are most like King Kelpbeard III," she says in a flat tone. "You abide by all the rules, as they are very important to you. You're always trying your best to protect yourself and your friends and family from anything that could harm them. You're a great leader and most people who know you love you dearly. But, you do have a darker side. You tend to hold grudges for extended periods of time. You can't let them go, even if you wanted to. Especially when others support your opinion."

Now, the Shoyru is looking directly into your eyes, her gaze sharp and penetrating.

"You must learn to forgive. Just because someone did something in the past does not mean they will do the same in the future. You have to take a chance and allow yourself to accept them as they are NOW, not what they were THEN."

And with those words, she turns away, no longer acknowledging your presence.

(If you scored 91-105) You are most like Garin!

Nira stops in front of a picture of a very arrogant looking yellow Usul and makes a face. Snatching up the paper, she spins around to give Garin a look, holding it up for him to see. He smiles broadly.

"Told you I'm not the only one like me," he says triumphantly. Nira rolls her eyes with a sigh and hands you the paper.

"You are most like Garin. You tend to have a more relaxed look on life, going with the flow more than planning anything out. You're also very sly, and tend to enjoy teasing others until they explode. But you're not all bad, either. You're courageous and daring with a strong sense of justice. You never turn down a friend in need and always stand up for what is right. Just remember that your friends do have feelings, and they do worry about you. When they nag, it's only because they care."

"Aw, I didn't know you cared, Nira!" says Garin. Glaring, Nira jabs him in the arm, blushing.

"I was talking about Isca! And it's not like I made that up myself! It's written on the paper," she replies defensively. Garin just smiles, which seems to make the Shoyru even more upset, while Jacques shakes his head with a sigh.

(If you scored 106-120) You are most like Kavi!

Nira stops in front of a picture of a pirate Gelert, looking slightly puzzled. With a shake of her head, she takes a paper and heads back to the table, handing it over to you.

"I have no clue who that is, and Rose told me I'm not allowed to read the paper, so it looks like you're going to have to read it yourself," she says.

With a shrug, you take a look at the paper.

"You are most like Kavi! You're sneaky and tend to get yourself into a lot of trouble. You love learning the secrets of others and using them against them. Your hero is Captain Scarblade, who you think is one of the greatest Neopians of all time. You trust no one, and no one trusts you. How can they, when they never know what you'll do with what they tell you? You've made more enemies than friends and are constantly looking over your shoulder."

In a separate paragraph, it reads,

"There's not a whole lot to say to a person like you. You don't WANT friends, you don't WANT others to like you. You just want to please your master. But one day, when you're all alone with no one you can turn to, just remember the things you've done."

(If you scored 121-135) You are most like Captain Scarblade!

Nira stops, eyes wide, in front of the very last picture on the wall. A dark, ominous figure is shown, eyes half in shadow beneath a large, pirate's hat. Hand shaking, she takes a paper from the pile beneath him and turns to you, eyes wide and slightly fearful.

"You... you are most like Captain Scarblade. You're dark, sinister... evil through and through. Neopians whisper and shudder whenever you walk by, giving each other fearful looks. You believe Maraqua is the worst place in all Neopia, and your goal in life is to destroy it forever. You use people to your advantage and they do nothing to stop you. Those who share your view flock to your side, idolizing you as if you were the greatest Neopian on the planet. No one dares question you. No one dares stand in your path."

With a shuddering breath, Nira continues, barely above a whisper,

"There's no hope for you...."


Looking over the paper you were given, you find you're satisfied with your results. You get up from where you were sitting, about to leave, when the door behind you opens. Another Neopian comes in, looking curious. Garin smiles.

"I told you! I told you more than one person would come!" he exclaims.

Nira throws him a glare.

"You know, sometimes I hate you," she says quietly. Garin laughs.

Since you've already finished, you leave your seat and nod politely to the other Neopian as you pass by. Smiling, you wonder if they'll enjoy the test just as much as you did.

I hope you enjoyed this little personality test as much as I enjoyed writing it! :D Scarblade's Pearl Forever!!

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