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A Look Back On Neopia's Most Famous Unis

by sychologist


Uni Day is upon us once again, Neopia! Your Uni has probably been reminding you since January 1st, because we all know that Unis love the attention and gifts showered upon them on their special day. While your Uni may be expecting the finest clothing and the most recently released grooming items on their special day, let us not forget what the most important part of Uni Day is. It serves as a reminder to some of Neopia's most memorable Unis, and if there is one quality that all Unis tend to have in common, it is their pride. Unis are very proud of their heritage and of all of their ancestors that came before them, so use this day to remind your Uni of some of the most memorable of their species in Neopia history.

First up, we have Tawnia the Island Uni.

'"Stop! STOP!" the creature gripping her by the neck yelled, but Tawnia had the terrible feeling that selling her artifact to the shady Techo had been the reason for the violent storm destroying her island... she wasn't about to allow that to continue, even if it cost her everything.' - Neopedia article on Tawnia the Uni.

Tawnia is a very remarkable Uni and we should never forget her heroic actions that nearly cost her everything but ultimately saved Mystery Island. The natives honor her on Uni Day in remembrance of her bravery, and if your Uni sneaks around Mystery Island, they too might have the honor of seeing Tawnia herself! (Sources tell me that she is a very sneaky girl who knows how to stay out of the general public eye, though.)

Her story began on Mystery Island and that's where she became famous. A very unique Uni, Tawnia was different from others in her herd and was proud to kick up the dirt and the water and get herself dirty. Your Uni might think that this is unbelievable and refuse to ever believe such a thing as getting dirty could ever be "fun", but Tawnia found so many incredible sea shells and artifacts in her adventures. It was in the sand on Mystery Island where she found a strange wooden mask. She sold it to a Techo for enough neopoints to last her for a year, and later on that night tragedy struck. A masked figure attacked Mystery Island with the intentions of destroying everything in its way, and Tawnia knew that she had to fix things before it was too late and Mystery Island was destroyed. She bravely jumped into the line of action and risked her own life to save the natives, and ultimately the masked figure was defeated and Tawnia woke up with praise from the faerie Jhuidah herself.

Next up, we have the Kelp Waitress.

Although she may not have saved a Neopian world like Tawnia, the Kelp waitress is known for her hospitality and excellent customer service! I have personally traveled to the Kelp many times myself and every time my pets and I have gone, she's greeted us with a smile and knows us by name. She's a gorgeous Uni and she knows it and like I've mentioned, pride is one of the most important qualities that makes a Uni, a Uni. Why, she could probably convince you to buy everything from the Kelp menu if she wanted to with her good looks and charm! (And sources have informed me that they have bought thousands of neopoints from the menu on multiple occasions). On Uni Day, perhaps you and your Uni can pay her a visit and have some delicious food while you're there! She might even pack you left overs, and we all know that would get you an avatar, so it's worth the shot right?

The Nightsteed

A seemingly innocent blue Uni by day, the Nightsteed is a fearsome deathly Uni wrapped in bandages and fire by night. He is known for being Prince Jazan's best friend and partner in crime, and he's memorable enough to have a paint brush color made in his honor. That's right, if you purchase a Halloween Paint Brush for your Uni this Uni Day, they too will look as fearsome as the Nightsteed himself. They will never be the original, though, and I'm sure he is ready to remind you of that. Fearsome, deathly, and devious, the Nightsteed is only ever loyal to Jazan. His loyalty is something to be marked though, for loyalty is another quality that Unis often strive to achieve with their owners. While you celebrate Uni Day, it might be a good idea to keep a wary eye out for any suspicious looking Blue Unis... Sources tell me that he enjoys celebrating Uni Day as much as the next Uni (but he'll never tell you that himself).

Make way for Valtonous Rea!

Valtonous Rea is a name that any Altador Cup player and fan knows by heart. She has been Faerieland's goal keeper since 2006 and despite earlier confusions, she is in fact a girl! Skilled, loyal, and a fierce team player, Valtonous is a Uni that many Unis (including yours) tend to look up to. Unfortunately, Faerieland's team hasn't been faring too well in past Altador Cup standings, but that does not take away from the fact that Valtonous remains loyal to her fellow Faerieland members and takes every shot with the same vigorous attitude to defend her team! She is an icon to any Faerieland fanatic, and who knows Valtonous? This year might just be Faerieland's year! She can probably be found this Faerie Day in Faerieland preparing for the cup and training the day away with her team players.

Last but not least, this issue celebrates the owner of the most successful clothing shop Neopia has ever seen...

That's right, Neopia! I am referring to the Uni's Clothing Shop found locally in the Neopian Market Bazaar. Sources tell me that this Uni has legally changed her name to Faboo after the release of an avatar honoring her (which a Neopian can get by purchasing an item with a rarity of 80 or above from her shop), but I do not have confirmation of that. While she might not be a notable Neopedia figure, much like the Kelp Waitress, "Faboo" is a very stylish Uni that always serves you and your Neopets with a bright smile AND the most up to date clothing lines that Neopia has ever seen. She is the most fashionable Uni known to existence, which is probably how your Uni knows her, so this Uni Day pay a visit to her shop and pick up the latest Uni-fashionable clothing for your Uni! "Faboo" will not hesitate to inform you if a color clashes or if something looks horrible, and she always offers the most reliable and affordable prices for her wonderful boutique items, so pay our lovely fashionista a visit on Uni Day.

There you have it, Neopia. Five of Neopia's most notable Unis... but let's not forget that every Uni, no matter how "Neopian famous" they are, is very special and unique in their own ways. They certainly won't let you forget how important they are, at least. And while they probably appreciated this run through their history, by now I am willing to bet that they are probably staring at you waiting eagerly for their gifts. I suggest some of the most high quality Uni-designated grooming items Neopia has to offer: Uni Shampoo (100 neopoints), Uni Horn Polish (3,000 neopoints), and last but not least, a Glamourous Uni Mirror (3,500 neopoints). (Please keep in mind that prices listed are priced as of the time that I am writing this article.)

Have a very "unilicious" Uni Day, Neopia!

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