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A Special Neopets Valentines Day

by ridiculer


Also written by deadlaw

It's Valentine's Day! This is arguably the most anticipated day of the year; after all, it's the one day of the year everyone is shown how much they are cared for. There's lots of ways on Neopets to show how much you care: presents, poems, art, or even a Valentine's Day feast. What is that makes a Neopets Valentine's Day so special? Snuggle up with your Neopets, eat some heart candies, and read all about it!

Valentine's Day Traditions

Probably the best part of Valentine's Day here in Neopia is the traditions. Throughout the years, we've all developed an expectation for what will happen – it just wouldn't be any fun without these traditions!

01. A Mysterious Valentines Card

This is most probably the most given gift in Neopia on Valentine's Day. Not only is it mysterious (like a Valentine's card should be), but it also gives your Valentine something extra special!

02. Valentines Day Ring

Before all the glitzy gifts, NC Mall, and so on, Neopians enjoyed Valentine's Day at simpler times. The most sought after gift item? The Valentines Day Ring of course! A few days before Valentine's Day, it used to be that suddenly the sales of this ring used to go up a tremendous amount. It still holds a special place in our hearts!

03. Neopian Times

Every year, possibly one of the best parts of a Neopian Valentine's day is the Neopian Times! It features an adorable Valentine's Day themed layout and so many articles, comics, and short stories on love, caring, hearts, and just about anything Valentine's you can think of!

04. NC Mall

Every year since its release, the NC Mall releases special Valentine's Day items (presumably to retire). They're often some of the prettiest and most sought after NC Mall items!

05. Gift Giving

Besides Christmas, possibly the most generous time of year for all Neopians is Valentine's Day. What kind of loving and caring holiday would it be without all the shiny new gifts?!

06. Valentine Chia Avatar

Every year Neopians all around use this glitzy avatar in the shape of a bow-stricken heart with the word "LOVE" written. All year round, this avatar is unobtainable except on Valentine's Day – and the flood of the avatar and all the red, pink, and heart-filled fonts appear on the Neoboards making Valentine's Day extra special!

07. The "I Love You" Neogreeting

Perhaps it's because they forgot to send a real card, but one of the best things about Valentine's Day is Neogreetings. Neogreetings are definitely a thing of the past (hardly anyone uses mail greetings nowadays), but on Valentine's Day, many friends of users get this message in their mailbox!

08. The Valentine's Day Sidebar

Since its release, the Valentine's Day sidebar has been a fan favorite. It's pink and lovable. You can enjoy it all day for free, but if you're lucky, perhaps someone who wanted you to be their Valentine will make it possible for you to enjoy it all year!

Valentine's Day Trivia

01. Valentine's Paint Brush: In the Neopian Times issue 481, it was asked if the Neopets Team would be working on a Valentine's Day Paint Brush. Sadly, it was revealed it was just a rumor. Too bad – we Neopians love anything Valentine's Day related!

02. Although the sender has to send A Mysterious Valentines Card on the 14th to get the sidebar, did you know the receiver doesn't have to be? That's right – even if you miss Valentine's Day in Neopia, you can still enjoy it later!

03. A Mysterious Valentines Card (and the sidebar, of course) was released on Valentine's Day of 2005 (it generally sells in shops from February 8th to 14th). It's been seven years, and it's still as special today as it was when first released!

04. The earliest released item with the name 'Valentines' was the Valentines Day T-shirt!

05. The first year the news featured Valentine's Day? 2001! Oddly enough, the news in 2000 completely skipped over Valentine's Day – how sad!

06. The first Neopian Times issue that featured Valentine's Day? Issue 26! It included the article "Valentines and Be Mines" and the comic "Yet Another Great Battle!" featuring the ultimate Valentine's Day weapon.

07. Issue 177 was the first issue of the Neopian Times after the revamp that featured Valentine's Day. If you look it up, you can see all the Valentines articles, comics, and stories along with an entire layout completely dedicated to Valentine's Day!

08. For the first time ever, the Neocash Mall opened the NC Mall's Valentine Shop releasing all kind of Valentine's goodies on Valentine's Day of 2009. The previous year several other Neocash Valentine's items had been released including the Valentine Mystery Capsule, Valentines Day Mailbox, and the Valentines Letter Though Bubble.

09. The Editorial writers often express their love for us Neopians (and we love the Neopets Team too – especially the editorial writers). So if you're looking for a way to show the editors how much you care, how about sending in a nice message? Here are some great examples:

In issue 400, a user asked the editorial team if they could "meet up and go searching for unicorns" to which the editor replied that it was their "favorite Editorial question ever. *heart*" adding that "it's nice to get something this lighthearted with which to end the day."

In issue 510, a user exclaimed their love for the Neopets Teams puns, to which the editor replied, "we love you for loving our puns <3". Adorable!

Probably the cutest reply the editorial team has written in the editorial was in issue 490 where they explained that for them it was all about the users, adding "nothing makes us happier than making you guys happy. We love it when you're enjoying the site we've made for you, are happy about the prizes we came up with, or love the characters we've created for a plot... trust us, we're listening, and you're important to us."

On that note, happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Know that the Neopets Team loves you, your Neofriends love you, your Neopets love you, and this is hopefully one of the best Valentine's Days you've ever had on Neopets. A lot of us have been playing for several years now, and it's a special connection we all have for each other!

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