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Three Card Games You Didn't Even Know You Wanted To Play

by rs_rbn


GAMES ROOM - When it comes to Neopian card games, everybody knows about the classics: Sakhmet Solitaire (which can actually be seen as the Featured Game now and again), Round Table Poker, Cheat, and Pyramids. Perhaps you, like many other Neopians, don't know about the many other cards games designed to help you pass the time. If that is you, I suggest you read on!

Shenkuu World - Godori

If you are looking for a new way to bond with your active pet, you need to play Godori! This overlooked card game comes from Shenkuu and is played by matching 2 or 4 of the same World-themed cards to score matches. The Godori deck is not made up of your regulation 4-suited 2-Ace cards, but has 48 Neopian World-themed cards. The worlds represented are: the Lost Desert, Altador, Shenkuu, Krawk Island, Terror Mountain, Roo Island, the Haunted Woods, Faerieland, Meridell, Mystery Island, Virtupets Station, and Tyrannia. Most 4 card world sets have 2 Neopian World cards, 1 world card with a themed Petpet, and 1 world card with the world's themed Altador cup flag printed on it. There are also 5 Neopets Cards, which are from the Haunted Woods, the Lost Desert, Terror Mountain, Virtupets Station, and Meridell. Your score points based on your overall number of a Neopets Cards, Altador Cup Flags cards, Petpet cards, and Neopian World cards. The most difficult thing about this game is learning the scoring system, but if you play a match or two I guarantee you'll catch on quickly enough.

Strategy is everything in this fast-paced matching game. Will you go for flying petpets? Or straight hanging AC Cup Flags? The choice is yours, but remember - the first player to reach 50 points wins the match. For each won match you earn NP, but for every lost match you lose NP. How many matches you play is up to you!

The Lost Desert - Scarab 21

For those of you who need a number fix but are tired of regular old Blackjack, I suggest you start your life as a Scarab 21 Player. The idea is similar to Blackjack in that your goal is to use the point value of a regular deck of cards to equal 21. The difference is that you are playing alone and you have 5 columns in which to make your 21s. To play, you must pay 50 NP per game. The amount of points you earn during the game is the amount of NP you win after the game is over.

Earning points depends on the way you make the cards value 21. A blackjack (using an Ace -11 points- and a king -10 points-) awards you 21 points. A regular 21 is when you use 3 cards (a 7, a 4, and a 10) to make 21. A regular 21 gives you 5 points. Using the combination 6-7-8 awards you 15 points, as does using 7-7-7. There are also secret bonus moves that you can learn to give you even higher amounts of points, such as the Super Blackjack (using the Ace of Spades and the Jack of Spades), which is worth a whopping 50 points.

When playing Scarab 21, you have two ways of earning a trophy! You can either earn a trophy based on your accumulative Total Game Scores or you can earn a trophy based on points earned in a single game.

Tyrannia - Go! Go! Go!

Go! Go! Go!, like Scarab 21, costs an entry fee of 50 NP. That's a 50 NP well-spent, however, because this game is quite addicting and can result in an easy trophy added to your user lookup. You will get the bronze trophy after you complete round 2, the silver trophy after you complete round 6, and the gold trophy after you complete round 8. After round 8, you have beaten the entire game.

When playing Go! Go! Go! you face three opponents: Bacheek, Myncha, and Sargug. Your goal is to get rid of all the cards in your hand before your opponents do. If you get rid of the cards in your had first, you will move to the next round. If you are second or third, you will win some NP but will not move on. If you are the last one to get rid of your cards, you lose. Sounds easy enough, but the trick is that you have 3 cards face down on the table, 3 cards face up on the table, and 3 cards in your hand. You must first get rid of the cards in your hand, as well as the 15 draw cards, before playing from the 3 face up cards and finally the 3 face down cards. But you must play the cards in numerical order, from low to high. So if the person before you played a King and you don't have anything higher than that, you have to take all of the cards from the pile into your hand. A "2" card can be played at any time of the game, except for after a "3" card. A "3" makes the player after you play an odd number, while a "4" makes the player after you play an even number. Playing a "10" card clears the pile and you get another turn. Finally, if you play the 4th card of a single number, for example if you play the 4th "6" card into the pile, the pile is cleared and you get another turn.

This is by far the most difficult of the three card games talked about, but give it a chance. Play a few rounds and you'll soon develop your own strategy. Soon you'll be a Go! Go! Go! champion and have a sweet new trophy to further beautify your user lookup.

So now that you know of these other card games, what are you waiting for? Get out there and earn some NP, a trophy, and some quality time with your active pet.

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