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The Top 10 Most Expensive Cures

by mondaybear21


Hello, and if you are reading this, you might have at least one of your pets sick. It's either that or if you wanted to know what average Pharmacy items that cure diseases cost the most. If that is why you are here, welcome aboard! This article runs though the most costly cures, their cheaper alternatives, what they cure, what they go for (which some items have an average amount of NP), and a brief example for each item.

#10: Herbal Scrambled Eggs

Cost: 9,000 NP

Rarity: 54

This cures: Chickaroo

Scrambled eggs... hooray. Now, about these eggs... they are what the Pharmacy tells you about this item if you want to cure the Chickaroo disease. Now, I know this isn't costly, but whenever it comes to this list, it has to be on the list. NO. MATTER. WHAT.

Alternate Cures: None

There is nothing that can cure Chickaroo that isn't from the Pharmacy. But hey, at least this isn't as expensive as all of the other items listed.

#9: Medicinal Soap

Cost: 9,526 NP (estimated)

Rarity: 60

This cures: Neomonia

Hmm... soap that can cure a disease that needs urgent attention? It's possible! Medicinal Soap helps your Neopets get cured from that vile Neomonia disease from your next bath! And only for the low price of 9,526 NP!

Only if the price were lower.

Alternate Cures: Warm Green Blanket (2,500 NP)

...and there's hope! This blanket can cure Neomonia... but sometimes it doesn't. But what if it doesn't? Then the blanket can keep you warm, and it is almost 3/4 of the price of Medicinal Soap. But at least it will keep you warm.

#8: Neck Brace

Cost: 9,999 NP

Rarity: 88

This cures: Cricky Neck

We all know what this special thing does. It cures Cricky Neck! But it can be a LITTLE costly to get the cure from the Pharmacy, but if there is another cure from another place, I'll let you know. Oh, wait; I'm supposed to do that now...

Alternate Cures: Scamander Slime (1,000 NP) and Cut and Dried Stalks (750 NP)

That's right, viewers! There are two other ways to cure any Neopet under 5K! You can rub slime onto their neck, or you can use the stalks... somehow onto their necks. Whee.

#7: Cactopus Cream

Cost: 10,000 NP

Rarity: 77

This cures: Reptillioritus

The disease that this item cures is caused from a bite from a venomous Reptillior, making skin red and itchy. Rubbing this on your Neopet's skin will cure it from the disease, and it just takes 10K! No, really, it is.

Alternate Cures: None

There are no other things to cure it, too. But it can be easy to earn 10K, and I think this list can be good... at this point, it possibly wouldn't.

#6: Grumble Be Gone Tablets

Cost: 14,000 NP

Rarity: 85

This cures: Grumbles

Grumbles comes from if your Neopet has eaten food and its stomach starts rumbling. Even though it'll make loud noises, there needs to be a cure. So these are where these tablets (and 14,000 NP) come in to cure that disease. But would there be another way, or not? Let's see...

Alternate Cures: Crumble Fungus (2,500 NP)

Yes, there is! These, um... mushrooms cure the Grumbles if they could. You could get lucky and heal the disease, or not. So it's your choice.

Look at that! We're halfway done (if you were noticing) with this list! The first half? Not that costly. The other half? Let's see what you think...

#5: Potion of Containment

Price: 40,000 NP

Rarity: 92

This cures: Jitters

Jitters is a disease where your Neopet goes running all over the place and can't do anything unless this disease is cured. But it looks like this potion can cure disease right off just like that so they can be normal and not all energy filled.

Alternate Cures: Fuzzy Pink Blanket (2,700 NP)

This item's price is worth more than 18 times (if you divided the price numbers of this and the Potion Of Containment) the actual Pharmacy cure! But it has a SLIGHT chance of curing Jitters.

It's not even a question...

#4: Magic Goop

Price: 90,000 NP

Rarity: 95

This cures: Achy Head

According to the Hospital, what happens during this disease is that your pet will have a nasty headache and feel very under the weather. Oh no! This can easily become Achy Head until the next time it comes. But we recommend what else we have in store for you.

Alternate Cures: Aching Lotion (700 NP) and Black Cherry Tea (1 NP)

What? Very cheap alternatives for a disease? Outstanding! But whatever you do... GO FOR THE BLACK CHERRY TEA! (It's cheaper, y'know.)

Hey look, we're at the top 3 already... hope you're ready for this.

#3: Extra Thick Goggles

Price: 110,000 NP

Rarity: 77

This cures: Blurred Vision

Did you know the leading cause for Blurry Vision is often...

  • a) Using a Malice Potion
  • b) Eating Glowing Jelly
  • c) Going bobbing for apples
  • d) All of the above

It's D. But these glasses can cure it! ...if you can afford them, that is.

Alternate Cures: Minor Healing Ointment (10,000 NP), Finely Ground Bean Powder (4,500 NP), Dried Black Mushrooms (1,300 NP, but it's glitched so please don't use this), or Negg Cream Potion (1,700 NP)

Four other cures!? Wow! But since Minor Healing Ointment, Finely Ground Bean Powder, and Dried Black Mushrooms don't work, I suggest going for the Negg Cream Potion. But I dunno if it would cure it on the first go. I'll try one time and see for myself...

These next cures were actually ranked by how many Trading Post lots I could find with the next two items.

#2: Sporkle Syrup

Cost: 120,000 NP

Rarity: 88

This cures: Ugga-Ugga

Ugga-Ugga is "possibly the worst Tyrannian disease" up to date. What does it do? It makes your pet's throat so sore it can only make Ugga noises! Yikes! That is a horrible disease! This syrup can cure this disease at once, but do you really want to buy it?

Alternate Cures: Gwontek Syrup (1,400 NP), Shrimp Powder (800 NP), or Peppermint Stomach Medicine (3,600 NP)

Three other cures for Ugga-Ugga! Hooray! You could go for the Peppermint Stomach Medicine, because it cures Ugga-Ugga with no problem at all, too. Plus, who would want to get festive curing a disease?

This is it... the #1 most costly Pharmacy cure is...

#1: Tasty Pie

Cost: 120,000 NP

Rarity: 96

This cures: Neoblues

Neoblues happens whenever your Neopet is down in the dumps and has no interest playing or eating. But this pie can cure Neoblues... if the price wasn't too high. But one thing is for sure... we have no idea what FLAVOR this is!

Alternate Cures: Steaming Green Tea (4,000 NP)

Mmm... green tea. This could be the only key of curing Neoblues with out spending more than 5,000 NP, but it could not work sometimes. You've been warned...

Well, that's it. There are a lot of more cheaper cures out there, but this list didn't reveal *too* much, I hope. Thanks for reading!

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