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Taelia's Vacation

by funtime16543


I looked back at my home one last time before I turned to start my way down the mountain. I gripped my suitcase tight. It was hard for me to believe that I was going to leave Terror Mountain forever. I had to strengthen my resolve, again. There was a reason why I was leaving Terror Mountain....


     I was waiting as usual for someone to come, brave the cold to get a quest from me. No one was regular. They would come, get the avatar and never return. I was leaning against the door of my house when I saw a neopet and its owner trekking towards me. They were each bundled up in a huge red woolen scarf. They approached me with chattering teeth.

     "We want a quest."

     A closer look at the owner led me to believe that he was pretty well off. His Shoyru too looked pampered.

     "Okay, I need Cream Cheese Pretzel Bites, Wheat Kacheek Bread and a Milk Chocolate Eyrie. Come back with these items in one hour fifteen minutes and you'll be rewarded greatly."

     The owner looked outraged, but said nothing. The two turned around quickly and started to climb down the mountain. Exactly one hour twenty minutes later, the owner came back, this time without the Shoyru.

     "Here you are. Everything you needed is here." I wrinkled my nose.

     "You got everything, but you're five minutes late. Sorry, you failed." The owner's face turned red.

     "First I had to buy those stupid expensive treats for you after trudging through the snow to get here! Then when I was coming back with a much lighter wallet, the dumb ski lift didn't even WORK. I had to go through the ICE CAVES to get here. I was freezing and when I came here, hoping for a nice prize and an avatar, but you tell me I FAILED! All of the users on the boards were right, it's not worth doing your quests just for stuff like ice cream!"


     People these days weren't ready to help me. When they did, they would be mean. I was seriously running out of supplies due to the lack of Neopians coming to take up quests. So, I left. I left the place where I was born and I grew up, forever. Wait, that sounded a bit too melodramatic; I would visit my old home in the future.

     I snapped my fingers and I vanished. My vision blurred. In a few seconds I was able to see again. I was in Mystery Island, on the beach. Just the place I would love to set up my new house. I snapped my fingers twice and when I saw a sparkle of blue magic twinkle on my fingers, I muttered something under breath. An igloo appeared in front of me and I smiled. It wasn't as grand as my old home but it would do for now, at least it would if the anti-melting spell worked. I was about to enter my new home when I realized I forgot to do something. I snapped my fingers again and a nameplate appeared on the top of the igloo. It said 'Snow Faerie Quests". Wait... How could I use that name when I lived on Mystery Island? I snapped my fingers again and the name was changed to 'Taelia's Quests'.

     A few days later when everything was set up and I was relaxing, someone knocked on the door. It was probably another quest seeker. Quite a few people came to me in these few days. I chuckled quietly to myself, remembering how some people went crazy on the neoboards thinking that it was another plot or an event. When I opened the door of my igloo, my jaw dropped wide open.

     Jhuidah and that Flotsam chef guy whose name I never remember were looking up and scowling at me. "Uh... Hi, Jhuidah and um... Well, what a pleasant surprise!" Yeah, I sounded 'so' smooth.

     "My name is the Underwater Chef!"

     So yeah, I got his name right. Not. "Oh... Sorry about that... So would you both like to come in for hot chocolate?"

     Jhuidah snorted. "Hot chocolate? In Mystery Island? Please, get a grip. Now listen to me sugar-"

      "And me too!" the Flotsam guy said in between.

     "As I was saying before I got interrupted," Jhuidah retorted, "Listen here, Snowy. This is my territory. I don't want my business going down because you've gotten yourself kicked out of your old home."

     The Flotsam dude was stomping his flippers angrily. I couldn't resist a chuckle. "People are visiting you these days instead of me! That so totally unfair!"

     In my defense, I tried to be reasonable and diplomatic.

     "Mr. Freshwater -"


     "I mean Underwater Chef and Jhuidah. I am need of a new place to give out my quests and stay. So-"

     I couldn't say more than that before the feisty faerie interrupted me.

     She shoved a paper in my face and yelled, "When Chef boy came here, I got Fyora to sign this contract. It states that NOBODY can move here and give out quests. Now goodbye!" She snapped her fingers and my igloo disappeared. A suitcase of what I presumed was my stuff appeared at my feet.

     "Now get out of here!" Well, I couldn't really argue with the law, so I picked up the suitcase and snapped my fingers. I went to the first land I could think of.


     It was sweltering hot in my snug coat. At least in Mystery Island I was able to manage with my signature coat on, but now it was impossible. I stared at the sands surrounding me. I shuddered and snapped my fingers in a hurry. This time I made sure I went to a place without faeries.


     I opened my eyes to see the prehistoric plateau surrounding me. I was in the Tyrannian Plateau. At least that was better the Lost Desert. I shuddered just thinking about it.

     There was a huge rush of Neopians and Tyrannian neopets rushing towards me. I heard people screaming "We found her!" and stuff like that. I was swamped by the crowd. Finally someone pushed their way to the front. It was the Tyrannian Elder, Pugi or something like that.

     "You've been creating quite a ruckus, you know." He nodded his head smartly.

     "Anyway, you can't stay here."

     My head fell comically.

     "How come, Mr. Bugi?"

     The Tyrannian Kyrii looked amused and rolled his eyes. No one really respected me. Not as a faerie, like they would respect Illusen or even Kari. People talked nicer to the Tooth Faerie than they did to me. People didn't really respect as a person either. The elder cleared his throat.

     "My name is Kyruggi and I'm a girl. As for why, it's because of our culture."

     "Your culture?" I asked, my voice dripping with sarcasm.

     "Well, here in Tyrannia, we believe in sticking with our customs and traditions. We are a reminder of what the whole of Neopia once was. You're too different and not stone related for this place."

     He- I mean she- didn't even look apologetic! Well, that was a shocker.

     "So if I become the Stone Faerie, can I stay?"

     Well, at least I gave it a try.

     "No. We don't want you faeries exploiting our people either!" She laid it out so nicely. "Besides, I got a contract from Fyora too."

     That was the icing on the cake. I didn't bother responding. I just snapped my fingers and disappeared.


     I blinked my eyes quite a bit to get used to the lighting. It was slightly dim. I watched as Bonju ran towards me, followed by a bunch of Neopians. He was waving a paper in his hand. I didn't even bother waiting to see what he would say. With a snap of my fingers, I vanished into thin air.


     This time I went to Neopia Central. The Soup Faerie wouldn't have a problem with me, would she? I watched people and neopets gather around me. One person started shaking my hands. I snapped. "What?"

     "Where's our prize?"

     A bunch of people cheered. I shook my head, looking confused.

     "We found you, right? You've been travelling around like Tarla did. It's an event, right?"

     My jaw dropped. So everyone expected me to give them rewards? I didn't have anything good on me now. I looked amongst the crowd for someone who could help me deal with the situation. I spotted the Soup Faerie and gave her a pleading look. She showed me a piece of paper and looked as if she felt sorry for me. As usual, I snapped my fingers and I was gone.


     I stood in front of the Faerie Palace. I walked inside and looked at the receptionist; she was a young light faerie.

     "So it's you! Fyora has been expecting you. You know the way to her room."

     So, she knew I would come. Anyway, I had been here quite a few times before; at meetings reporting the state of Terror Mountain. I walked through a few corridors and then I saw the door leading to her throne room. I knocked and I hear someone telling me to come in. It was odd how they were able to hear me knock from the other side of the room. I walked inside and immediately sat on the throne made for me. There were eighteen thrones in the room, including Fyora's. There was one for each representative of each magical element, plus Jhudora and Illusen. Aethia, Kari, the Library Faerie, the Soup Faerie, the Tooth Faerie, Jhuidah and Mira had thrones too.

     My throne was the smallest, but the coolest. Pun unintended. It was at the far end of the room, farthest from Fyora's throne.


     My mind stopped wandering.

     "Uh... Yeah?"

     "I know why you're here and before I say anything else, what's wrong with Terror Mountain?"

     Here it came, the guilt trip. I had a good reason to leave, so I just told it to Fyora.

      "Did you not think to ask me before relocating?"

     I shook my head. Asking Fyora was no-no for any smart faerie.

     "Of course not!"

     Yes, I was blunt.

     "I knew you would say no, so I decided to move, and when I settled down, I would inform you."

     Fyora's voice was icy cold; it was as if she became the snow faerie. It got like that whenever she was reminded that after Faerieland's downfall, not many people revered her as they used to.

     "I see. So did you not realize that you made quite a bit of the population believe that the faeries made you do this because it was an event? Besides that, didn't you think about who would protect Terror Mountain if you were gone?"

      I gestured towards the throne decorated with neggs.

     "Kari and Hannah can do it."

      I winced internally the moment I spoke. Fyora stood up and sighed.

     "I have already signed contracts with all of the lands except for..."


     I didn't sound that enthusiastic. Actually, I was yearning for some snow. To make a snow angel. It had been way too long.


      I lost my train of thought and started to focus.

     "So? Where do I can I go?"


     The world started crashing down around me.


     That much heat... I wouldn't be able to wear my coat! It would be sweaty! The cold was fine, but that... I shivered.

     "I see you don't want to go there. I should send you there as a punishment, to discipline you. You've been a brat lately. Now give me one good reason why I should let you go back to Terror Mountain. You don't seem to like it much."

     My jaw dropped, literally.

     "Wow... Cool down! Maybe I want to go to Moltara!"

      Yeah, I was defeated and in denial. Fyora raised an eyebrow.

     "You sure? I'll just get the-"


     Fyora started smiling.

     "I thought so. Now tell me why I should send you back there."

     I ran my fingers through my hair.

     "I love it there. Besides we all know Kari is obsessed about neggs. She won't have time to protect the mountain!"

     Sorry, Kari, but the truth was the truth. Fyora looked a bit hesitant.

     "Come on, Fyora- I mean the awesomely perfect Faerie Queen! Please! I only left because I didn't get enough business!"

      Fyora nodded her head swiftly.

      "Fine. Go back home, but tell me about why people don't ask you for quests."


     Home sweet home... I walked up slowly up to what was my igloo. I gazed at it and I started beaming. The words "Taelia, come back!" were written in big fancy red font.

     I opened the door and walked in.

     "Welcome back!" everyone shouted.

     I was shocked. Nearly everyone I knew, who I kind of liked, was in my house! With ice cream and smoothies! Kari came up and hugged me. I was a brat to her and even then she was always nice to me. Everyone crowded around me. Tarla pushed me hard.

     "Only I can take vacations! No one else!"

      I looked at everyone. I saw Mr. Chipper, Hannah and Armin, even Jhudora was there! Behind them all I saw a pink faerie smiling. I pushed my friends away.

     "You set this all up!"

     She nodded sweetly.

     All of a sudden the igloo started to shake. I ran out of the igloo and I couldn't believe my eyes.


     The Snowager just arrived at my house fashionably late. Someone tapped me on the back. I turned around. Fyora nudged my shoulder.

     "Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that since you deserved to be punished, you'll have to pay for all of the charges of this party."

     "You'll also have to pay for all of the items that are getting stolen from me right now," rumbled the Snowager.

     "You also have to pay back the ten neopoints you have been owing me for two months now with ten thousand percent interest per day," piped in Armin.

     "Hey! That's not fair!" I tried to protest. I really did try to.

     "Well, on the bright side, I'll give you permission to give out a new avatar randomly to increase your business," Fyora put in. Who knew the Faerie Queen could be so giving? Even if she made me pay a bunch of money to everyone, it wasn't all that bad.

     "Oh yeah, you'll also have to spend one day developing Moltara each month."


     She shrugged and I rolled my eyes. Yes, my life was just 'great' and I didn't know whether I was being sarcastic about it or not.

The End

Wow! I've gotten into the NT!! Feedback would be appreciated. :) Have a nice day!!

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