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A Colourful Negg-splosion!

by schoolwars


Whatever colour you are painted, chances are you enjoy a good Negg. Who can blame you?! From Battle Duck patterned ones, to Negg's that actually taste of steak, Neopia's current selection of (usually) oval shaped treats has never been better. Whether you are tinted camouflage, disco or zombie, I guarantee that there is a Negg out there to meet your needs. In this article I am going to highlight ten gorgeous Neopet colours, and give some examples of delicious Neggs that fit in with the theme and personality of said shades. So allow the plethora of colours to dazzle (or in the case of Halloween, scare) you and let us begin!

Basic colours may not look as elaborate as, say, a Lost Desert paint job, but that doesn't mean they are featured any less on this list! Take Green for example. If you want to go by taste alone, nothing beats the tasty Mint Chocolate Easter Negg. It's a lush blend of creamy chocolate and fresh green mint and is rumoured to be given out by the Easter Bunny himself! Moving onto the non-edible; if you're feeling a bit dangerous, why not try a Radioactive Negg? Garishly green and gently glowing, this super special Negg has the added bonus of giving you an extra level up in a random pet ability when scarfed down! For the thicker skinned amongst us, I highly recommend the Scaled Negg. Described as being 'very hard to crack due to all the thick scales on the shell', this jade coloured gem gives off a prehistoric vibe so it will be great for all you Grarrls out there! For the softer bodied green Neopet, a cuddlier plushie version is also available. ^_^

Still staying with the basics, I will now explore the colour Blue. Those of the fuzzy persuasion will go nuts for the Blue Furry Negg. Bright cobalt blue and soft to the touch, this magical Negg will give your pet back up to 5 lost hit points when eaten. Perfect for those obsessed with the battledome. Keeping in the vein of battling, may I suggest the Rainwater Negg. Now this watery Negg does way more than just quench any thirst you may have after eating a whole bowl of Sand Strawberries. The Rainwater Negg will give your pet the ability to create a shield of water and steam around itself in a battle. Impressive! If you're just after something flavoursome, why not try the Blue Cybunny Negg? Lightly spotted and furry, it (very) loosely resembles a Cybunny. Although extremely yummy, these don't come cheap!

Closely resembling a racing flag, we now come to the Checkered paint job. The most obvious choice here would be the Checkered Easter Negg. A pretty Negg, whose colours are reminiscent of a picnic tablecloth, this spring time treasure is a must-have for girly checkered pets. If you have a sweet tooth, may I put forward the Chyrsaberry Surprise Easter Negg. A sumptuous treat that combines the slight tang of Chyrsaberry with smooth white chocolate, it is also worth 10 points at the Neggery. Now I present one of the most powerful Neggs on sale; the Snegg! Nicely finished with red and blue checks, the 250k price tag is very justified. For when served up, this item will increase your pet's hit points by 1-3 and their movement by 1-3. Fab!

Now, a firm female favourite, Pink is well suited to many a Negg. What better way to start than with the Pretty Pink Easter Negg. Boasting a rarity of 100, this pastel pink Negg has a sweet, candy floss flavour. Competing with that in the girly stakes, we have the Cupid Negg. Adorable and quite affordable, it is a perfect Valentines gift and goes well with all matter of frilly/lacy/soppy things! Last in the pink category is the Glamour Negg. As the description reads - this is a Negg for all of you beautiful pets. But beware, as there are some bad side effects along with the good. As charming as this Negg seems, it should perhaps be approached with caution. For when eaten, it will decrease your pet's intelligence by 1 point. However, it does grant you either a Gold Brush, Gold Mirror, or a Shampoo.

Ah, the tastiness that is Chocolate! While none of the Neggs I am about to list possess magical powers, they ARE the most delish things ever! Starting off simple and cheap, is the Nutty Chocolate Negg. A really nice blend of smooth chocolate and almond pieces, it is a firm pet favourite. Now, for any Cybunnies that happen to sport the choccy look, this next Negg is extra special. The Chocolate Cybunny Negg is only made by 'Fyora Certified' chocolatiers, for it takes immense skill to be able to intricately detail a ball of chocolate, in order to make it resemble our number 1 Bunny species! If you have a few more neopoints to burn, then look no further than the Chocolate Orange Easter Negg. Similar to its mint chocolate cousin, this Negg explodes with a tangy orange kick that blends with the milk chocolate to melt in the mouth. *drool*

A bit rarer than the basic colour set, I now move onto Purple. A majestic and regal shade, there are a number of Negg's out there that match perfectly. One such treasure is the Pretty Purple Princess Negg. Not just confined to royalty anymore, this gorgeous amethyst tinted Negg will make any little princess feel very pretty indeed. Speaking of loveliness, here is the Ornate Purple Negg. Hand painted and with a slightly sparkly finish, it looks just as good sitting upon a mantelpiece as it does being served up at a swanky dinner party. Finally we get to something tasty! The Jelly Negg is one of the wonders of Neopia. Why? Well, these mauve beauties are so rare it is almost impossible to track one down. It's as if they don't exist. ;)

Though perhaps a bit seasonal for some, yet still deserving a spot on this list, is Christmas. First up is the obvious choice of the Christmas Pattern Negg. A festive design covers this expensive Negg, and it is only carefully painted when it becomes fully grown. And here is the Candy Cane Negg. Layers of red and white candy make this Negg simply delicious, and it has a slight peppermint aftertaste. Lovely! For an extra celebratory treat, I recommend the Christmas Tree Negg. Painted in the traditional red and green colours and sporting a groovy Xmas tree pattern, it looks fab when partnered with any Christmas themed pet.

For all you Terror Mountain dwellers, here is the paragraph regarding Snow pets. Technically these ideas can work for Ice pets too, though there is no ice paintbrush available (yet!). Starting us off is the Frozen Negg. Neopia's only see-through Negg, it is worth a whopping 14 points at the Neggery. Now the one most apparent, the Snowy Negg. Beautifully chilly, this Negg is painted a nice arctic blue colour and decorated with unique glittery white snowflakes. Just noticed I haven't featured a useful Battledome Negg in a while! So here is the Icestorm Negg. Just throwing this Negg at an opponent in the Battledome is enough to cause a storm of ice to pelt them from above. Use it to show of your snowy image, as well as your 'sharp as icicles' moves!

Anyone that voluntarily chooses to reside in the Haunted Woods practically has SCARY stamped on their forehead. The Halloween paint brush and accompanying Neggs are no different. Why here we have the Ghost Negg! It's as spooky as they come and sure to raise a scream or two when shown to fellow pets. If you happen to be really mean, a step up from that horror is the Ferocious Negg. An evil little thing with sharp pointy teeth, if you ever manage to (safely) feed it to your pet, it will increase their strength by 1-3 points. Alas, it will also give your pet a random disease. A traditional favourite, we have the Pumpkin Negg. Carved like the perfect jack-o-lantern, this eerily smiling Negg has a distinct pumpkin flavour and if fed, this item will increase your pet's weight by 1-2 lbs, and decrease your pet's height by 1-2 cm. Marvellous!

Finally, maybe the most wonderful (certainly the most colourful) of pet shades: Rainbow.

Dazzling as bright as they come, pets painted this paintbrush tone are rarely unhappy. Put a smile on YOUR face with the Rainbow Vanilla Negg. A rare treat for any one who gets it, this combines rainbow goodness with delicate hints of vanilla and is truly scrumptious. If you're basing your choice on pretty colours alone, I suggest you go for the Kaleideonegg. Exercise caution, though, for this eye catching beauty will do strange things to your pet if ingested. I DO NOT recommend this Negg for consumption. Although it can grant a slight increase in your pet's level or hit points, it will also permanently transform them back into one of the basic pet colours. Not good! Lastly, I present to you, the Ranegg. Extremely uncommon, it requires a secret recipe and a trip to the Mystery Island cooking pot. Not only is it painted every shade of the rainbow itself, it also has a melted chocolate centre. Heaven!

There! Hopefully this lovely piece of writing gave you a good read, and will serve as inspiration to you should you be stumped on the perfect unique gift to get the colourful pet in your life. Whichever shade you are, I guarantee there'll be a Negg to match!

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